Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Anonymous

Hi, For those who are looking at using Wi-Fi for the applications (Eg: Google Maps, YouTube, etc. pre-installed) or added on this phone, C905 does NOT support it. It always tries to connect using GPRS/EDGE and not Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is only available for Internet browsing over the mobile and not for any purpose. I installed Fring for voice chatting through this application, and this phone did not allow me to connect using Wi-Fi. It still attempts connecting through GPRS/EDGE. The latest software R1FA035 is also installed on the phone.

Fortunately, I managed to return the phone back to the shop, from where I purchased it.

  • Ahmed Liban

Please I want a sony ericsson CO9 and I need it Friday 4th December 2009

  • Manu

I've got it, it's really nice,the camera has really good resolution (8.1 mpx) and other aplications like music player are wonderful.
WI-fi conection is useful and very few phones has it.
Incredible phone, it's so heavy and broad , these are the unic bad things.
ABsolutely great.

  • emily tolle in tanza

i had one of this kind of phone,really i lost it,stolen.very painful,i hope God will provide onother one.keep it up.sonyericsson.

  • so knee Erik son?


i have a sony ericsson c905, but i feel the slider mechanism is wiggly and loose, i just bought it about 5 days ago, and i never dropped it or anything , are they all like that? or is mine faulty? let me know thanks.

  • Anonymous

to : haydn

had this problem on other Sony Ericsson phones. u need to update the software thru online support. download sony ericsson software from sony support, then hook up your phone thru usb cable that came with your phone, then follow the instruction this software shows, upload it and you are good to go.

  • dbiglebowski

bring your phone to an authorized sony ericsson repair shop. I've had mine for 3 months, no problem at all.

  • romeo

i bought this phone a month ago and i have no problem on this works quite well .too bad it doesn'have a system operation .............all good

  • haydn

this fone is good tech wise and all that but it broke down within a month the fone wont charge ive never dropped it and is in mint condition and the down button also wont work.

  • TZD

c905, 29 Nov 2009this phone have manual equalizer in media playeri try to several times to open the cover lens but is still not working

  • tzd

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2009Hey has anybody experiences noises coming out of the camera... morehi! sony ericsson
this phone is very bad. if i want to take a picture the commera is give me a message(open the lens cover) i open but is not work. please help me.

  • c905

this phone have manual equalizer in media player

  • Ahmed Liban

I want a SonyEricsson phone and please sent it to 66Maybank Rd.

  • Ahmed Liban

I need for calling my parents and important things.

  • Ahmed liban

Please I need it for free and want it on Thursday 26th November 2009

  • ahmed liban

I need to buy a sony erricsson phone to call someone in for my school.

  • Jacob

battery turns to sh** after a couple of months....

  • Zare


I have one short question, with hope that there is solution and explanation so nice like one before...

When I connect to Wi Fi and star Opera browser it works perfectly. But if I try to open video on youtube it says: "Failed to connect to media server". When I connect to same video via edge or gprs it connect and start the video. I tired two different WiFi networks, same message over and over again.
Any suggestions?

  • s-don

Probaly the best phone you can get.

5 *****

Great phone and resonable prce =]

  • kmihnea

worst sony ericsson phone ever!!!got mine in january 2009,worked fine till now.then,all of the sudden,my display collapses.i took it to a gsm service,had it fix and worked fine till yersterday,when my speaker died.i'm so f***ing angry...don't buy this phone!!!it's got great camera,great looks,appplications and music,but it's not worth spending months in service.