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  • AnonD-13648

ajay kk, 29 Jul 2011hi frinds i wants buy mobile 5k so my know in this cost i am co... moreCedar is the best phone in 5000 range group ajay.

These are what cedar can do.
- 3g hsdpa and hsupa 2.5and7.2mbps
-clarity 2mp camera as in nk 5230
- great color absorbing in daylight mode.
- hq video recording at 320x240 30fps in 1.4mbps maximum video bitrate.
- screen with highest side view in under 6000rs phones.
-clear display in range.
- 250mb internal memory.
- best in class video playback.
- plays qvga, hvga, nhd, 360p, 270p, 240x360, and all resolution under vga. Nokia s40's, samsung,lg...
Can play only upto 320x240. Under 6000rs only this phone does vga playback,
- customiseable drivers, menus...
- best in class audio clarity.
-loudest and clearest headset output better than x2.
- stock headset prices around 1000rs in market.
- tough body.
Mine have been dropped over various times that too a couple times in tarmac, still no problem.
- curvature design, looks and feel good
- step-design for keys making blind typing possible.
- superb battery backup 38hrs even with 10+hr in internet
- texter keys as in higher priced alpha numeric phones and not too stiff like x2.
- only phone in range that can play .srt subtitles with videos.

These are only the major plus points of cedar compared to same range phones.

Now when you go to other phones forum, they're gonna specify what those can do.
This is the best.

I've mentiond x2 here, coz I bought it and still own it since last august.
The only place where x2 takes cedar is stereo speaker and inbuilt antenna.
The flash in x2 blurs up the images in night, that its better not to take photo.

  • aarif213

bolt 2.5 is best or Snaptu is best??
both r same applications only na

  • aarif213

hi ..
if u kno any gud 3D games tat works in Cedar, means post d link guys....
thnks in advance guys.

  • aarif213

hi cedar guys, i bought my mob b4 10 days. i ve already posted in this forum also.i bought mob with recent software onli,but my mob is slow.. In case of playing songs in media player.if i hav to change d song means, i wil be clicking back n select next album n v hav to wait for 2-3 secs wich is not up to d mark in speed. even though my memory card is havin free space os abt 800 MB.Is there any solution to rectify this problem??
Pls reply guys..
thanks in advance

  • TBDM

AnonD-12731, 29 Jul 2011@tbdm: I just downloaded the game directly to my mobile and its... morethank you so much..i will buy this phone in october or november...thanks again^^ i think cedar is a superb phone in terms of capabilities..

  • Shivu

Hi guys:-) I am using this cedar from 5 months. Really I am very much satisfied with this. Now it's price is below 5k I think. I promise you that no other phone can be compared with cedar. Till now, both nokia and samsung have not released the phone below 5k to competete with cedar. I have used both nokia and samsung of above 7k but I didn't like them as much as I do with my cedar now. No doubt yar, I assure you , please go for it and enjoy the features. Later you will also post the good comments as I did now. What all options, all ask normally, are embedded in this phone. And every phone will be having one one disadvantage but I promise you that this is a complete planned phone. If you doubt my comment, please check out the previous comments and you dont get even a single disadvantage. Also you check other high ended phones comments , you will surely get the disadvantages of those phones by the users. K come, I will tell about the features of this phone.
1.cedar 2mp camera is equal to nokia 5mp camera. 2.cedar is having multitasking feature and no nokia or samsung has released multitasking featured phone for cedar's price. If you want a multitasking feature in nokia or samsung, you should go above 7 k. Multitasking feature is very much useful while playing games , browsing, messaging. 3.internet speed is also awesome. 4.can run high ended java applications but nokia and samsung. You dont think again and again I am scolding those but I am telling the fact. 5.conversation feature is also there in messages. can upload the photos directly to facebook or twitter when you capture the photos. audio output is very clear through headset but I agree that it's audio output is very less without headset. 7.internal memory is 280 mb and I bet you that this much memory is not available in nokia or samsung below 12k. comes battery, 1000 mah, it comes almost 3 days, if you use normally, and two days if you browse or play music or play games. 9.also it's stylish and light weight, normally some dont like the keypad but it's very good once you get hold on it. 10.atlast price, below 5k, no other phone give this much feature.
K now tell, what other feature you needed other than these for 5k. Finally I suggest you people to go for it without any doubt because I love this that much and want this phone to go high.
Thank you for reading my opinion.

