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  • xg900x

i think most of the problems encountered by g900 users can be simply solved by upgrading the firmware. i did remember during the first few days i bought this phone is that it really is very slow. my phone has been with me for 9months now and i am amazed by its durability since i've dropped this phone more than a dozen times and the battery just keeps popping out whenever i drop it but still it works with no issues. one time the keypad sunked in but a simple push and its back and good as new.

  • SE Symbian Fans

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  • danny

this phone is very very bad..It freezes, bluetooth transfer is so slow like IR transfer... And the worst thing on g900 is that the signal is very weak.... DONT BUY IT..

  • Aaron (N London, UK)

> In reply to "Anonymous" @ 2009-05-04 19.39 frm MFfp

You dont know what I'm talking about you say.... Its real easy, just read, then absorb and then understand!

Its plain simple really, now I know you dont have a clue about phones because, you look at Nokia reviews, there are LESS negatives towards their N series than the Sony Ericsson's especially this phone, have a look at all the people who dont like this phone and have it... you are one person who likes it... well good for you, but i have the phone and overall... yeah overall the phone is not worth its weight in gold.. or dark red in my case!!
Anyway, people need to know the faults and the negatives these phones cause, I spent £290 buying this phone Sim Free and as far as i'm concerned I wish I didnt now because I actually read the official reviews and got STUNG! that means fooled into buying a phone that does not do as its says!!

You are entitled to your opinion, if you feel to review the phone's good points go right ahead!!

Oh and Nokia's are far better user friendly than Sony Ericsson's!!

  • Anonymous

i dont know what are you taking about. but i prefer my g900 to nokia n series. i have not used nokia n series personally, but i have worked with my friends nokia phones. nokia phones are not user friendly usually. also they are not much faster than g900. according to weight, price, performance and capabilities, g900 is better than nokia n series especially when GPS is not important for you.

  • Aaron (N London, UK)

Amendment on previous post..... To Call Centre Girl I meant the Nokia 6220 classic and NOT 6200 Classic... lol... sorry!! ;o)

Oh does anyone wanna buy a regular freezing Sony Ericsson G900 in Red... I'll give you money to take it away... LOL.... (Ok that was a JOKE!!... But am selling it) :P

  • Aaron (N London, UK)

Hey all... just reading some of the replies, in particular to the person who say post the positives about the phone.. I DID... and there are too much negatives against the positives!!
As for the Call Centre Girl.... DONT BUY THE PHONE!!..
Yes, asthetically its a good looking phone but you do want it to work... now here's the key word... you want it to work "SMOOTHLY", which this phone does not!
YES, all phones have their problems, i agree, however, this phone has given me GRIEF and it is slow and if you ever intend to transfer pics from the G900 to PC make sure you got time... 1 pic takes ages to transfer!! Pulling off the battery cover and taking the battery out when it FREEZES... a very very regular occurance!!
You wanna nice girly phone I suggest the forthcoming Nokia 6700 Classic, or Nokia N79 or the little dinky and light Nokia 6200 Classic, ok a plasticy feel but its light and the pics are far better than the G900 and all the Nokia's i've suggested boast 5Mp camera with of course the Class Carl Zeiss Lense, basically takes better pics that ANY Sony Ericsson!! GOOD LUCK!!

  • Anonymous

no name, 03 May 2009im using this phone for the 4th day now.I have already taken the... moresometimes that you think the phone has freezed, it hasent freezed and only the processor is busy. just wait for 5 to 10 seconds, the phone will come back

  • Anonymous

no name, 03 May 2009im using this phone for the 4th day now.I have already taken the... morei think you overload your phone. in this phone most of the applications such as camera, notes, massages, pdf, quik office, wifi, opera,... when are closed they are still on the phone ram and thus the phone will be overloaded and freeze. after opening 4 or 5 applications you have to go to task manager and empty your phone ram. if you do this the phone will work much better.

  • no name

im using this phone for the 4th day now.I have already taken the battery 3 times out just to restart the phone.
The processor is down totally.

  • call center gurl

i'm already thinking twice if i'll buy this phone or not. . hahaha.. .

  • violette

i just bought this phone from my friend and it still under warranty[by Thorus] and i really love this phone.but just got few problems...same like u guys said-this phone always freeze/hang- n i dont know why i cant access wifi but my bf[using same model] can access the wifi. weird. what should i do?

  • Anonymous

Me, 29 Apr 2009Why its so difficult to get a good review nowadays everyone is ... moreYes every phone has problems, but you know how hard it is when this phone starts having LCD issues, you literally can not use it as the phone starts to black out,freeze or hang after a few minutes of light usage... Replacing it also is a hefty price, I rather have a phone which has external issues (build quality) rather than internal issues (LCD, Circuits etc.)...


this phone is the best , even better than lg arena , n82 ,
it is all in one smartphone and a pda,
the video playback is very good, before i use psp to watch films but now i use g900 to watch , i buy 8gb m2 card and it look great , g900 is mini computer , and even i don,t have buy any netbook.
g900 camera is not good , it is the best ,
don,t go to the review , they tell lie , because they don't want this phone to win , why because , they nokia brand to be high.

  • Bunny

Very nice specifications. I have not had a day's problem with the phone. Marvelous!

