Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • popPARAZZii

luv diz phone much ^^

cute cute

  • ibz

please dont buy this phone. it's sucks maaaan
i've just bought it for 1 month and hell what?
now this goddamn phone just go to the services for good
i have to wait for 2 months for this!!!

oh why the hell i've bought this phone for?

ok, the good side it has great loud speaker (but worst headphone performance) and the design is really cute.innovative game motion anyway

but that's it! no more good in this phone

please don't buy,except you want to regret it someday....

  • Diluen

If you only want the basic call/sms, occasional snapshot and some gaming...this phone is for you. Otherwise...look for something else.

  • Rick

does the USB support charging, sending sms from PC ?

  • Darksta

I have to upgrade in a month. I was planing on a f305. But bad coments make it hard. I need a gd music phone. gd camera. Lts of memory. And fast internet. 3g thats under 2000 rand plz. Any suggestions. Tnx

  • Avi

N......., 12 Apr 2009Hi, i'm planning to purchase F305, shud i go for is 2... more2 Mp camera is very gud
but video quality is very poor
the set dnt have its own pc suite
the pics taken cannot be zoomed
so in my opinion dnt buy it

  • Canocaman

Nice F305, and adictive im from spain and buy it in a Orange shop! I cant stop playing! help me! i cant stop


if i use good earphones of some other company, m i able to get a good output??

  • gaurav

Sameer, 18 Apr 2009Hey buddy u can't say this yeah the earphones which come with ... morethis mobile has a very worst headphone

  • Akbar

oneini ami hammeni qichu telefon jalab

I Love this Phone Very Much!!

  • KiNG

dhruva, 21 Apr 2009can ny1 temme hw dis handset reeli is??? i am plannin 2 buy it...nothing i can tell; you'd better look at other phone.

  • moderator

overall this phone is really good but al lyou complainin is that you know this is a gaming phone.

  • Anonymous

prashanth, 27 Mar 2009hey gays will this handset support till how many GB 2 or 4 or 8 ... moreup to 2gb.........


hi ! i'm from greece and i love thisn phone very much! you can change a battery . you can buy her fron many shops who sell mobile phones....................bbbbbb
this is my advice.................

  • Saran

the worst phone from SE .have used 3 SE phones prior and this phone made to have a second thought for having a SE again. really disappointed with such a dumb model . SE wake up !!!

  • jono

heyy really thinking of bying dis fone but after so much negative comments, im having second thoughts! i am looking for a mobile with a gd camera, gd mp3 and mainly gd looks!!!pls i love the phone and tell me from 1 to 10how much you would vote it!!!and is it rly tru that it hangs a rly lot? how much?? wud i regret it after a moth?plz answer me coz i need a new mobile very soon!!10x :)

  • akheel

this phone dont hav good battery back up cant even standby for a day and abt kistening music in the speakers only 2 hours full batery empty worst phone i had ever used

  • Anonymous

Does it have a flash? How do the photos appear?What abt the sound quality?

  • Iqbal

He is the best mobile for listening to music.

  • Tushar

dhruva, 21 Apr 2009can ny1 temme hw dis handset reeli is??? i am plannin 2 buy it...This is a third class rubbish handset, which is good for nothing....