Sony Ericsson D750

Sony Ericsson D750

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  • SE Supporter

actually D750 & K750 has no difference .. except the colour and design.. the rest eg. function,camera & etc.. r the same

  • adog

\it has everything the k750 has. Just bought the D and love it. I live in czech rep. Here it is 100 dollars cheaper than the K. Actuallt the buttons are easier to manipulate because of the spaces between them. And they are not mushy like the K, youz know when you hit the key. In all I like it better, but if you like the black color and want top spend more go for the K

  • Richard

can some one tell me if it has bluetooth please

  • adog

does anyone know what games come with the phone?

  • bobi

hi, it is a good phone but do you know where can I get w800 softwear and can I put it on d750i

  • Taras

M. Haroon is you are the user of NOKIA than dont say anything bad about SonyEricsson!
I'm the user of SE K750i and Its the best phone I had! I'm sure that SE D750I the same thing that SE K750i!
I'm the biggest fan of the SonyEricsson and I think that they're making the best PHONES ever!
SonyEricsson will kick Nokia's ass!

  • Lukasz

I don't get how anyone can post negatives about this phone? It's a wonderful phone, I have used and continue to use all of the features on it without a single bug and have had it for over a month.

Media player works great, just like a walkman. It's and mp3 player and a radio. It also plays streaming video. How is this not a walkman? Can someone please explain? The headphones are for both ears, when you get a call it interrupts music, which resumes after call is ended.

I don't nead it to say "walkman" on the phone for me to see it as that.

It charges quick, takes great pictures. I play games on it all the time as well.

The battery lasts forever and a day.

Has all the features of W800 but cheaper, you tell me which is the better deal.

  • Kev

Doesn't this phone look like a W800 which is silver or black and doesn't have a WALKMAN?

  • M.Haroon

Hi The Sony ericson k750 d750 w800 if you want to send picture via Bluetooth your mobile will restart so Da Nokia 6630 is better then k750

  • aj

are the numbers saved on the memory card automatically as well as on the phone?

  • Scott

Point of this phone is....? Another phone i can add to the pointless-release list. =)

  • kinder

Its the same as the k750 except for the camera lens. Its camera is set up like the w800

  • Sophia

hiya does ne 1 camera smudges wen its dark even tho u have ya camera light on? or is it just my fone tht is faulty

  • frishki

There's no difference between D and K750i. D750i is branded for T-Mobile and it has a W800i case (only in silver colour). And the phone is great. The battery lasts for over a week. The pics are awesome.

  • Kadaj

Hmm i think d750i is a same as k750i,can some one tell me what is the diference?

  • Anonymous

just turn off all the sounds and the shatter sound will turn off

  • thomas

i flashed mine with the w800i software and removed the t-mobile branding logo from the bottom with mineral spirit.. and works well like the w800!! =)

  • Giuly

What's the difference between D750 and K750? They are the same.....

  • mor o

can you switch off this annoying sound of shooting photos?

  • burit jubo

Dear bob, all you could do is, just mute the phone then there’ll be no annoying sound.