Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • durga

priya, 07 Sep 2009noit is good to buy it.while i am searching for good phone i was looked at this phone in the starating itself ifound network problem. it is bane for me

  • Anonymous

RodW, 10 Sep 2009Has anybody had any sucess of 3gp videos. I created one with AVS... moreuse total video converter or any other

  • rhakho

it really sucks,i say it sucks.cant even write long words while texting,loudspeaker isn't useful while in handsfree mode,it only got the looks, it got problems from head to such a bad luck of me and all those who purchased it

  • haha

This is a bad phone.
The screen of mine goes white in less than 8 months.
And the gaming is below my expectations.
The 2 MP camera seems no better than a 1.3 MP.
And the battery, dries out quickly, and need a long time to charge.
It's being serviced now. And I'm planning to sell it right away.

  • TRON-DOLL (Motion-Ga

nobody perfect...

but this phone is good...

good design 'n model, PSP 'n Wii Crossover with Digital Camera, Xpress Body cover, good Music player, good widening stereo Speaker 'n sound, good Motion games, landscape games, 'n Emulator games best with "x" "o" button, Radio 'n Radio channel, simple Java, Bluetooth, fast Internet browser...

sometime freeze at the overload of memory 'n files, standard battery capacities, standard earphone, can't install new themes...

  • robert

harsha, 09 Sep 2009did dis mobile supports themes...??? To download themes for your F305, just go to and you will also find nice ringtones you may look for ....anyway, i've been using this phone for about a year and i'm a little disappointed, 'cause the loudspeaker doesn't work at all !!!!

  • subhasish

harsha, 09 Sep 2009did dis mobile supports themes...???no

  • sun

gud lookng,.. but d prob s thms...

  • frends

use this really waste because this phone cannot support themes+his 2.0camera like 1.3+his sounds nomal,if i wan buy i will take G705 but f305 price is more less than g705

  • tamt

i know this phone cannot support the themes but this phone his ply games more fun than another phone

  • manmohan

how can i use net on this

  • Avik

kazzaf, 31 Aug 2009i dont know what wrong whith your guys.. i just get this phone f... moreDis phone realy doesnt supprt themes even if u hav downloaded from internet...its a wastage of money of buying dis phone!!
But i like d sound quality whn its in handsfree, if u purchse an walkman series headfone nd pulg into it, then d sound is much higher!!
It doesnt supprt any software, games more than 600Kb!

  • akki

i purchase this phone in a hurry & now i think that this is the worst decision i have made ,the phone is totally pathetic. no good handsfree sound ,no themes working .camera is also not good what to do with the design if the features are poor. i advised you all dont ever buy this phone otherwise you will also get stuck

  • RodW

Has anybody had any sucess of 3gp videos. I created one with AVS video converter MPEG4 64kbs and when I coped it to the storage card it locks up the phone and makes the phone.

  • Sabs

It is a good phone but the only problem is that it does'nt have security lock for sms's n file manager.

  • moni

ohh !! what to tell this h/s sucks...i had so many phones but this handset is a freezes like any thing pls if u want to waste ur money then only go for this handset....

  • Mcebo

How to set internet connections

  • harsha

did dis mobile supports themes...???

  • Anonymous

I don no y is 7200 bucks all features r of very poor ,...... better go for nokis fones bad camera,no recorder. no earfone quality only handsfree has a good voice.....

  • king 619

we cant use the themes we download frm internet..
wat can i do.????????