Sony Ericsson Cedar

Sony Ericsson Cedar

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  • pendo

abhi, 23 Feb 2011There is no need of antivirus for cedar bcoz it's a Java OS phon... morethen what's the purpose of available f-secure antivirus feature on the security menu? it said " protect against harmful content"..

  • pendowo

just bought it last week. just wanna say:
cedar is the best value-for-money i've ever known, whatever it takes.
i live in idn, n have got cedar for about 66eur only in here. thanks SE, especially for ur Sahabat Harimau program. toast! :)

  • urouh

the navigation keypad of this phone is made of painted plastic, it is easily scraped. wtf..

  • Anonymous

does it also have auto rotate?

  • Anonymous

which 1 is better between cedar and nokia c3?

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know where I can get the greenheart theme? Mine got deleted when i master reset the phone.

  • Shaikh

Hey friends, How loud is the incoming call ring?

  • Supun

How to activate application wallpaper on stand by application??


  • nick

Latest Software Version R7EA011

  • nick

The charging problem is solved after the latest update via SE Update Service... The phone is complete, thanks to SE for their prompt action to solve the issue ;)

  • AnonD-2378

wow i love this phone.very good phone.display is so cool realy nice.and its have nice graphics like windows 7.but its has low music qulity and is little bit flash.very good responsive.nice looking design....not happy with base. but realy like this phone

  • AnonD-2228

What is the latest software version for this phone?

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2011actually it does support XMF file format (.xmf, .mxmf), but only... moreActually, I have heard abt these formats for the 1st time.
Yeah, why care abt these if we got mp3 & many others.

  • Anonymous

abhi, 23 Feb 2011SE never said that this phone supports mxmf format. btw... I do... moreactually it does support XMF file format (.xmf, .mxmf), but only play file in SP-MIDI decoder format - that's the white paper says ^_^
but yeah, why bother with this format if there's .mp3 or .wma which are more popular and a lot better :)

  • raj

Playnow feature is not not working in my phone, i just bought it last Sunday..
have updated the software to the latest version till same result...
Please let me know if it is a permanent defect or can be rectified?

  • arwin

yes abhi is ryt, no need to install anti virus in se cedar.. If you receive a virus via bluetooth it will only save on others folder.

Han, 23 Feb 2011Can do video call?Yes, via main camera.

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2011is naite better or this phone better?!This phone is better if u don't care abt loudspeaker's loudness.

aswathy, 22 Feb 2011does it support flash lite themes...Yes...

AnonD-2228, 22 Feb 2011can any1 tell me a website to download an antivirus software... ThnxThere is no need of antivirus for cedar bcoz it's a Java OS phone which is based on linux(virus free)
Cedar won't be affected by viruses.