Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • venki

Ya.. its strips need to be change wil be early as i changed twice in last 1 and 1/2 year.. Other than drawbacks are Cant Record sounds more than 30Seconds where other mobiles wil be no time... as well cant record voice calls...

  • Anonymous

how can i connect this f305 to internet, somebody teach me pls...

  • manmeet

This h/s sucks. Courtsey Sony Erricson. Value for money to mobile repair centers. Before you buy this h/s. Take up a monthly strip change contract with mobile repair shop. Also mobile require s/w update after every 2 months. Works really slow. Overall if you have no work and good money which means u dont mind going to repair center uncountable times then this h/s is right choice for you.

  • mounika

i have been using this mobile since i year an i changed my strip for once,an battery back up is worst

  • nantha

Ive using this mobile for a year, but i have changed my strip thrice. So please dont buy this mobile

  • remo

i used 12 months but so problem is 4 times main is strip problem then battery

  • Watson

I used this phone 1year only then the screen is white,so i wanna buy a vivaz,any have idea pls reply

  • arun

iam using this mob for last 4 monts .
But i cant us the pc sute

  • Lol

MEHEH, 09 Jan 2011I used this phone for 2 years. But he brokes, i bought a Sony E... moreLOL, i also had this Phone for like 1.5 years but i bought a Xperia X8 To!


To Roy

U should take a trip to doctor

Its loudspeaker is not loud while talking(or calling) but 4 playing music it super.
Loudspeaker is average wen i used airtel or tata docomo but wid reliance its useless.

  • Anonymous

Roy, 07 Jan 2011Check up your ear need doctor. How you post that F305... moreteri maa ki kya bola

  • Verbena

Dear Sony Ericsson Company,,,
I used this phone for 8 days..
& it doesn't work anymore now
Congratulations for your good services !!


I used this phone for 2 years.
But he brokes, i bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, i'm verry happy with it,

  • Roy

ASHIS SANGA, 26 Dec 2010My opinion about f305(15 month user) ADVANTAGE 1 Nice Desi... moreCheck up your ear need doctor. How you post that F305 loudspeaker is low. you seem bought China F305.

  • ash

Can any one tell me does this phone support operamini 5.1

  • ash

Dheeraj, 28 Dec 2010I think anyone whos planning to buy a budget-phone he shud go fo... moreCan u tell me the features of this cell phone
(SonyEricsson CEDAR)

  • Dheeraj

I think anyone whos planning to buy a budget-phone he shud go for the SonyEricsson CEDAR. It is a perfect value for money....

  • Shreejan

Sick phone!!!
-Had to change display thrice already and its the forth time there's a white display
-U cant zoom images
-No themes supported
-Designed for gaming, but the display operator recommended not to play games
-U cant minimize an appliation
-Rewinding and forwarding a video or a track is very very slow
-Just wanna tell ya'll don't regret like me buying this freaking phone....Makes me sick!!!


My opinion about f305(15 month user)


1 Nice Design
2 music in speaker(better than n72,n73)
3 gaming feature
4 camera(image are so clear)


1 Low inbox capacity(around 100 max)
2 poor battery
3 hanging problem so common
4 only basic feature included
5 average video quality(but better than nokia(excluding high budget devices))
6 poor recorded video
7 no pc suit supported
8 no theme supported
9 max download limit aroud 1200kb in phone browser
10 browser is like cheap phone but speed is good
11 auto standby(when u leave phone any thing opened it comes to standby that means pausing video is useless after 20 sec)
12 costly
13 cannot zoom image while viewing it
14 limited feature for camera
15 captured photo does not fit as wallpaper
16 loudspeaker tooooo low for calling(but good 4 listening music)

  • Anonymous

no themes( only 4)!!!! , less num of msg storage