Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • Anonymous

G900 owner, 03 Nov 2009I got my SE G900 last March, and I put it under testing for a lo... moreTry HPM-64 headsets

  • andrew

i've got phone G900 last week.. iam sad because my phone smeared allover with.however i jus use 2GB for slot memory. how the solution???

  • polo

i owneD this g900 sinCe lasT 2 monThs.. during thaT duraTioNs, i felT this handphoNe wasnT thaT gud foR me.. whY..??
=bcos i canT sTore my messaGes in my m2 caRd.. n iT makes the phone memory full.. whaT the haCK!! iF iT canT puT the messages in m2 caRd, iT's useless 2 have this handphoNe.. whaT's the purpose of the m2 card if iT canT sTore message?? is iT jz sTorinG images n sonGs onLy?? well if thaT so, i feeL so wrong 2 have this handphone..
=anotHer proB.. regarding wiT wiFi conecTion.. sumtyms iT didnT show exacT wiFi coNecTioN. i hv wiFi aT hum. whenever i wanT 2 conecT it wiT g900, sumtyms the lisT wasnT thre..have 2 refresH again n again n if necessary, have 2 swiTch iT off..
=a loT of probs actuaLy n dunT wanT 2 elaborTe iT..
=anD 4 the upcoMing buyers, do noT buY this g900 handphoNe, iT isnT cool enuF 2 hv iT.. TQ

  • subhankar

i was really surprized when i took a snap by its camera(g900),its clarity does noy look like 5mp better to say vga.and its not user fraiendly to use.

  • logic

Great Features (5mp camera regardless of it's quality, wi-fi,touchscreen+keypad,etc)
but slow performances sometimes make me 'lazy' of using this phone.. (I prefer using w810 for sms)
The phone is great, but it will be the best if it have
-better processor

  • Anonymous

G900 owner, 03 Nov 2009I got my SE G900 last March, and I put it under testing for a lo... more1. My overall experience with the phone is it is slow.
2.5MP cam is not good. I was able to take pretty decent pic with my SE W800i
3.After reading a msg and when I press the return key, it refresh the whole inbox which inturn makes the phone slow.
4. Within 2 months of my purchase my display went to a terrible state. It started to display with high contrast and became dark. Then touch did not respond properly. After giving for service it is running fine now.

  • malaal

malaal, 01 Nov 2009please anyone can tell me about the life of battery? and if alar... moreplze tell me if u adjust the setting as ring tone or wallpaper after swich pff the phone, open it again, all setting become default one as before adjustmaent., is it problem in the phone?

  • G900 owner

I got my SE G900 last March, and I put it under testing for a loong time. this phone really disappointed me:
1- Poor sound
2- Poor Camera (even with the 5 MP resolution, you get poor photos - not crisp - a lot of noise around details)
3- Slow responses all over apps and even menu items
4- below average WiFi recieption.
5- Don't get me started on the touch screen!!
6- after only 6 months, voice clarity/volume/quality, started serious detorioration. I can hardly hear what callers say.
7-and the WORST, I mean WORST thing about this phone is the build. it is VERY weak and fragile. I got the ear piece plastic cover fallen down after glue weakend on a hot day!!!!

I'm getting a new phone that's for sure

  • Anonymous

G900 is great smartphone!!!...only if u knw how to use it.

the first time i buy it, got few problems occur such as my M2 2GB memory corrupted after taking picture with it, touchscreen went wrong after install the selected g900 themes....

BUT after read for more information on this website about S.E UPDATE SERVICE, my G900 seems to run more smooth & less hang like it first time i buy it.

I'am happy to use G900 with it 5.0 megapixel camera (but not good in taking picture at night or dark place) & WLAN accept this model seems to use the old processor...kind slow when open up programs...

I hope S.E keep on UPGRADING this G Series model to the max!!!

  • ea

malaal, 01 Nov 2009please anyone can tell me about the life of battery? and if alar... moremy phone battery usually lasts after 2 or 3 days. alarms doesnt work when the phone is turned off, but you can use "flight mode" instesd of turning the phone off.

  • malaal

please anyone can tell me about the life of battery? and if alarm work when phone is switch off. if it resuming to default setting when switch off the phone.

  • IsamWali

Very Nice Phone from Sonyericsson
I'll buy it Inshallah

  • terrense

Mine works fine. It doesn't hang. Sound quality is excellent. I can play youtube through wifi. It can play avi/divx/avix.You can download a lot of usefull applications once it gets hacked. Bad thing about this phone is it takes like a minute to turn it on. Pictures that have been taken at night don't seem to be a 5pm quality picture, maybe it's the lens or the flash, i don't know. I can live with it coz i dont take pictures at night. hehe

  • JS

This phone is terrible. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I purchased this in October of 2008 and had to send it back to Sony for repair in June. They ended up sending me a brand new phone which stopped working in October and now they ar saying the 'new' phone they sent me had a warranty that expired in July. This is not a quality product and I would not recommend this phone is you are considering it. Save your money and purchase from a different company.

  • he he

i think you 2 first, not really like that , u can use it fairly with a little mod

  • Anonymous

amazing problem,altho it lags a lil bit...dnt knw y dis phone aint dat famous even tho it offers so much at dis cost.abt d wifi,its rly gud,u can watch youtube on it.

  • Brat

SE G900 is a messed up phone made by Sony Ericsson but this phone still have some good sides in it.

For support check out gsmarena forum­0916#260916

I will also post on how to change icons on desktop and menu.

  • Chanuka dinushan

Great phn,dsnt phn,more valuble than n95,touch focuss is a maxa option,but,the only thing theres no cybershot in dis phn

  • swapnil

good camera & wifi phone

  • Anonymous

i would like to comment on its phone memory. its always full, occupied by a standby "daw". that i do not understand. i always get a no memry available though my memory card is 4GB. hay...