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Sony Ericsson K750

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  • MOB_Gamer

HI GUYS, just wanted to clarify.. you can download files with the operamini browser, only u need to ensure it is midp version 2.0(latest) which is compatible to k750i and all other se phones after it. available at its the coolest browser available for a mobile phone- even better than the symbian version even if u compare it on
a symbian handset u will notice the performance (cont.)

  • king

does this phone have any operating system like 'symbian' used in nokia phones?
i want to install some softwares supporting symbian operating system.

  • SeF


If you consider speed, then use opera mini,.. it's fast though you can't download with that browser.. then you can try and look for any HTML browser.. i have already tried pocketweb browser before though it's only trial version..


speaker factor we already know that w550 is stereo with two speakers, of course w550 is louder and better, though using same earphones(HPM-70 or the walkman earphones) in both phones(equalizer is natural,megabass on)... you can hardly notice that difference, even in loudness, only W550 is better due to the stereo speakers..

some sites for downloads: applications,gsmes) registration, just be sure the file is .jar and not.sis/.sisx) games) themes) themes)

if you know what title was the game you want to download, use and type the name of the file together with the .jar extension (ex. battleships.jar)

  • BMP

Query ,
Somebody please suggest me the best HTML broser suited for K750?
For some reaswon I couldn't make FMA working on Bluetooh and serial (IRDA working)
Any suggestions for serial setting?
but "myphoneexplorer" works on serial.

Thankx for your suggestions.Mine was defective piece and got a replacement also.

  • Anonymous

paolo, whilst looking for a new set of earphones for my k750 i was offered the walkman headphones that are supplied with the w800 as an alternative to the current ones via the sony ericsson accessory website, so i assume they do fit.

  • sheeko

pls.i want to know if the sound quality and volume in SE k750i is better than SE w550i or what . pls answer me.thanks

  • Rupok

I am using “mpegable X4 live Version 2.2” to convert “mpg” file to “mp4” file. It is very easy to use. mpegable X4 live Settings, under the Basic I/O option you will find, Encoding Profile option. Under Encoding Profile option, Sony Ericssion P800/P900 is the best for Sony Ericssion mobile phones. A 34 MB mpeg file becomes 2.40 MB file when it is converted in to “mp4” file. I am using this option to convert video files and to play it in my Sony Ericssion K750i. Download the software from the following link:­multimedia/video/video_tools/mpegableX4Setup.exe­­

  • paolo

thnx for your answer...

just wanna ask if you have any site for free SE application.

thnx in advance...

  • SeF


I'm using nokia multimedia player to convert .MPEG files to .3GP,.. though to convert .AVI to .MPEG, i'm using the "smart video converter" though it seems like this conversion takes some processes and patience, if you lik it, then download it in this site:

all SE handsets starting from k700 have their own site in mostly i have already visited K750,w800,k300,k700 to search for some stuffs:

For BMP:

download the "myphone explorer" from,... that's a file manager software with lots of features such as sending SMS via bluetooth,IR or USB, checking the battery status and temperature, checking firmware version and uploading and downloading java applications via phone to PC and vice versa,..

another is that if you are a former nokia smartphone user maybe 6630/80 or 7610(except 3230) or P900/910 user you'll find out that the speaker is actually lower than any of those smartphones,.. but if you are already using SE phones before maybe K700,K500,K300, and the volume isn't as loud as those given, probably you got a K750 with defect. it can be firmware problem or speaker failure only which requires change of a new speaker...


of course HPM 70 or any headphones are supported in k750 at least they have FAST PORT interface: i think this was already answered by @Doul before,..

i have heard about the HPM 85 headset, which has more sound power than HPM 70,.. better try that one, it looks like a sennheiser px100 headphone but sounds better than HPM 70...

  • Leigh_09

to: SeF

hey man... the 3gp converter on the site you gave was only to convert 3gp to avi... but, im looking for any video files or at least avi to convert into 3gp files... can you give me some?thanx for you support anyways...=)

  • Leigh_09

For SeF:

I jaz wanna thank you for you kind support... now, i can convert any video files into .3gp files... thanx again!=)
by the way, how did you find that site? does other units of sony ericsson have that kind of site??? Like that, it's only exclusive for K750i... anyways... thanx again!=)

  • user

yup, im currently using SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo works hassle so far....

  • Adrian

I am inlove with my k750i,all my friends envy me.Superb picture quality,crystal clear sounds.Not to mention the video dj function and much much more...Thank you sony ericsson!

  • Anonymous

everything u need in a phone... i have the p910 and i still use this one more

  • Xst

At last i bought this .......... It s rockin
Can someone tell me whether it ll support 1gb card...

Rite now i m using 256mb

  • BMP

Help Required .

Anybody can suggest any PC based application which can be used for sending TEXT SMS through my K750(Connecting with K750 with Bluetooth/Cable).
Thankx in advance

  • paolo

can i use w800 and w810 earphones with SE k750?

i do hope someone will answer my query....

thanks in advance...

  • BMP


I bought a K750 yesterday and finds the ear piece volume to be a very low.Bt not much issues with speaker aor handfree.
Anybody else find the same issue?

  • SeF

For those shy peoples which didn't put their names:


specify the video you wanted to put,.. this phone supports .3gp files... maybe you are putting other format in that phone so it won't work...


W810i is an upgrade of w800i,.. the phone has better music quality than k750 not because it's a walkman, but based on my own audio test, camera is same with all the three 2mp autofocus,macro video and dual LED flash... if you are doubting about the quality, better visit and look for the phone camera photos there, and look for all images taken by all of the three(maybe it will be better if you include all SE 2mp autofocus phones P990,W900,W800,w810,k750,k\d750) all i can say is that, all of hose are excellent...

For those with names:


better download the 3gp converter to these following sites: it's free of license and no more registration needed: any mobile phone link...


the silver one looks more classy, the black looks more professional... it depends on your lifestyle whether you feel the silver more better or vice versa...

  • andrew_b_06

my friend found one of these and it belongd to his neighbour......and he smashed it off a wall. and it is worth 199. i tink he was stupid.