Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Anonymous

I love this phone but it's so damn unreliable. Earpiece has failed on it twice now, and the buttons keep collapsing. 3 repairs so far. Either I got a lemon or Sony Ericsson's quality control department were on holiday when they released this phone.

Would not recommend again.

  • awesome

Is this phone better or
Sony Ericsson W995.

also do you need to pay for internet to be able to use*

  • rami

can i install symbian 3 sofware on it?

  • Meni

Zare, 24 Nov 2009HELP!!!!!!!!!! I have one short question, with hope that... moreYou have to check your media network,there are in video option.. And set the network,.Just like gprs seting,there's proxy,port.. Good luck

  • edward

jly, 08 Dec 2009i got my c905 and im happy with it..installed trek buddy fo... moreif you dont mind me asking, what are camdrivers and why do people install em?

  • Anonymous

ChrisB, 11 Dec 2009whose camdriver are you using?i use dm 3.8 beta. check my gallery

  • mona

This phone is special indeed. I have if for an year and I had no problems at all. Camera is great, photos and films of very good quality. It has a usb card reader wich is very, very usefull. Slide makes no problems at all; lot of options that you use every day. Works fast without errors.

  • ChrisB

jly, 08 Dec 2009i got my c905 and im happy with it..installed trek buddy fo... morewhose camdriver are you using?

  • Anonymous

Great phone with a big leak. After 5 times return because of softwareproblems have my 3rd C905. GPS problem, battery problem, wifi problem etc. No SIP like promessed. Good luck for those who want to by this pease of sh...

  • Boki_Batista

The great mobile ever !!!!

  • c905

loudspeaker please its louder than k800i

  • shalu

what about c905`s sliding......???

  • shalu

wat abt c905`s internet speed.................????

  • shalu

hi wat abt sony c905`ssliding...????

  • raj

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2009is there a program that has pre-loaded maps for navigation?... moregood phone

  • jly

i got my c905 and im happy with it..installed trek buddy for offline gps application,,mod my camdriver and acoustic driver = perfect phone

  • Anonymous

is there a program that has pre-loaded maps for navigation? In other words, is there a navigating java program that doesn't require data connection?

thanx in advance

  • thanzeel

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2009Hi, For those who are looking at using Wi-Fi for the applic... morehi i gt intrst to buy ths 4n (c905).and i want 2 install fring with voice support.. i jst want 2 knw isfring voice supporting or its jst only works 4 text chattng?? fring with Wi-fi it doesn't matter 4 me. coz im nt using fring through wi-fi, so plz let me knw that i ask 1..

thanzeel (oman)

  • Anonymous

How to check C905 firmware? what keys to press?

  • Anonymous

so knee Erik son?, 02 Dec 2009hello, i have a sony ericsson c905, but i feel the slid... moreYes my Silver C905 wiggles too. I think all of them are like that. I don't use C905 that much now I moved on using the Aino and the picture quality both are great!