Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • Erika

I saw this phone advertised for only $70, but after read these opinions, I doubt I'll buy one.

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the below opinions. I am not going to buy this phone.

  • sahil

itz the worst phone i had seen
display problem alot
hangs frequently
i got it repaired t 4 times in 8 month
worst set dont ever think to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

a complete package of a waste mobile!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

What the hell with sony manufacturer...except gaming facility it is worst phone...

  • pankaj

good in sound...,but vary low massage mamory...any option for increase msg memory????

  • vipul

very bad phone software is too poor bt looking is so good its only a game boy not a phone

  • sumit

sound is very bad speaker is not so good themes are not work itis a dump

  • ananthu

good design and modelling.........

bt poor software........

always hung wd usage and no theme support.........

  • AM

after 16 months of using this phone,i`ve already send it to repair 3 times already..lcd problem.

  • Anonymous

after 16 monthsof using this phone,i`ve already send it to repair 1 time already..lcd problem.

  • azrye20

after 11 months of using this phone,i`ve already send it to repair 3 times already..lcd problem,ribbon problem,latest,keypad problem..

  • hardy

Good design buttttt
No camera quality
No effective Sound
lotsss of hanging problem.
Not theme supported...

  • vinc..

Good Design, Good Looking but sofeware always hung when Received sofeware update.

  • Hasi

Bad phone, it dsnt wrk any usual softwr

  • Anonymous

Good Design,
No issue with Slider
Software hangs up frequently.

  • user

hi all...going for this one is strictly not recommended.....bad battery backup...bad speaker....bad interenal memory space...bad not so good camera...only good gaming facilities...n a good radio...dont take a chance wid this one...

  • eljo

only thing is that never buy sagem se fones.
Ex: F305, S302, S312, W302, W395, J132, K330, R300, R306, T250,
T270, T280, T303, W205, Z250,
Dont buy them. Bcoz
no themes.
No multitasking
sound recording only 30sec.
Lot of hangs.
No a2dp
bad interface.
Hangs while adding music to media player.
No image rotate.
No image zoom.
And more...
I recommend se naite, cedar as your budget fone.
Go only for sony ericsson a2 or a200 fones...

  • arunraj

Bad phone...
usually sofware complaints &sometimes it automaticaly switched off evenif battery is full

  • emily

Saran, 12 Jun 2010Hi All, Please my humble request, DON'T BUY this mobile at any... morehi u all . this phone good ..