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Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • AnonD-8051

[deleted post]dear wreck,
now i am happy owner of cedar, just because of u...i read your comments about the phone, and switched from x2 to cedar....thanks a should be like u to guide people who searches good mobiles...thanks a lot.......

  • aji

sherry, 08 May 2011my cader has now very high volume in both speaker n headfone. Af... moredear sherry,
how u replace it, please clarify about it i am having cedar too....please

  • toledarling

[deleted post]thanks for the comment ..;))

  • sherry

[deleted post]my cader has now very high volume in both speaker n headfone. After replace the file with Far Manager.. :)

  • Adi

Guys m planning to buy this set bt m confusd with d reviews, i jst want to ask few ques. hope sombody wil rply to my querries
1. Battry backup
2. Is there any lagging while typing, means normal processing is fast or slow
3. Videos does it plays video smoothly
4. Does it support
nimbuz or ebuddy and opera mini 5??
guys plz som1 reply to my querries..
thanx in advance!!!

[deleted post]U r making urself look stupid by claiming SE's java OS to be buggy.
It's one of the most complete, stable and full of performance os.

PJ Stlyles.., 08 May 2011How is the sound quality in SE Cedar...?Don't listen to trolls like the one below posted bad things abt cedar's sound quality.
Sound quality is good whether it's headphones or loudspeaker.
But if u intend to listen to songs through loudspeaker than u must know that volume in loudspeaker is not loud ...

  • ashu

does SE CEDAR has got a english dictionairy,what about the battery & audio quality while talking ,plz reply asap,planning to buy cedar or x2 , which will be a better option ?

  • vishal

there not enuf sound for speaker im fed bcoz f dis low sound and even n full range net z slow

  • Anonymous

Bounce tales does not work on this phone! I only get a blank screen after installing the jar.. Other games work fine on this phone.

  • PJ Stlyles..

How is the sound quality in SE Cedar...?

  • AnonD-1951

how do we clear cache files??
pls help

  • AnonD-7983

Anonymous, 05 May 2011tanx fo da info machooLoud speaker and O.S really sucks.Loud speaker isnt loud really and O.S is plagued with bugs.Come on Sony when will we get a perfect phone....

  • AnonD-7983

Duke, 07 May 2011hey i hav lost my cedar heaphones, i m planning to buy a new 1. ... moreThis is another more cost less feature phone by SE.Camera could have been better,
overall not a very good phone.Best feature-3G,worst feature-no secondary camera

  • saturn

hey guys....everytime i try to play a video on youtube it dosent work and it shows (VIDEO WAS INTERRUPTED,PLZ RESTART THE VIDEO)any ideas on how to fix this!!

  • Duke

hey i hav lost my cedar heaphones, i m planning to buy a new 1. but i dont hav any idea which 1 to buy.
So does any 1 hav any idea which is the best headphones for Cedar. i m lookin for in-ear or stereo wireless headphones wid nice bass & sound quality...

  • ravishankar

Yes iam also having the same problem.i bought it on nov 2010 in poorvika mobile.still iam searching a solution for this.i I have re installed the software more than 2 times but no use.but other than this MEGABASS problem,i have no complaint on my cedar.

  • AnonD-5477

Try out this acoustic for louder ring and music playback and give the feedback.­.aspx/.Public/AudioPhile%20Premium%20HD%20Acoust­ics/

  • AnonD-1951

from where do we clear cache files??
pls help

  • AnonD-7935

its a very good mobile. i am using it for two months.