Sony Ericsson K700

Sony Ericsson K700

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  • j

insider info, not fm radio, but RDS fm radio. will be launched mid june

  • Anonymous

the k700 will cost around £300

  • DMX

1st released should be about 400-500 USD, and will drop to abotu USD 350

  • A

how about Price $$
any body know that isue?

  • DMX

Yes, K700 and S700 has handsfree speaker...

And No nono.. first colour is not the T68i...

T68i is first proper colour phone =)..

I remember seeing some 4 colour phones around.. LoL...

  • cyclops

this is the best mobile u can get am waiting it

  • VFone

I love this phone but i have to wonder why SE would "with-hold technology" (as i like to call it as i am sure they could have done it but they decided not to). Firstly the screen isn't up to the standard as i would expect it to be i.e.still 65k colours, and no memory card?!? What's the go with that!!!

  • Anonymous

video recording + mp3 player +digital camera +..... all these features without a memory card. where to save all these data. sucks

  • Jz

to eric

btw..i said that first poly is samsung..not SE..
..anyway..thanx for the correction.. :)

  • taco

Do the k700 and s700 phones have handsfree speaker

  • Anonymous

its somekind a battle of nokia vs sonyericsson?

  • stelian

is the best!!

  • eric

to Jz,

the first color screen and polyponic ringtones is not SE but a local japanese phone company, i forgot the name, that's all. btw i think the first grid menu navigation goes to panasonic gd 75

  • jj

i missed out the nokia's 9500. it should be nokia's flagship. user friendliness still no match for P900's touchscreen

  • jj

i'm tired of sending nokia's phone into the service center, mine's and realative's. nokia lack the build quality compared to others company. SE have the P900 as their flagship phone, wat do nokia have?? 6600?? far from P900

  • jason

i was wondering is this phone out in the usa?

  • Jz

btw..first camera phone : t68..first bluetooth:SE...first colour screen: SE...first poly ringtone: samsung...first TFT :samsung... :)
..but hey..where's nokia??..oops..they only good at "Xpress-On" cover..and it was so long long ago..remember 5110? hehehe.....3650 design&materail : plastic!!..7210 & 7250 & 7bla bla bla..and all other nokias small screen are really bad...I only like 7650 & 5110..(it shows that I'm not totally a nokia hater..hehehe)

  • pingpong

i think the k700 is a good phone. BUT it does not have the MMC which makes it kinda useless... u cant store many mp3s or videos. its not worth the price. hope for an upgraded version of the k700 with MMC. oh well at least the screen's bigger than that of n6230.

  • skyline

nokia do hav some really gd phone though..6600 and 6230 are really gd phones..but their sucky phones [which are the majority] overshadow thier gd phones..

  • k700

see devil, not many stick up for nokia anymore