Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • waidi

i just want to know when this great phone will be out. it has everything i want in a phone. i also want to know if it has video call like Z1010

  • DMX

For all of you who wants to see how fantastic the screen is!

  • DMX

Figure varies at the moment.. so can't really confirm a figure for you.. sorry

  • Lylu

i like this phone alot! i want to know where i can get this phone and how much and also what carrier has this phone...thank u---Lylu

  • vixen

to dmx, tnx for all the useful info. but how much will it really cost? can you give me a figure? i'm from asia.

  • DMX

I'm not sure about it being in June, but that's when it'll be released. I'll try to keep you updated on it. I'm all the way in Australia by the way.. LoL... Will be back end of June

  • Sky

I choose K700, I need bluetooth that suit my IPAQ2210. K700 has zoom & blitz camera. I don't need MP3 song as my ringtone. How abuot your need?

  • kelvin

a very obvious different is the "screen" size, while every one is competing with bigger & bigger screen, NOKIA is still giving such a small screen on a powerful phone like 6230. that is y i wudnt recomment nokia. they r the market leader, they hav nothing to lose by just giving u smaller screen, cos they know for sure there will be supporter for them. but, im not... :P

to DMX
im fr M'sia too. so, K700 will be launching in June?

  • Klaas

To fsstwy

If you need a MP3 player,than buy i a real MP3 player or P800\P900 with a MP3 player support.

  • Devil

You are in a SE forum asking for advice on a Nokia-SE comparaison. What do you expect to get?
Anyway, if you want an MP3 player on your phone, get the 6230, else get the K700 cuz it's so much better except for the memory. If u dont need mp3, K700 of course.

  • fsstwy

hello, i'm just wondering is it better to buy N6230 or SE K700? Their functions are almost the same... Anyone done a detailed comparision? Which one do u all recommend?

  • Anonymous

DMX : that 4 color phones would be siemens S4 if i'm not wrong..

  • Anonymous

Unlocked EUR 499.

  • Adzman

In KL-Sungai Wang Plaza is the first place toget K700/also Ampang Point.Ericserve will followup consequently.(In June as I was told)

  • Adzman

The only complete-featured camera/video phone ever created by man!

  • rosie_uk

i really want this fone big time,but not sure if 2 gt the n6230! plse help!

  • DMX

I'm from Malaysia too and will keep you in touch on the phone. Will try to get my hands on one. I'll be flying back to Malaysia on the 27th o June.

  • Foue

I love it, I want it NOW. Where can i find it ???

  • kelvin

im currently using T610, the only thing tat im not satisfied is tat it is abit slow sometimes, but overall, it is the very best tat i have ever seen. & K700 is the other that makes me really feel like owning, very good design, very nice feeling, nice color combination, nice outlook, is a mobile tat i think everyone guy would like to own. hope to see it soon in the market... good job SONYERICSSON, hope to work with u guys one day. im a industrial designer. :)

  • DMX

K700 is to be released end of June 2004