Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • Anonymous

Frinita, 12 Apr 2009What is in this phone that you like so much? what are the ups an... morethe phone has got best sound system but no loudness in the headphones. other features are excellent.

  • Andre

I bought this phone just cause its a sony and though it was good. It is absolutely crap. It took me 6 years(felt like it) just to load mxit onto it, thats just to install(which kept freezing the phone until i tried an older version which worked! to my amusement!) Then to try find java settings(Felt like I was Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible!) was a mission, which I eventually figured out after Vodacom couldn't help me. So now im sorted with mxit or so i thought! It won't let me add contacts and decides at will to freeze when im chatting or just happily disconnects itself from the connection much to my frustration! The keypad is super toss! Its to flat and no feel to it, feels like im typing on my desk, it makes you think your typing but your not! The phone will also decide on will to freeze and reboot (i know phones do this but not every day!) Also when sending texts, I will click continue to send, it will say sending but won't send AT ALL, and its not once or twice I have to resend its sometimes upto 3/4 times! I really don't know what Sony has done, have they outsourced there cheaper phones to a crappy phone maker and just re badged it and changed the UI? Cause this phone is super kak. I will in the next two months be upgrading but not to a sony but to Samsung, as their low range phones are of much better quality. Sorry Sony, but if your low range phones are this crap, how kak must your high range phones be? The C905 doesn't even come near the Innov8 in terms of stats and overall look and feel. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd give a good 1!

  • Diluen

This would have been an excellent phone if only Sony Ericsson integrated their platform and not some platform created by Sagem.

  • cassey

i Love to online anytime and anyplace. Can i have a request that this phone got wifi function...

  • Deep7

Wat does GSM Unlocked mean???

  • Ch

N......., 12 Apr 2009Hi, i'm planning to purchase F305, shud i go for is 2... moreIn this opinion section, in 5 or 6th page, there is a long review by a guy, i think 19 or 21 points long, do go through it,­ws-2431p5.php

If u r frm india, i wil say its expensive

  • Anonymous

how many games are included in this phone?

  • N.......

Hi, i'm planning to purchase F305, shud i go for is 2mp camera, is it worth??Plz do let me know..

  • Zana

Omg this is like the best phone ever!! its got heaps of cool games, bluetooth and lots more! i just love it!

  • Frinita

nitish, 12 Apr 2009Hey i bought this ph 1 week back............. and this is giving... moreWhat is in this phone that you like so much? what are the ups and downs of having this phone? have you had any difficulty with it?

  • Frinita

does this mobile have a good speaker phone level?

  • nitish

Hey i bought this ph 1 week back............. and this is giving me no problems........... this is an ausum phone..... go get it... this is a very good phone.... and stylish tooooo....... if u wanna bye it go get it....

  • Amjad

TS1305, 08 Apr 2009I just want to kick SE hard also I want to kick myself too…..! W... moreThnx for providing information about the set. I would like to say that SE phones are expensive as compare to Nokia, Samsung and Moto. I think Samsung phones are good like Camera, Sound, Security options you can create password on images, vedios etc Battery life is also good. if v talk about nokia, Poor camera quality, sound quality and screen resulution quality.

  • Anonymous

Sha, 11 Apr 2009sorry.... i bought 7700/- its wonderful............gr8 boss, my hard luck :( :(, i bought it in Rs8400/-.. to expensive........

  • Sha

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2009MRP of f305 in India Rs.8995/- (180 US $ approx)sorry....
i bought 7700/-
its wonderful............

  • Tushar

GodMadeMeFunky, 10 Apr 2009hey guys so do any of you know how to get Mxit on this handset..... morejust go to the site of mxit from your handset, phone will be detected as the link that asks u to install mxit elite,
now u will be asked if u want to download it, its 159 kb file, now u have to choose in which folder u want to install it..choose one, download will begin, after completing download, finish the installatin

i have done it a few hours ago only n it is working fine..if u havent still configured java internet settings u have to do so...
hope it helps

  • presto

what´s RDS????

  • sound system

Vivej, 10 Apr 2009hi guys, I bought this phone 2 weeks before. Music player is go... moresound system good. but sound is very low

  • Vivej

hi guys,
I bought this phone 2 weeks before. Music player is good and the games are nice, but its dead slow to handle. And i'm tired of searching the exact pc suite for this in internet, and still i couldn't find it in Ericsson official website itself. Its totally waste in buying this, i'm am gonna threw this set if i couldn't find the pc suite in forth coming week.
So guys if you have the idea of buying this mobile only for games means sure you can go head, if not na just forget about it.

One small request if any of you guys find the exact pc suite na just mail to me

  • GodMadeMeFunky

hey guys so do any of you know how to get Mxit on this handset..please I realy need you guys help...if u cud email me at I would realy appreciate that...thanks..awaiting