Sony Ericsson J200

Sony Ericsson J200

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  • *~Blair~*

I might buy this looks pretty good.

  • anil

I got this phone but facing a strange problem, It is getting off by itself and not getting on... then suddenly it goes on and then i can c that the bettery is full. It also hangs while operation. where the problem can be?

  • Alvin

for the retail price that it calls for, cant complain for all its worth, but i reckon it'd been a wish come true if its battery lifespan could be stretched a wee bit more. been having fun with this baby...

  • nagesh

hi to all you guys using 2001 and to all those who want to buy 2001.!! i have been using this phose for a couple of weeks now and i to opin that this phone is all striped down to the basic. It coms with only 600k of memory for the all your pic and tones(can handle only about 20 pict and fewer tones). I dosent connect to the PC via infrared. As far as the looks.... it just steals.

  • andy

this phone also comes in white i think. i just order one. haven't got it yet.

  • EnWui

Today (March 16th) at Indonesian market they sold this phone at Rp. 850.000,- (about USD 92) cheap enough !!!

  • sash

can anyone tell me what different colors duz j200 come in? is it just blue?

  • Anand

i purched j200i in india. my experience with it is bad. it lacks many features which the inferior mode t230 is having. i faced a hell of difficulty to connect it to my pc using usb irda adapter, till now i was not able to do so. the battery back up is also not good. if use (talk or play) it lasts only 2 - 2.5 hrs. again u have to charge it.
ring tones are good but not loud enough to hear it if tv is on or u r 6 - 7 feet away from the set.
i had a horrible experience with this set.

  • Sha

the best phone for normal cheap ericsson keep going..

  • shanker

thisd is the best but all modelsw should be mentioned in prices like samsumg mobiles

  • Girish Easwaran

I bought this phone two days back.I have been using Nokia till date but i thought of trying Sony erricson.My experience till date using this phoen has not been very good.My phone switches off and turns on all of a sudden automatically.AT the same time even if i charge the bateery for 8 hours the battery does not last for more than a day.Has anyone else faces such problems.If so please let me know what shall i do.I know that i can contact the Service centre and get it fixed.Please reply

  • Jay

hey guys does anyone know if the upgrade of this, the J200i has MMS capability? pls let me know ? thanks.

  • Imran

You can find the price list on in the mobiles section. I think its 9000 pk rs

  • Paul

I live in NEW YORK and today I walked in to one cell. phone dealer store and he offered me this phone for $170 I believe. Hah sounds too good to be true? Guess what then;

I inserted my T-Mobile sim card and WOW,
what a surprise: As always with Sony Ericsson, there is so much static that I could barely hear anything while tested that phone by calling T-Mobile customer care (the best way to check the sound quality of the phone). Anyway I don't know whether it was one phone damaged or not, but it is just horrible.

  • waseem

hi friends i want to buy j200i.should i?other than i want to know that could it download small vedio clips via infrared and want to know its price in could i use gprs on it? i`ll be thankful to you in advance

  • fayaz

hi must say tht its a nice cell phone plz can u send me price list of cell phones i waiting your responce ...

  • rajmani

this is a nice phone but I am not able to connect to internet using this phone like samsung c100.Can any one tell me from where to find out the irda modem driver of this phone.I searched a lot but still not found anywhere. I will thankful to that person.Plz mail me at :

  • Jason

nice phone, i guess ....... but how can i get rid of all the pre loaded stupind ringtones to make more room for my own ....

  • Fahad

No doubt this set is great in design, in handling, in sound bla bla, but the little problem is that its really heat up early i think with in 15 min in talking. And the other thing is that its predefined object cant be deleted and the memory is low.

  • mat

sorry, correction, Any body know how to send e-mail from/to this phone