Sony Ericsson J300

Sony Ericsson J300

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  • Snowli

If I copy a text file or a htm file into the phone, will I be able to read it on the phone's screen? Any help is appreciated.

  • emad

hi can i use k700 cable or t68
can you tell me what kind of software i use for download ringtone and mp3

  • BIS

To emad: if you want to connect it to the computer use the usb cable that SE sold: DCU-11(Johny 1964 was wrong) and I recommend USE ONLY THE ORIGINAL CABLE it worth about $30-$45 but with the real satisfaction don`t ever buy the another cable like: K brand it`s worth only $10 but this cable is a s***t

This phone can play mp3 as well

  • Dames

Its fantastic you can enjoy real sound quality and u can change even bass treble manually if u have knowledge..... overall at this price this mobile is providing more features as compared to other companies in this range.....

  • emad

hi all
what kind of cable works with j300 ?
is there any compatible cable for another models work
plz send to

  • emad

does j300i run mp3 file for ringtone ?

  • Danish

I've got this fone 2days before and i'am FEDup of downloading video from the Data cable coz it takes too long and after that the VIDEO hangs up! I've used nokia multi media player for 3gp converter i don't know how the Videos play correctly! plz and one tell me!


IF U WANT A DATA CABLE, look on ebay!!
i got 1, its fuckin awsome, ive uploaded MP3'S to my phone from my computer. its awsome

  • Sajid Ali

hello friends,
i buy this phone a month ago and found it very interesting and the best part is the sound quality. other good things are builtin hands free and recording. the thing i want is the software to connect it to my p.c, can anyone help me out in this matter, please reply me in the email

  • John 1964

To: nick if you want to connect the phone to the computer use the usb cable that compatible with this phone(SE dcu-10)
this phone doesn`t had infrared or bluetooth for wireless connection so that is the only method.

In my opinion this phone is the good for bussiness and very unique the battery strength is remarkable it can stand by up to a week, the conversation voice is much louder than my older K700i, it could store about 500 names in phonebook, and the speaker had a better sound quality than the other phone.

  • Nick

J300i OK! I've used the phone for a day now and its most annoying that there isnít a method on wireless transfer if u would like to get it done for free and again the memory... other wise decent thoughts about itÖ enjoy guys

  • BIS

i think some people that think thiz j300i phone is only for girl had a pinkish coloured phone in their pocket!!!!!!

  • Dave

WOW!!! Barbie has a mobile phone finally! Purely aimed at young teenage girls! Great, just what we need, more teenagers walking around with mobile phones racking up massive bills that their parents will have to pay!

  • nono


  • Sincerely

Sony Ericsson must have very generous...

  • Shahab

It is a stylish and light phone.
If you are looking for a budget phone J300i is the best choice. 100 bucks can never buy this much technology.

  • BIS

I think this phone had the sound quality as the W800 or K750 (GREAT!!!) but it can only store a little file for mp3 so I only listened MIDI sound (GREAT SOUND TOO!!!)
ALL with HPR-20 headset+radio I`ve compared with the real radio but unfortunately the radio quality in this headset was poor but the sound for phone mp3:rock music is GREAT(again) and better than standart headphone.

The design is good too especialy the midnight grey color is a macho looking with a companion of motorcycle he..he.

  • RocketCat*

How about you used our brain a little?

want MP3?? get a W800 or W600/W550

J300 is a basic phone... nothing fancy... just a nice phone

  • ---m--0--i-0-t--0--c

Crap, who whats a phone with a MP3 player and u can only listen to 3 or less songs. This phone is pitiful Sony Ericsson. Please consider larger memory next time.

  • Rehan

Hello Friends!

I have read the opinions of the users and I am really shocked....Some of the users are annoyed becoz the cell has no infrared and bluetooth...So i would like to tell my friends that in this price range you cannot buy a infrared and bluetooth fones...some people will object me pointing on infrared issue...but i would like to tell you that j200i have the infrared port but it has very less memory....And for using the built in handsfree.its so simple..During a call press the joystick key and enter the the handsfree option by scrolling down the submenus....

Best Regards