Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705

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putah ka nag bongga ng ketai na ito kabog talaga

  • audi

Dwight b., 28 Sep 2009Hi!does ur G705 works in youtube?im just wndering why cant i use... moreyou can watch video depending on the strenght of your wifi connection. Spending extra money using 3g is not enough to use youtube.....just try using wifi connexion at some malls and you can now watch videos on youtube. In fact, i had the same prob as yours for the past 3 mos. but i realised that it's still counting upon the strength of your wifi connexion.
Malls are very good sites wherein you can have strong wifi connexion. believe me, youtube is very fast....

  • audi

*WiFi*, 01 Oct 2009Hello, Please help me to connect wifi with this phone. I have a... moreyou can't esily connect using wifi unless you have strong connection. Try to use your wifi at some malls, and you will be surprised that g705 has the fast connection. sometimes when you open your wifi you will see OPEN NETWORK AND SECURE NETWORK. and if you connect it says out of range it's because of some restriction, as i said earlier try using wifi at some mall wherein you can have strong wifi set up is required. believe me

Try choosing FREE WIFI, mostly in some malls. and you can now watch video on youtube....goodluck

I'm audi from phils. +639054594824

  • Audi

Blanc, 07 Oct 2009This mob has a slow WIFI connection!!! it has a Good appearance.... moreHi Blanc,

G705 has fast WIFI only depends on the site. I have been trying my WIFI at malls, MOA in the Phils, and surprisingly, I can watch video on youtube very fast... believe me!

  • k750i

* Blanc
You have no network coverage... this mobile it's only perfect.

  • Blanc

This mob has a slow WIFI connection!!! it has a Good appearance. When using the web, it's very slow. when i go to the web, it does not connect with wifi but it uses my credit to go on the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • victoria

is this really a gud fone??
im planning to buy one soon..
i really like the wow...

  • stress

Can anyone help with text msg, I tried to send text msg to moscow russia, problem is the person on the other end didnt get the msg. +7 country code and follow with the cell number. Thank

  • hunney

i want to buy this phone tomorrow...hehe...

  • Mark

1 - is the GPS fast.can you compare it with nokia GPS?
2 - are the , and key too uncomfortable?is this a serious problem?

and would you recommend me to buy this phone?

  • StevenC

It's a great phone! Fast, stable, doesn't reboot, and like all SEs, is very customizable and accepts Java applications like a charm.

  • G705 user

Had this phone for about 10 months now,was working great until recently out of no where the buttons on the top part of the phone stopped working except for the power key,now I can't get it fixed since there's no se service center in my country,sigh

  • Anonymous

For it's price range, this is the best phone! :D
I have no problem with this phone since I've started using it. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a phone within its price range.

  • *WiFi*

Hello, Please help me to connect wifi with this phone.
I have a G705, But I can't connect my WiFi
A Network is available but it is WPA-Enterprise (A type of wifi network)

I have Username and Password and SSID
but I don't know where to put Username and Password on my WiFi settings

Remember the network type is WPA-Enterprise

Please answer if you know. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR ME

  • Macedonia

I think that this mobile has a perfect specifications for that price
I need to buy it
Is that good step ( buying this mobile ? )

  • casten

I luv my new G705

  • Anonymous

you tube does not work with this phone why

  • Anonymous

i am going to buy a it a good set?can i buy this set?plz give me sugetion........

  • jasmina

i love this phone

  • black

my keypad was slightly dirty..
so,are there cleaner for this problem???