Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705

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  • Joseph

Did SE G705 support Skype. In skype web side this model not mention as a supporting model. pls anyone having experience skype with model please send me a comment.

  • floridijan

I ordered Sony Ericsson G705 at, got Chinese manual and other papers, the keypad is with Chinese signs, didn't get CD disk.
I called them, but no way to help me. Just a play between a girl in USA (she answers from her apartment) and a guy in Hong Kong (name - Patrick).
They would send me the CD and the manuals in English, but sorry, they don't have it on the stock. They won't replace me the cell phone with English keypad.
I had to specify what keypad I want for USA market, otherwise they are sending Chinese one ?!?!
I am a lucky guy, I could get Arabic one, even before English one. It looks for them more logically.
They send their orders directly from Hong Kong, so you are risking some customs fees on the top that you already paid for the cell phone and the shipping.
The worst scenario is a confiscated cell phone from US customs because FCC certification is missing. In that case everything is clear and simple; you lost all your money that you paid.
If you want gambling spend your money for a trip to Las Vegas. You have more chance for a gain there; otherwise you will be ripped off in some way. They know how, guys from

  • n's

dj, 03 Sep 2009sometimes it hangs, especially when im connecting to 3g... it wi... moreupdate ur firmware version.. mine is still working even i connecting to 3g..

  • Anonymous

jay, 21 Aug 2009i'm not sure which phone should i buy.. i'm battling between g70... moreif you've got enough money you should definitely go for the w715 ... it's far more better than both g705 and w705 ... if you don't have that much money then my suggestion is w705 cause of it's better build quality ... that's the only drawback on g705 "BAD BUILD QUALITY" :/

  • dj

sometimes it hangs, especially when im connecting to 3g... it will hang and you cannot use it unless you take off the battery... it sucks...

camera is not good

other than that i love this fon

  • Gud Samaritan

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how I can load video stream on the You Tube Application? I am using Smart network in the Philippines and so far it's giving me the "video interrupted" message...

  • SE Fanatics

sony user, 31 Aug 2009Could anyone tell me how to get a delivery report on sms in this... moreTo get the delivery report, u go to .
hopefully this will answer ur question...

  • SE Fanatics

ferdie, 01 Sep 2009The Camera is worst... k750i have better camera with auto focus.... moreIn my opinion, of course the K's phone will perform better picture than the G's. And of course the K's do have auto focus. It is built for better photo. Don't expect the G's photo better than the K's. The G's as u said have a superb browsing experience. That I agreed.

  • Sony Loyal Customer

G705 is my third SE handphone after K610i and W890i. Simplicity and price is the right word why i stick to SE, and here is what my humble opinion about the phone, trust me:


1) Camera picture is below par compared with other 3.2MB handphone.

2) Screen resolution is worst, not clear and looklike being covered with mist.

3) Sound is slow, and dont expect to talk using loudspeaker.


1) Price (Malaysia Price - RM700 to RM750)

2) Look simple and neat design

3) Wifi

I don't think i'll use this handphone for any longer, nokia 6600i slider is something need to ponder, though without wifi & HSDPA.

  • ferdie

majid, 29 Aug 2009After having a k750 and a k770 now i want to buy this one for it... moreThe Camera is worst... k750i have better camera with auto focus. but if you want superb browsing experience, you should try this phone...

  • KaReeM eL-eLeSh

i had this phone for 3 weeks now and it's doing great .. it has amazing features except the sound .. the sound is very clean and good but loooooow :(

  • bagz

Guys this phone is so very cool..all you need is here wifi,fast connection,listening music.. ow yeah...ive used it almost 2months and its works good.... i really love this phone.... Go to G705 no regrets for this phone

  • sony user

Could anyone tell me how to get a delivery report on sms in this phone.

  • n's

this is not smartphone..but it capability same like smartphone. it have wifi. gud internet browser. actually this phone is designed for those who wanna surf internet at their have optical mouse when we surf internet..smartphone and proprietary phone not same but nowadays java platform built a good software like symbian software. smartphone have weakness coz it easy to infected virus like trojan, when infected a virus. it affected all phone system and make ur phone always hang and lagging when u wanna open folder or something. but normal phone like g705 are not affected and reacted with any kind of virus. it safe ur things n ur document. g705 have gud camera coz it used version 4. and those who wanna buy this phone dont hesitate to buy it coz this phone is awesome

  • Anonymous

Nuno Silva, 28 Aug 2009N78 is better... Gps is better, battery lasts longer, has fm tr... moreWhy are you trying to compare a normal phone with smartphone? It does not make any sense.

  • leon17

hi guys!!I am planning to buy this phone(G705)I see that the features are gud... so I am asking you if this is the right phone for it gud or bad?

  • majid

After having a k750 and a k770 now i want to buy this one for its wifi and large display.
is its camera good enough or it is blury?
please answe.
thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

flash it to a w715. heheheh. took care of all my problems.... faster menus and walkman player...

  • Nuno Silva

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970N78 is better...
Gps is better, battery lasts longer, has fm transmitter, etc...

  • Anonymous

kek, 26 Aug 2009It does not have a processor. It's not a smartphone, it runs on ... moreOK thanks