  • Anonymous

I have used this phone for 3 weeks. In the last three weeks two times I have removed the phone battery in order to restart the phone since the phone had freeze. I donít think this is a bad result for one of the lightest and thinnest touch screen mobile phones with wifi, 5 mega pixel camera and so many applications. Even my laptop freezes more than this (with 2GHz cpu and 1 gig of ram). You knew that this phone uses a 208 MHz cpu with 128 meg of ram before you buy this phone. Considering its cpu, the phone speed is really good. I easily open and read pdf files, even files as big as 10meg with this phone with several pics. Writing sms is very easy with this phone especially when using two languages for writing. Do u believe u can easily write sms in two languages with n73. I have taken more than 100 pics with this phone in the last three weeks. I have compared the photos with k800 and k750. The photos are as good as k800. The photos are better than k750 especially in the case of colors. The photo quality does not depend only to the mega pixel count. The size of the lens is more important. In the dark places you can take photos with twilight mode and the result will be good. Using twilight mode is easy with this phone since it has image stabilizer. I have used the wifi too. With new opera 9.5 for uiq3, connecting to internet and browsing web pages are very easy. You can easily select which part of the page to view. Therefore, being fair I think it is a good phone

  • Me

Why its so difficult to get a good review nowadays
everyone is writing with anger, every phone got problems, so if you want to list the problems it would be a great idea to post the good things about it too!!
stop being so negative

  • Aaron (N London, UK)

Sorry... I keep remembering things AFTER i've finished writing the review, yes as mentioned by others it does Freeze alot when taking pictures or just general navigating (YES I HAVE DOWNLOADED THE LATEST Updates from Sony E's site) and it still freezed with latest firmware!! So you have to pull the battery cover off and remove battery as the on/off button doesnt work at that point....
Now I'm off to buy a Nokia N79, the touchscreen novelty has now WORN OFF!!
Dont worry I wont be adding anymore, i think people will know by now this phone is CRAP!!!

  • Aaron (N London, UK)

Also I forgot to mention that the handsfree kit that comes with it is good, but the design in itself is poor, and the ear piece with the earpad is too big so keeps dropping out of the ear, but then i have small ears and everyone is different, but they are bigger than the nokia's as this is what i am comparing it too (Nokia N73).
I've updated this phone to the latest firmware and its not made any difference, those who say the speed of this phone is good, I'm surprised, it isnt, it really isnt unless your speed is something else.
Main gripe is the Camera and the speed, because in this day and age this is what you want from technology.
If you want it for speed and the camera then please take this review seriously, you will be disappointed and upset, transferring pics is painful I'm telling, nearly killed me!! (ok slight exageration LOL!!)
Oh reception is poor, I'm in a poor area where i work and use both Nokia N73 and GSM900 on the vodafone network and no signal from the GSM900 and 2 bars from Nokia N73 yet I'm on the same network!
Good Points, nice colour red, and nice design, buttons feel great, 5Mp camera in the day only is Superb ONLY IN THE DAY mind you, if indoors at home where the its low lit yet sunny, then forget it you will get a very dark pic and the flash DOESNT NOT HELP!!
GOOD LUCK... hope this phone gets no more sales its .. I wanna swear but can't.... but its a piece of.... YOU FILL IN THE GAP!!!

  • Aaron (N.London, UK)

I agree with David in respect of the phone is great early on, 3 months I disagree, more 1-2 months as you realise the official reviews are total nonsense and they have been given heavy financial incetives to give a good review of the phone to sell it!!
They rate the camera on this phone, yes in the day its brilliant, at night or even when the sun is about to go down and the light isnt at its best, the pics are all dark, the flash goes way b4 the pic is snapped, (Sony E can't fathom this out!) transferring pics from mobile to PC via the suite that comes with it is a painful task, took me exactly wait for it 1 min 32 secs for 1 pic from phone to PC, my nokia N73 same pic as a test 4 seconds, yes FOUR SECONDS, the GSM900 is my first SE phone and will be the last, they are no good, it is slow, it came with a memory card, thats ok. I like the design of this phone and i bought it for the touch screen novelty as well as the 5 Megapixel camera, overall its poor, very very very poor, DO NOT BELIEVE the official reviews because they are given monetary incentives to give a GOOD opinion of the phone, just read the reviews below here.... EVERYONE cannot be wrong can they? Not sure where GSM Arena get their reviews but people need to stand up and be counted and LYING to people isnt acceptable!! I'm going back to Nokia as my N73 wipes the floor with the Sony Ericsson and they have a rubbish 256K colour screen, nokia boasts 16 million and their colours are vibrant, also when they test SE's v Nokia's they show a closeness in pic res in the day.... I challenge them to take pics in dark places and post them on here against the Nokia, I bet you they will have a separate flash in the background when taking them because SE's dont take pics in low lit area's, the Nokia's of a like will BURY the SE's hands down. Also look at the second hand prices Nokia retain a good resale value, my GSM900 mint condition 6 month old can only go for £130 adn i bought it for £300 Offline!
Its like Volkswagen vs Ford, DONT BUY A FORD resale value is pants!!
Overall, I advise DONT BUY THIS PHONE, Sony Ericsson phones are really and truly POOR!!!!