Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • venkat

srinu, 09 Nov 2009waste phonebaga ledu annavallaki cell gurinchi teliyani vedavale

  • redni9

I have owned the phone for couple of months now. Would not recommend it. Reasons- keypad not appropriate if you sms a lot. poor ringtones and themes. Does not support certain audio files, i dont care much for games but the ones on it are not worth the expense and you cant play antything heavier than 500k. Networks in india dont provide support for this phone and neither does sony erricson by the way.

  • MikeTuga

Please don't buy?! What kind of comment is that? Just say you don't like it and that's it.. Who cares for the themes or games? Grow up and you'll forget those features. One thing good about this phone and that lacks the majority is the "big" (according to trends) font size. I can't find any other phone with such acceptable fonts like this one. I own a samsung E590 and the fonts are terribly small. Why should I make effort in reading? Companies should give the consumer the possibility to choose big/small font mobiles but they aren't doing that. We're paying them so they should meet our demands not the contrary.

  • ranjith

i have a sonyericsson f305 mobile ? i want that themes

  • vijay nandwana

it's ok bt how can i install new theams.i could find the proper way yaar please guide me.

  • COlmoss

redni9, 09 Nov 2009Have owned the phone for about 8 months now. No problems. Good ... morehe is correct. i had bought this phone on 22nd oct. 2009. and i m too disappointed with it. NO memory backup( Restore Function), slow process, no equalizer ( it had but don't work except for BASS++ and TREBLE++), cant type msgs fast. also, none of my java applications work on it( except games). Bad media player looks, big fonts, and hanging problems.
Dont ever think of buying this phone.

If u r into sound and looks of F305, i would prefer W395, which is similar in looks and also in specifications to F305.
Check out both and decide.

  • srinu

waste phone

  • redni9

Have owned the phone for about 8 months now. No problems. Good on sound quality. Plenty of games, nothing high tech ofcourse. But would not recommend it for people with extraordinarily big hands. Also you might have to download extra themes and wallpapers. The ones preloaded are a bit shabby.

  • rdrav

hey guys.....i wan to buy tis it gud....

  • DunkThis!!

Sony ericsson had me extremele disappointed with this phone...
Do not even think of going for the f305...believe me,I'm using this phone and it is crap...
gaming keys support landscape gaming (but only for a very few games), sound on speakers, looks to some extent.
terribly small screen, repeats same alphabet during typing an sms, NO SUPPORT FOR THEMES, cannot play multiplayer games over bluetooth, games over 500kb not supported, application receiving via bluetooth not supported, swf walpapers not supported, motion sensor is fake (camera is used, does not work in dim light), google maps not supported...
there are just too many more disadvantages..

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE...go for a similarly priced nokia (i am a die hard sony ericsson fan yet this crap phone disappoints me like anything)...

  • badri

one of the wrost phone i have ever seen.dont buy this mobile bcz there is a huge hanging problem in this mobile and huge network prob.mind it.

  • yanky

are u crazy ganesh...the fon has a pleseant sound rec,,,video,,play now,,2mp cam and 61 games...u r fking out of ur mind

  • xxx

hey! guys , how do i download softwares?
plz help!!!!!!

  • azo

Anand, 27 Oct 2009I don't accept with those who made bad comments about this model... morey do u say its a gud fon???????
i guez u want othrs 2 face ol doz dificulties s v facng
usng diz horrible cell.
now i beg evry1 hu wants 2 buy diz cell, plz ztop thnking bout buying it.
lts an asurnce dt u r gonna regrt it'if u buy it

  • jerin

i am surely says sony ericsson phones are long better than nokia and others.
but f305 is not at all having any merits of ericsson. i bought it just 3 months ago and now it is at service centre. it does not supports themes and its firmware is very bad.
same time i have a k750i for last 3 years and working cool without any problems.

  • Anonymous

nice phone...
one year and i don't have any problem with this phone...

people with bad opinion...?! maybe they don't take good care of this phone!
just maybe...

cheap version of Yari... (^_^) good...


this is the prototype of YARI... (^_^)/
the cheap version...

  • nadiah

yes, it lags. i just bought it yesterday!

  • evonne

i hate this phone! damn laggy and lousy!

  • ramesh

GANESH, 29 Oct 2009plz don't buy this sony f305 mobile. i bought this mobile before... moreare vo ganesh madar chod sale kaiku leya ye phn phr tere dek kya karrtu mai kamine