Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • BMP

Pl help me by answering following queries
1.Is it possible to have some sort of times key pad lock?
2.Is it possible to have the option enabled like Nokia phone"Allow SIM card to send Message"

  • ankush sharma

Guyz i am thinkin of buying this sony ericsson k 750 i fone but i am apprehensive about one thing....what is its message memory space....please if anyone has used or is using this fone, guise me..thanks!!

  • peter

this phone can play m4a not aac format
anyone thinks diffrent?

  • Leigh_09

what kind of audio files and video files supported by k750i? im a new user of this fone.. plz help me...=) thanx...

  • Leigh_09

guys, do you know how to convert any video files into 3gp files?or does anybody knows where to get free "registration code" for xilisoft 3gp video converter? i wanna put some movies in my k750i... thanx for your advices..

  • kg

i jus got this phone today and so far its really good :D but.. can someone please tell me how i can change the video to record to its maximine ???? thanks

  • Anonymous

gr8 fone amasing cam cool feachtures it is just b.e.a.uttttiiiiiful

  • paolo

hey guyz can i use w800 and w810 headset to this phone?

  • SeF


this is what OperaMini is designed to address this issue... but neway, i dont experience hangups while browsing in all SE phones that i tried: even using netfront in all new SE's is not a problem, only slow down and as we all know,.. this does not have edge or 3G, and it's understandable...

  • Sehrish

Someone said using internet on this phone brings hang ups, in other words its softwares r too vulnerable to viruses nd get easily seeing this shud I assume dat using internet on this cell is almost useless? (We cant put any antivirus in this phone ofcourse since its non-symbian but the gap left by not being 'Symbian' shud be replaced by good softwares)
In nokia nd samsung cells u dont come across such viruses even after surfing internet for hefty amount of time..(talking about non-symbian phones)

  • Anonymous

Dude, It seems like u haven't read the specification yet. This phone is not a 3G phone.

  • Anonymous

you can connect this phone via usb with the INCLUDED usb cable. As for the camera slide, it seems pretty sturdy and i dont find it opens when i have it in my pocket. It also comes with headphones.

  • seb

does this phone cum wiv a conectian to a pc via usb and does it cum wiv head phones also does the camera slide cum off wen in a bag like on the k800i thx???

  • bullcrap

stupid questions need not be answered. people! read the specification before you ask your questions. Like the one who asked about video calling! hello!!! its a tri-band phone not a UMTS phone.... duh!

  • mark

this fone doesnt have video call sorry

  • Anonymous

does this mobile have video calling please reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

does this mobile have video calling please replyy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz­zz

  • Xst

Hey i mbuying this fone in two days.........
I heard tat we can flash this with the w800.
How do u do tat..... Is it safe...
Wat abt the bugs in w800.....wont tat affect

  • Anonymous

To activiate operator logo in K750i. goto messaging and then select settings. then Aera Info, select cell information and ckeck it.

  • coolprags

I have recently chnged my phone from Nokia to Sony 750i. In Nokia there is a facility for cell info display. It displays the nearest area on the screen below the operator logo. How Can I activate the same in 750i