  • shyln27

TBDM, 29 Jul 2011Can anyone do me a favor right here? Any cedar user here that ca... moreYa tat game working well.. Thanks for a nice football game

  • Vishop

ajay kk, 29 Jul 2011hi frinds i wants buy mobile 5k so my know in this cost i am co... morei may not have totally understand u, but if ur asking should u buy this phone or not having a budget of 5k with so many phone around at that price range, then my answer to u is GO FOR IT. Cedar is balance in every aspect, u wont regret, u have a phone, an mp3 player, a video player, decent average camera @2mp, all in one.

  • ajay kk

hi frinds i wants buy mobile 5k so my know in this cost i am confusing so any body help me ,,,,, in this market so many mobile is there so ,,,,,

  • ajay ka,,,,,,,,

Hi friend ,, i have to say some thing i thing in this prince no one phone is there that much cost in this phone all feature u will get and low prince,,,,

  • ajay karnatak,,,,,,

,,,,,, I have to say it is absolotely brilliant neat disign, uncomplicated layout and amazing feature for such a budget priced handset. i have previously gone for the different mobile unessccery lose my mone. !

  • pappu

please any one help me what is the original video recording of cedar.qvga @ 15 fps or vga @ 30fps???

  • AnonD-1051

[deleted post]Hey buddy u r a little late to the party coz der was an offer going on Cedar some other SE phones in which u cud win a Honda City, Bravia TVs & other cool stuffs. The offer has ended on july 20.

Ya u can download themes from zedge (select ur phne as zylo, elm, hazel, yari) and download frm der (bt at zedge, in some themes, u won't get theme-colored media menu, instead a parrot green colored background) or go to (wich I think is the best & provides really serious themes) & if u r a theme-maniac like me (coz I have more than 300 themes in my fone), dn u'll find some more websites on net.

For gaming purpose der r some websites such as, & so many others (just type 'wap games' in google and u'll find plenty of options to choose from) and download frm der. I m having about 140 games & apps in my Cedar itz still running good. So dont worry about the number of games & enjoy ur cedar wn u buy it.

  • AnonD-2552

Can anyone Please tell me, where can I find Yendo's Farfield acoustics...

Thanxx in Advance..

  • AnonD-2552

I'm Using a 6.7MB size Java Application. It's a English Dictionary.. I'm Amazed that Cedar can open such Big Java Application... I'm using my cedar from FEB.. I Just love my mobile....

  • AnonD-13648

cedar, 29 Jul 2011great and nice I love this CELL i use itDont just use it.

Enjoy it. Update and Modd it

  • AnonD-12731

TBDM, 29 Jul 2011Can anyone do me a favor right here? Any cedar user here that ca... more@tbdm:
I just downloaded the game directly to my mobile and its working fine... I have a few games that easily cross 1.5mb... All I can say is hurry and buy it soon... Cedar rocks...

  • Anonymous

TBDM, 29 Jul 2011Can anyone do me a favor right here? Any cedar user here that ca... moreYup.. It plays fine.

  • TBDM

Can anyone do me a favor right here? Any cedar user here that can download this game :­alFootball2010_Nokia_5310_ONLINE_UPDATE.jar
-- then tell me if it works fine with Cedar. You know, I just want to make sure if Cedar supports every java game. Please reply if that java game works fine. Pls. I have a plan to buy cedar.

  • cedar

great and nice
I love this CELL

i use it