Sony Ericsson K330

Sony Ericsson K330

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  • phillips

good basic brand phone.

  • AnonD-34308

how can login facebook

  • Anonymous

It has a good soung quality but lacks memory slot and typing messages is a bit too

  • Lux

its keypad is bit tough to type i felt ,now its long time am using it may be that reason ib between gets off in auto .but sturdy one i felt .

  • nicky

The worst mobile as the audio qwality is very low.
You can hardly hear any sound

  • Ajith

renda, 14 May 2011how much it costs ?? I am a user
I am not satisfied with this model
if there is the usb port and the memory card is permitted it will be the most among the best

  • renda

how much it costs ??

  • robo

i have this mobile. less receive signalling. look nice.

  • jacks

have owned it for about 1 year. simple but functional.the bad thing is you can not assign ringtone to contacts.but overall it is very good

  • christian

A very good battery life. Very clear sound both on the speaker and headphones (shame it doesn't have more memory or a card slot for music storage). good radio reception also (better than nokia i think). The only thing that i don't like about it is the keyboard, which if very fragile, and it's medium signal reception

  • sam

im also hv used tis phone 1 years. tis phone is simple, easy and really cool..

  • Yanto

Completly phone...

  • NIYU

i ve used this handset since 1yr.The only problm wid it is dat,it is too slow n camera is ok coz it gives a good pic only in a sufficient light.still i luv it coz its good n easy to carry for girls specially!

  • Prince akyei abffour

you should have added usb connection to the spaeccifications

  • kecik_mayuro

huuuuuuffttttt... i can't used. for modem internet...

  • kristine

it soo sad because didnt have a usb!!and also memory card!!but i have no choice!!but honestly is nice posture!!

  • pevinraj

good but y u add to memorycard on this phone

  • jeeva

not a ver good mobile because di not have memory stics and also usb cable sooooo booooring....

  • TipiTuner

Very2 slow process.. take minutes for open operamini.. difficult menu on browsing.. but, stylish enough for me..


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