Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

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  • Anonymous

I guess d phone is so much attractive.... My baby likes it! U can go 4 it, duchess. Good luck o!

  • XXX

sarah, 23 Nov 2009i've own this phone for about 2 weeks now an the keypad is ... moreHi Sarah,
i'm SE fan and i have used a lot of SE phones also im owner of C905 i just bought it recently, to increase the battery life here is few steps,
1-the phone doesn't have video call camera so no need to turn on the 3G.
2-turn of the BT and WiFi if they are not in use.
3-reduce the phone brightness and the time out.

Do these steps and the battery life will increase


  • sarah

i've own this phone for about 2 weeks now an the keypad is already giving me problems...the battery life sucks. i have to charge this phone like twice a day.. other than that it's a good phone, gr8 camera!!!

  • mani

how to open 3g

  • Captain

A good phone with alot of features, however its to bulky, the battery life sucks, and well all in all if you like a heavy phone this will be perfect for you. I did not have any problems except for playing video's on my television (Does anyone have an idea y?) I just went back to using my samsung e250.

  • Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CostaRica_JohanR., 21 Nov 2009I've had this Phone for 11 months Now. I purchased this ph... moreim SE fan too after reading your review i bought C905,,, Thanks ^_^

  • omer mustafa cheema

simply an awesome cellphone....with awesome features...

simply 1 of the best which one can have.....

u will really love it

  • Fahad

Loki, 20 Nov 2009I have to admit that the only good quality of this Hp is it... moreI seriously never had any problem with this phone. Its working well

  • CostaRica_JohanR.

I've had this Phone for 11 months Now.
I purchased this phone on Jan 2009 and I've had NO Problems at all with the Phone.
problems about earpiece: No Problem on Mine.
Problem on Slider: No problems at all
Problems on keyboard: no problem at all.

It even fell on water for like 1 sec and the Wifi, GPS and Accelerometer Broke, I was Really Sad,,, a month later the Wifi, GPS and Accelerometer Began Working again :) (GPS not that OK, but who cares)

Wifi works Great, Accelerometer Works as Expected.
Even GPS I use it once in a while and works with Google Maps.

I've updated the phone with Latest Software Version and Now I have YouTube, Google Maps 3.0 and Facebook built-in!!!

Menus and phone itself is fast..
I've been using K750i, K800i, K850i and C905a and I've been more than happy with my phones... I'll be switching in January Most Likely to a Sony Ericsson Aino Phone (Satio is TOOO Expensive)

  • Anonymous

it rocks!!! jus to heavy

  • agougaga

mobilelover, 09 Nov 2009Guys i am interested to buy this mobile can you please let ... morebuy it

  • Loki

I have to admit that the only good quality of this Hp is its great camera. The flash and the settings really makes it comparable to some of the digital cameras out there.

But there is where it stops. I had multiple problems with this phone and was definitely glad it was stolen from me.

I related my experience here: 2 weeks after buying the phone, the earpiece spoiled. I could not hear any calls. To make it worst Sony Ericsson could not repair it because in my country (nation-wide according 2 repair centres i went) there were no C905 repair parts. So i had to wait for 3 weeks before i repaired it for the parts to arrive.

Upon getting back my phone. The earpiece was repaired, only to discover 3 days later that 2 of the buttons plus the centre menu button were spoiled. So i relunctantly sent it. After that all 3 buttons were working.

Everything was fine for 1-2 weeks until the menu button spoiled again. I didnt send for repair until 1 month later. When the same 2 buttons spoiled again. I tried to logged a complain with SE only to have the complain email rebounced back 1 month later. I was really disappointed with Sony's service and the quality of the phone. Was really glad to be rid of this phone though.

  • Ahmed Tawhidur Rahma

the Great Sony Ericsson(!)
i bought c905... and it's almost 6th month. display is gone. sound quality is bad. cover of the camera is coming out as defective. port of charging and head-speaker is giving problem!
i m have been using it so carefully. it didn't fall from my hand. and i always do care to any of my phone sets.
so, guys it's my opinion of this bullshit!!!

  • lcie

had mine for 11months, and the ribbon inside that connects the top panel and LCD to the back of the phone broke,

bearing in mind the excessive use i put it under, it was a matter of time, great phone though :)

  • Anonymous

it is beautful


Cazza, 17 Nov 2009i have this phone and its the best phone ive ever had. i ha... morehi guys im really intrested in getting a new phone but dont know if this is a top phone... my main concern is a good phone that wont give me any problems..honest opinions plzzzzzz

  • Cazza

i have this phone and its the best phone ive ever had. i have never had a problem with it at all. i think it is definately a value for money and a great, reliable phone. I would definately recommend it to anyone.

  • mee

I have been using cybershot cam for years and so far c905 was the last draw, it was really dissapointing, overrated, after just one month, the keypad got stuck eventhough i handle my phone well, then a another month the problem with the speaker arises. really really bad phone waste of time and money im really dissapointed with SE

  • Anonymous

don't buy like c905 stuppide phone its has lots of problems.

  • andyly

wow.... very nice in looks... very attractive... I love the phone but with all the opinions i rather not buy this... Im just scared of having a crappy phone.. I have had 3 sony ericssons before ...all are great phone. except my t700 in its 6 months i need to send it to repair because it does not have a sound when receiving messages and calls. I want to grab this phone. but as I can see there's a lot of bad comments compared to good one.... help me decide pips...