Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Anonymous

i am using this phone from past 1.5 year or so without any problem player is very good actually its media palyer ... lots of application can be installed.....

  • Anonymous

its a very good phone i am using it from past 8 months i finad it very good though camera is little let down but evary thing else is very good, speaker sound is very load to mention

  • 5007

does this phone accept and play symbian games. also does it accept and utilise active file?

  • Anonymous

worst handphone i have, its like to freezing all time

  • dante

help me i have a problem with my phone the camera is too bright and i tried to adjust it but nothing happend...ehich camera os better w960i or g900?

  • bluesky90

I am still wandering whether to buy G705 and g 900..can any1 give some comments on that..can these two phone be installed software?such as bible software?reali hope to hear from u all...

  • Pradeep S

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2010is tis handphone good?This is the worst phone that i have seen in my life...
SLOW OS, Bad usablity, BAD camera, Frequent Call Drops, Worst blackberry experience, Unsupported service cetres and the list goes on..... Sent it for 3 services in 1 year period of purchase... still has the same problems....

  • Adi

can i know.G900 salary in shop?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2010is tis handphone good?yes,it has so many features,like english dictionary,torch light,chinese moon calender n the camera is 5 mega pixels with auto focus.nice phone.

  • Anonymous

this is a great phone with many features and with a relatively cheap price

touchscreen quality standard
-no accelerometer
-200mhz processor (too slow for a phone with those features..)

  • Anonymous

is tis handphone good?

  • Ahmed

lhonignacio, 31 Jan 2010how do i apply its wifi capabililty??click the connection manager at the upper lefthand corner of the screen (grey downwards arrowhead) and choose connection, WLan. when it open click more, enable , then when WiFi networks start to appear (provided you are somewhere where there are wirless networks) click the desired network and then "connect"

  • Ahmed

i had this phone for more than a year and a half, it was ok, till it started to have problems with the touchscreen. the touchscreen is wider than the corresponding press shown on the desktop, so i get a hell of a time trying to press on any of the touchscreen buttons specially those on the left. i tried pen calibration but no use. the camera is not bad in day light, but at night it's a disaster. i had a K800i and it's camera was 3.2 but gave much better pics than this phone's one. does anyone know how to fix the touchscreen error, other than update service, which is not available for this phone. i am afraid to get the SE Satio not to get into troubles with the touchscreen again!

  • jackLala

Very gud phone..worth to buy..many function and don hav problem at all.. buy the new one not 2nd, bcoz new one more free from problem..can be modded using gdesk to have htc and iphone interface.. also can run old window os using dosbox..

  • Bego

How to manual formatting device?

  • lhonignacio

how do i apply its wifi capabililty??

  • mr yay

what is the format of the theme for this phone??
why i can't aply the theme from others SE onto this phone..

  • hehehe

raaj, 30 Jan 2010Boss. Only the muscle is from China. All the brains are from Jap... moregood point raaj.. only the 'muscle' is from chinese product...

  • lee

watson, 10 Dec 2009which fone shud i buy?plz help me out?g900 or se yari.HELP!this ... morebetter u go get yari...wifi feature can be replace by hsdpa feature..just go get postpaid tariff sim, and..viola!!

  • raaj

HuntingForNokia5800, 15 Jan 2010Im really wondering does your G900 is made in china??? Once upon... moreBoss. Only the muscle is from China. All the brains are from Japanese Sony.. its only for lower mfg costs it is made in China. Specs will will be as per Sony's requirement.
So dont worry if it is made in China.