Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705

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  • bryan

love it :D

  • Greg

MobileSlider, 09 Sep 2008SE really has some issues. The handset looks good enough...nice... moreWant autofocus?? BUY A DIGITAL CAMERA!! forgod sakes it's a fone man!! it is used for making calls and receiving calls, just be happy it has all kinda features it provides. since not all non OS fone has it.

  • Anonymous

SE is the only who makes the invetions (youtube search and upload) and than Nokia only has to copy and paste. Thats why I hate Nokia

  • /\ !

coolest phone evr...SE rocks!!!

  • Dani

The Mojo, 09 Sep 2008Hey all I work for an operator in Europe and I have this phon... moreSounds Good, Nice Review!

  • The Mojo

Hey all

I work for an operator in Europe and I have this phone, started using it today actually. I honestly switched from an 3G iPhone to the G705, before my iPhone I had a Nokia E66.

These are my impressions from using it intensly a couple of hours:
1. Overall the UI is absolutely outstanding. Everything makes sense and you can do all the actions you'd expect. IMHO the UI is on par with the iPhone, and definitely much better then the Nokia E66.

2. It is very quick and there is absolutely no lag at all in the menus etc. It's even faster then the iPhone, for example when opening the SMS inbox and phonebook. The E66 is slow in comparison, but still OK I guess.

3. The overall build of the G705 is quite OK, but the Nokia E66 feels more luxurious. The G705 is all plastic except some keys in the front.

I'd also like to highlight some new features that SE have added:

*WiFi* - The WiFi on the G705 is soooo easy to use. The performance is great too. This is the first "dumb phone" from SE that I use with WiFi and they have done a really great job. All of you who have used WiFi on iPhone know what I'm talking about. The Nokia E66 WiFi implementation feels much more "techy" and is nowhere nere iPhone and G705 in ease of use.

*SMS/MMS* - Maybe a smaller thing to some but SE have done a major upgrade to the way SMS and MMS is used. This is the absolute best SMS/MMS implementation I've seen in all my years in the industry. SE are really taking it to the next level, and since I use SMS and MMS a lot that makes me happy. :-)

*Browser* - As mentioned in the article SE have done a good job in integrating Google search into the phone. However I still think that the E66 have the best search features. The browser in G705 is quite fine, but the one in iPhone is better.

As you may have guessed I really like this phone. :-) It's definitely a keeper and I'm not switching back to either of E66 or iPhone.

If you have questions about the phone I'll try and answer, but no promises. And I won't answer any questions about price or availability.

  • Rocco

I love SE, but why is so difficult to implement AF, and to protect camera (ala K850 style)??

Oh well, we'll have to wait for G905

  • Karim

Ok now time for my comment...well all i can say is that the nokia e66 offers everything this s-e has to offer!

the nokia e66 looks better, higher capacity battery, better materials used, auto focus camera, infrared, better display 16.7 mil colours, slimmer, scroll key, 2.5mm headphone jack, micro usb, symbian - more stable user friendly more customize, Hscd, Voip, office apps, push to talk, turn to mute feature, and many more!!!

so why choose the s-e its got literally nothing new!!!

  • MobileSlider

SE really has some issues. The handset looks good enough...nice screen...Wi-Fi... GPS....accelerometer...even geo-tagging.

But for god's sake, why is there no auto-focus??....having a phone with upper end specs like GPS & Wi-Fi, but no AF is a serious mistake. It's small 'n' slim too.

SE really has to start putting AF in their mid-upper tier handsets.

  • arjun

lame, se, sad...

  • give up se

Oh my gosh whats wrong with se today? Is this the best SE can do? With those specs today still not a match for a 2 year old Nokia N95. Non OS, non auto focus camera, non stereo speaker, non 16 m colors. I used to so respect SE but they are still releasing crap even with the paris P5 or whatever. The best phone from SE are still the W900, K750 and P990(only the ram is the issue)

  • Dani

Yes its a good phone i soppose, but still id choose N95 8GB over this

  • Anonymous

it's basically a W910 with a few tweaks, seems like Ericsson ran out of ideas, and a camera without autofocus is just plain tacky coming uo to year 2009.

  • XpLoB

SE is mah fav brand in cell fones,SE has been producing sum ausome n mavellous fones....hope its price will nawt b dah high....

SE rocks

  • Anonymous

hmmm...decent phone. almost there SE...i'm still holding my breath.:)

  • Nho_xjnk

I'm waiting for you, G705

  • Anonymous

Should have included touch-screen function to really challenge the current market leaders, it'll launch as an expensive phone will be there for a few weeks then its price will fall like usual and it'll be forgotten . .

  • Xen

Great phone, nice n sleeky. But SE should work it out about the camera.

  • Anonymous


This is EXACTLY what I needed, and many other people I believe.. a small slide phone-with Wi-Fi, as well as all the latest bells and whistles...

Market the phone right and it will go FAR