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  • sahilkrm

Bob, 18 Jun 2010It seems the discussion never ends. To say that a 2MP camera is ... moreDude, do you think more mega pixle means great pictures !!!, I have seen some china made stuff with 8mg pixle. and how people judged cedar lacks features ???. A 4GB MP3 player costs 3500 Rs, a USB 3G modem costs 2200 Rs, a camera costs I dont know. and this cedar is best combination of all greatest things. 7.5 MBps speed(no mobile provides in its class) , 16 GB Memory(again no mobile provides in its class) wow!!. and Quality and assurance of Sony Ericsson. O iI forgot , this device is also a phone too. My Box Piece is coming from UAE today.

  • zachary

ricin, 29 May 2011my RED CEDAR give me 2 to 3 days battery... 2 hr call,evry 5 min... moreHow to play angry bird in cedar? is there any .jar of it?

  • Anonymous

and one more doubt:
how can we format the memory card using the phone or windows explorer?

  • Anonymous

i bought this phone yesterday. i m very happy with its performance . i just have some doubts:
1)i do not know how to safely disconnect the phone from a pc (via a usb cable).there is no icon on the right corner of the desktop to safely remove hardware.
2)is there any chance we can take photos in landscape mode?
3)i want to delete the inbuilt games, but cannot find any option to do so

any help will be appreciated with gratitude

  • Rasu

Is there User custom equalizer in audio player ?

  • AnonD-5453

AnonD-3651, 31 May 2011(modded it with Indonesian FW & now, it's superb speedy !!!)... morei was not talking about cedar. i was talking about motozine ZN5. i modded ZN5 with Indonesian firmware. if u r interested, i can tell u the procedure. let me know.

  • AnonD-3651

(modded it with Indonesian FW & now, it's superb speedy !!!)plz tell me how?...

  • AnonD-9534

Anonymous, 31 May 2011Hi just would like to ask of what would be a better phone a corb... moreMultimedia vise and Ui vise cedar is better than corby. Better camera, corby's one got a lot of noise in it.
Better video recording, better video playback, vga video playback, good audio clarity, best in class video clarity...
And a multitasking ui with 3g networking which the corby terribily lacks..

Whereas corby got stuff like wifi and document reader. Monte too got wifi, but there were numerous complaints that it barely work.
Besides a 2.8' display that runs qvga resolution means ppi is too low in corby. Good hardware though.

  • Anonymous

Hi just would like to ask of what would be a better phone a corby wifi or this cedar.. hope to hear some comment.

  • AnonD-1667

Anonymous, 30 May 2011I will be getting my Cedar in the next few days and will give an... moreGo ahead buy it... Its a great phone i've been using it for 5 months now doesn't hang or reboot... Sound quality is superb. About the camera image clarity is a bit rusty and images turn out to be blurred at times you need a steady hand while capturing images but the video clarity is amazing go for it you wont be disappointed...

  • Anonymous

I will be getting my Cedar in the next few days and will give an honest opinion on it. I've read through most of the comments on here and reading between the lines i can safely say there's a few SE workers on here.

I gave up on SE a few years back due to there phones having to many bugs and re-booting problems. This Cedar phone looks a stunner with a few things i have been waiting for Sony to add. Like the 3.5mm jack,Micro sdhc card etc.
I hope this phone is a winner for it's price. I'm not expecting ground breaking features just a decent working phone and apps.

  • Adi011

Hey guyz,
I hav bought tis fone sum1 suggest me a cmpatible antivirus??plz help... :-S

  • AnonD-9534

AnonD-7895, 30 May 2011hi frnd im using Windows 7 32-bit OS and how can i change firew... moreThat sounds pretty heavy.
I got no idea bro. If nothing works take the phone to the nearest service center and update from there.

  • jj

i m not able see photos & videos after capturing,where it is saved?i am not able to select memory mode to save photos/videos,plz help me

  • AnonD-7895

AnonD-9534, 28 May 2011install update service set up once again and perform updating fr... morehi frnd im using Windows 7 32-bit OS
and how can i change firewall settings for UPDATE SERVISE setup.
and another thing happend to ma phn im using Nokia CA-101D data cable to connect phn to pC when trying to copy a song from my PC ther is a message in the final momment "cannot copy this item" i don't knw why this is happening.
after that i removed from computer i jst went to my file manager and try to checking my items on memory card it says "empty folder" then i switched off and restarted my phn at that time it says "anyway you have to format your memory"? pls help me

  • AnonD-5453

Harsh, 30 May 2011Dat's good, bt beware u might face hanging issue's by using a 8G... moreno. there's no hanging by using the 8 GB card. it runs smooth & very speedy ! :-)

  • Harsh

AnonD-5453, 30 May 2011moreover, i'm happy to notice that although the official page of... moreDat's good, bt beware u might face hanging issue's by using a 8GB SD Card in this handset.

  • Harsh

AnonD-9534, 29 May 2011Yes. Just to know how were those,ZN5 was a awsome handset to use. It was enabled with a 390MB internal MB, xpandable upto 4GB. It was enabled with a 5MP camera with XENON Flash and also with Wi-Fi. The only issue wat i felt was it's battery back-up. Bt, overall it was one of great inventions of Moto....

  • AnonD-5453

AnonD-2965, 21 May 2011Zn5 is that 2008 model? Who wants to talk about that unless the... moremoreover, i'm happy to notice that although the official page of ZN5 states that it's maximum storage capacity is 4 GB, still i'm using a 8 GB card & it accepts it smoothly. & i don't use 3G, so apart from cedar, it's my most valuable, i've modded it with Indonesian FW & now, it's superb speedy !!!

  • AnonD-9534

Harsh, 29 May 2011for which handset zn5?Yes. Just to know how were those,