Sony Ericsson K300

Sony Ericsson K300

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  • kafeimao

erm..i jus bought tis model..
i wonder where is the usb port?

  • hammad

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  • marke

i'm proud to say that i have finally bought my k300i and it was everything i expected it to be... the sound quality is great, everything else also... the screen isn't as bas as i expected it to be... anyways, colnagoguy or anyone else, can you give me a link to a good and free site to download games and stuff for k300i?

  • Nik1

Jadugar and Colnagoguy both things happen, it is not highlighted there (it exists but not highlighted and says cannot use this sound as a ringtone if u try to choose it to an mp3 file) and mp3s play normally at the media player.......

  • riyan

jadugar ,am buying a new handset this month end and my current budjet is rs 6500 please mention all CAMERA phones that fit into my budjet.any ways siemens mobile that u mentioned looks really great ,but i guess we wont find siemens mobile in india.please lemme knw all mobile phones that fit into my budget!!

  • Michael

It has 4x zoom on picture and video setting.

  • Jadugar

coolanoguy!, i was wondering if it offered 4X VGA zoom like you force your joystick upwards and it offers 2X zoom in the camera function and if you do that again you are able to capture pics in 4X zoom. like in the sets motorola V600,and in moto-E398 as it says on the back of the phone that 4X zoom VGA.. it is what i require.. Can you understand now what i want? plz help me understand if it offers this function in still camera or not.

  • Colnagoguy

Can you play the mp3 file in the media player (under entertainment) ?

  • Colnagoguy

It is not highlighted if you do as following?

main menu > file manager > sounds > *chose file* > more > use > as ringtone

  • Nik1

Plz if anybody can help, my brand new K300 does not have the option for using the mp3 as a call signal , this option is not highlighted for mp3s as it is highlighted for example for .mids

  • Colnagoguy

The amount of memory in the K300 is not primarily targeted for mp3 songs - the k300 is NOT a music machine. The memory is more for photos, videos, mp3 ring signals...

Siemens C75 is a newer phone in a higher price segment from a brand which has stopped existing (siemens has been bought by BenQ). What this means for the future in terms of service and repairability makes me a bit uneasy.

The C75 has a better LCD, but does not offer unlimited video recording as K300 (only up to 30 seconds) and 7 has Mb available for user (k300 has 10-12 Mb depending on operator).

In my humble opinion the K300 has better quality - in cosmetics, picture quality, SW. It's a matter of taste. However, if you want a TFT display you should go for the C75.

  • hammad

Are you sure these themes work for K300. K500i/K508i have a larger screen in pixels as well as having 12 instead of 9 icons in the main menu.
Will these themes really fit in K300?

Email Colnagoguy 2005-11-15 21:58 S3ec

Response to above post on page 2 / 3:

Yes Colnagoguy , i myself it on my phone , its tested, the themes work exactly as in K500i/K508i but the menu of K300i is not changed (eg i have 9 icons in menus).

there are picture caps as well on that very site , one thing some themes designed / edited by users have animation but get disappper after 2 sec while some has continous animation , as in the case of FLOROFLOW theme

  • Marco

Thanks a lot for infos! you think k300i is a better phone than siemens c75 (I really don't mind about mp3 player...with 12 mb you can stock only 2/3 songs!!??)? c75 has a better display but k300i has a better battery...

  • Colnagoguy


there is practically NO cellular on the market that has optical zoom (the one/two who do are very big and very expensive)! All phones with digital zoom have the same limitations!

  • Bukek

dis cell is good for someone who jst gettin into d camera mobile age.its features r gr8 n d camera clarity is good to,it has a 4X zoom n plus 15mins video recordin isnt dat i say ne one who is intrstd in gettin a new cell phone dis wud b d one.the only bad thing is that it doesnt have bluetooth but it does hav infrared.

  • Jadugar

OHHH.... DAMN.... i was planning to buy it only beause it offers 4X zoom.. but now i come to know that it doesnot....its ridculous... i was wondering if it has the zoom function as in samsung X600,and in motorola sets as V600 and similar.. but it doesnot hav... well.. i'm just doubtful AGAIN now tht shud i buy it or not...

  • Bertus

i've had this phone for 1 week now, it's eveyrhting i expected it to be, video can be unlimited if u set it that way, the camera is ok but a little fuzzy but i dont care about that, its picture messaging and email is working and it plays mp3's and videos!, its excellent, but it has one fault and thats the 12mb memory, if it had a card slot it would be the best, along with bluetooth but it atleast has infrared port, well dats all, BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!

  • Colnagoguy

You can add further stuff to your sms after pressing continue, by pressing the "backward button" under the left softkey under the display. Just make sure that you save it in you drafts if you don't do the change directly.

  • Colnagoguy

The 4x zoom is digital... it means that you are using the same resolution all the time.
Therefore you cannot use the highest resolution AND zoom at the same time.

If you want to have the possibility to have 2x zoom you can have max picture size 320x240.

For 4x zoom possibility you can have max picture size 160x120.

Also you cannot zoom while video-recording. This is the same on most digital cameras with digital zoom and video recording possibilities. You decide zoom alternative beforehand before you start recording.

  • Will

Please can you tell me how to dismantle the K300i. I need to salvage some parts after i dropped it into a bucket i need to see wot parts i need off my mate!