Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • Anonymous

Dont buy this model.

Lot of drawbacks!!!!

Worst mobile that i ever seen in market!!!

  • poorna

hey dont buy this mobile i think this piece would be worst in sony ericsson regarding the themes and msgs but camera work is too good

  • ghaz

this cell fone set is to good me and my wife is using this set and we are satisfy


m using this phone is good in features nice voice also easy to understand. i can type sms so quickly compare to other mobile also i like model very much when i buy this phone every one has loved so much

  • Anonymous

I am using this phone...But this is very worst phone in this world...themes are not supported...more than 200 messages are not stored.. I suggest you to whose try to buy this cell...don't buy this cell .....

  • nezam fido

oh no..i hate this phone so much.yes the design is nice but not the function of this phone.just average phone.regret to have this i love to have sony j305 naite ;)

  • wqwqw

Shazya, 16 Sep 2010how much is this phone in India?? PLz plz plz reply Is the sou... moredont buy this phone its nt good instead buy some nokia model


you cant dowload motion games, display goes of becuase of slide, worst key pad buttons ever thy are similar cant distinguishe them throug typing or playing games, another thing the back light of the key pad gos off throw java applications & games cant see them in dark. WTF.:(-


Worst phone Ever.
I have been using thes Phone for 2 years and this my reviwe. SO please please never buy this phone. Why ?!

Sony Ericsson says that this phone is for motion games, I bought it for that,well its not. the motine games uses the camera, for example in "hore race" game you sufer to move your hors right, the hors will stuck in on side of the screen and will never move no matter what you try hard to shake the pnone tun it aid to sid flip it or what ever you do.

The phone do not suport themes, ther are only 3pre installed themes you stuck with no further mor.
and the pnone do not support flash lite, ther is no flash at all.

The web browser is worst ever, the images that is rendered is small and blured you cant see or under stand any thing from it.

The phone does not support multi-tasking, for Exampel when you are browsing the web and you wona minimis it to do another thing like reading an SMS you have to close the browser, And if you accidantly hit the close line bottontne the browser will close on its own and the page you browsing will be lost you have tostart all over again.

In media gallery when you want to see an image you cant zoom at it, you only can browse on them and see them generalrly.
if you wona but the image ass a wallpaper it has to be 176X220 resolution to fit full screen, that means images captured by camera wont go full screen.

the phone auto reset its self that means if you are browsing the images and seening an image and left the phone for twenty seconds, it will close it automatically and go to stand by screen. Very annoying wen you are geesing on a picture or left the phone for a wile, but good if the phone freez.

you can have calls at the log entry for only 30 days,thats not bad, but you have to clear it ub manually so you can save new entrys or the phone will tell you that the memory is full Knowing htat its not and the memory is empty or hasl lots & lots of free space. Same for SMSs Stored on the phone, it can store u to 30 meseges on the phone memory after that it will tel that the message you are writing cant be saved becuase the memory is full do want to save it on the sim or it will be lost.

its not game findly, it support only java games and when you install over 50 games it will install no more it will show you amesage during instalation telling you that its un abel to install.

The sound throug the loud speaker or the ear set is noticibly and the connector for the ear set will disconnwct on its own, annoying when listenig to radio or to song, oh another thing the conector is not stabell that means if it shake alittel if you are putting the Phone in your bocket the audio in the ear set will go wrong and fade away and if in radio it will disconnect.

That most of the worst thing I can remmeber about this Phone right now.

Some of the good things about it :

- Good 2mp camera (but no flash)
- very fast gif images ( 36 frames per second I have tried it my self by composing my own GIFs)
- good for some java games:
- very good audio quality (nowing that its low volume)

Last word, as a heavy gamer I wished that phone and its games would be like a psp ao nokia N-Gage 3d games like games, Bought it for that, but it gave me a very big disapointment. I hope the rumurs about the Phone-PSP be right and I will be the firs one to buy it in the Whole world.

  • dav

Shazya, 16 Sep 2010how much is this phone in India?? PLz plz plz reply Is the sou... morei think its comes arount 4-5 thousand in india

  • ......

if u go 4 game n songs go 4 the problm is it doesnt support themes n othr software....its only 4 games n songs

  • Shazya

how much is this phone in India??
PLz plz plz reply
Is the sound and the memory good??or ok??

  • Viky

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2010Sound z sooo good ...U can change equalizer of ur choice,e.g bas... moreThis phone not support multiplayer games ,themes and high defination video

  • Anonymous

Raman, 20 Aug 2010Very Bad Phone. Do not purchase I do not buy it

  • £êô

No need to ask for theme...Just change wallpaper and enjoy ths set

  • Anonymous

Sound z sooo good ...U can change equalizer of ur choice,e.g bass,pop,treble anyone whch u like to hear...But no more themes:-( no gprs quality ...If anyone want to get it thn contact me at 090078601:-)have fun

  • amna

how do download themes for it .
its so bad

  • Subhendu

I have use this model it is a bad phone plz plz dont buy this phone

  • Cech

Hello guys,i have question

if i play meboy game,will it change to landscape?

Please reply,,....

  • Anonymous

it a bad phone. email doesnt active net setting doesnyt work sound bad n hang a lot