Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

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  • HarryGR

angel, 15 Apr 2009does ds phone support voip calls?i mean,if u download nimbuzz or... moreYou can use Fring for skype calls. It works.

  • angel

does ds phone support voip calls?i mean,if u download nimbuzz or fring on this phone and log in to skype,can anyone using skype on pc call u?(ur using ur g900 of course).just like d nokia e51...tnx in advance

  • JoRo

I love my g900, great phone just right for me - I have two questions if anyone can point me in right direction.

1) Keylock.
Only just recently noticed this - dont get many calls incoming. With keylock on (* keylock or keylock button itself) I have noticed that when I get an incoming call the keylock goes off, not a problem but when phone in pocket and I go to take it out the action of removing it automatically answers the call! Can I set it to answer just on a particular button??

2) Playing video.
Would love to rip a couple of my fave DVDs/SitComs to the phone but have no idea what format to put them in. Have read the manual and tried MPJEG4 etc but nothing seems to work, even tried downloading some formats. nope.

Any pointers in right direction would be useful.

This is a great phone for email, internet (wifi good speed, great at downloding largish podcasts etc), I like the touchscreen and love having the 'normal' keypad to.

  • bubugutchi

i also have the same problem with my g900, it keeps on restarting after sometime i've turned it on and it hapened most of the time. and its lcd has started to display a bit darker than its normal display. ive already consulted the sony ericson service center about this and they said that i need to replace the old lcd with a new one which would cost me a lot. other cheaper options was to configure it's software but it wont last that long as their adviced. i havent done any of it since im stil undecided with the right option. another, they said that it was a very common problem to all g900 model and that's a sad news to all avid users.

  • 821

help please

, my g900 keeps switching off automatically, once in 30mins. anyone here with the same problem, advise please,

tnx in advance

  • Myfa

Can use this for Skype chat?

  • J

i had my se phone g900 last 4 months at first i was amaze because of its feature but when i use it doesn't good only the features. to those who are selling se g900 make it sure that the phone is
good and the quality it seems that you are cheating to your customers.

  • ?

elsie, 13 Apr 2009hi all, have been using G900 for the past 2 months. love the des... moreelsie did u know, the g900 is smartphone..u cant compare wif ur k800..if u opened too many application ur phone response can be slow..close the applcation that u not can make ur phone respond fast

  • aiden

does it have multi tasking??

  • elsie

hi all, have been using G900 for the past 2 months. love the design, and the sticky notes function especially.

at first i was really contented with the phone. but lately i've come to realise that the phone is pretty slow in response time when clicking on any application.

and the pictures taken with the camera, when using flash turns out to be overly bright til the picture becomes blurry. does anyone else have this problem?

any my contacts saved in my sim card, were not listed the way it was on my k800i. for eg, i saved Kelly's Hp previously on my old phone and sim. but when it is loaded to the G900, it becomes Hp, Kelly's. i've tried to play ard with the name arrangement under settings but it doesnt work. is there any way to solve this?

1 last factor which i kind of dislike is the fact that when i receive bluetooth pictures or themes from other phones it goes straight into sms inbox. and i can't open the file at all especially when it comes to receiving phone themes. i hope someone is able to help me on this too!

sorry for asking so many questions! hopefully i can get some help on the points which i've mentioned, cause i really love SE phones.. and it'll be a big pity if all this problems can't be solved.

  • rems43

my fon is now's been a long time i have'nt use my ericsson fix the problem...tanx guys

  • kaka90

how about the 5mp camera??
does the picture quality in dark places satisfies us ?

  • Anil

Whau is the video quality difference agst. Nokia e71 with 3.5 mbps 3g speed if service provider giving 3 mbps 3g mail at

  • touchscreen

touchscreen, 11 Apr 2009Help! My touchscreen don't work What can I do?Yessss it works again!

  • Tommy2

I am about to buy a phone soon; can anybody help me choose XPERIA or G900 plz give me an answer soon

  • hks

hai HarryGR..
thanks for info...but HSDPA is avlbl in E71..what do you say..???
what is ur experience on camera clarity..?? i understand it is not 5mp...???
pls. give ur comments..???

  • Jalal

I bought this phone from 8 months ago now starts to stuck, shutdown immediate, dark screen immediate and in generaly it is slow and important thing the camera is very bad it is not clear at all comparing with some Nokia phones with 2 mega pixsels.

  • touchscreen

My touchscreen don't work

What can I do?

  • Anonymous

KCostas, 10 Apr 2009It all depends on how you transfer data from a laptop to the pho... moreHi,
Can we use Microsoft Office in G900 handsets and is it possible to edit documents?

Thank you

  • Clemo

Erik, 14 Feb 2008Dear All I would like to inform about web free for UIQ 3 applic... moreThanks Erik for the great links !!!