Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • SeF


6630 is a 3G phone and a smartphone, this one is an multimedia non-os phone,.. if you are one of the camera and music freaks, you won't be disappointed to this one, it's got everything except 3G only.. camera is simply awesome compared to 6630(maybe you've red the K750 review against S700 and 6630)...

  • SeF

For those who wants a this phone to be symbian:

please, Symbian is only good because of applications, but putting it in this phone wont make this one a top seller(just what is happening now), admit it or not, symbian is not very reliable, nor very stable... it always brings problems whenever you put applications(i dont think no one of the symbian phone users have experienced system errors or whatever ou call that in using third party applications, frequent crashes or anything).. startup laggs or frequent slow down experiences..

The platform used in this k750 is already good, and it's problem free. imagine how will it be mess if they put Symbian in it,.. bugs and system errors will occur..

  • Mohamad hashemi

this phone is awesome and i suggest averyone to buy it the only problem of it is:
you cant choose a ringtone for each profile even in sms or ring tone.
and the other is the resulation of video camera.

totally is nice

  • izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

this phone iz great quick with bluetooth mp3 people get da phone

  • nishi

hello guys..this phone is koolll one...but can anyone tell me how to lock the personal or messeages??

  • John

The day i brought Sony Ericsson k750, i thought that it was just an ordniary phone. But after using it for just 1 week, i thought it was world's best phone witin cheap range. It had every thing that i just needed. 2.0 MP camera, Bluetooth< Infrared and etc. So i would even advice my enemy to buy this phone.

  • mark

i bought this this fone today and it amazing every1 should buy it

  • pipino_femi

dis fone is grv ilv it browsing wit opramini but dificut dowload in opramini why not symbia sptd plz man ncld dis on k810i i wanna buy it to enable me download symbia stof eg antivairus antitheft etc anybody wit help contact 23417632424 or

  • Anonymous

this is the best fone and ive had about 5 all sony ericsson phones are good but this is the best and very cheap u should buy it i would noe i have it

  • Anonymous

Hi I have a problem. Whenever my k750i is connected to my computer using a usb cable, the phone cannot recognize the memory card inside as if there was no memory card inserted. Anyone can help me? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

plz help me with it i m siemens user now i m willing 2 buy k 750i wiillll it b good ???????????????????????????? plzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy­yyyyy plzzzzzzzzzz i need 2 buy it now !

  • Arsalan

hi guys,i m using this set til last year,its main prob is that it halts,its droper is very sensitive.So its depend upon u how u use it.In other way that set has very good performance.Thankx

  • BMP

Pl help me by answering following queries
1.Is it possible to have some sort of times key pad lock?
2.Is it possible to have the option enabled like Nokia phone"Allow SIM card to send Message"

  • ankush sharma

Guyz i am thinkin of buying this sony ericsson k 750 i fone but i am apprehensive about one thing....what is its message memory space....please if anyone has used or is using this fone, guise me..thanks!!

  • peter

this phone can play m4a not aac format
anyone thinks diffrent?

  • Leigh_09

what kind of audio files and video files supported by k750i? im a new user of this fone.. plz help me...=) thanx...

  • Leigh_09

guys, do you know how to convert any video files into 3gp files?or does anybody knows where to get free "registration code" for xilisoft 3gp video converter? i wanna put some movies in my k750i... thanx for your advices..

  • kg

i jus got this phone today and so far its really good :D but.. can someone please tell me how i can change the video to record to its maximine ???? thanks

  • Anonymous

gr8 fone amasing cam cool feachtures it is just b.e.a.uttttiiiiiful

  • paolo

hey guyz can i use w800 and w810 headset to this phone?