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Sony Ericsson K750

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  • its me

there is no difference between the k750 and k750i :)

  • jack

hey djblakel

wot movies have u converted so far and wot memory card do u have?

i have 256mb so could i fit on 120 min dvd?

  • jack

thanks dj blakel do u know these aswell cos im using imtoo 3gp.


bit rate?
bit rate tolerence?
video size?


audio codec?
bit rate?
sample rate?

or should i just leave the settings u get with the imtoo dvd to 3gp converter?

  • DJblakel

i recomend u save these somewhere.. like on notepad or somthing

dimensions 176x144

bitrate 216

framerate 14.985

audio channels 1

  • KikiGSM

Is a verry god phone but with some software who don't matter.

  • jack

thanks djblakel

i have ordered imtoo dvd to 3gp!!!

could you post the k750i settings for mp4 and 3gp the bitrate and screen size etc.

cos im gonna get mpegable x4 tonight !!!!

i tried ebay for 2gb and it started off at 1 then at end it was 51!!!!!!!!

  • DJblakel

you will loose your "my shortcuts" button inbetween the two main buttons on the top above the joystick. that is all that i have seen.

not sure about the error. i have not done this flash myself. as said. only seen it. i would not do this to my K750

  • eka

Is there any firmware for K750 out there that enables it to

1.insert phone number from contact list to our SMS?

2. Allow us to create recurring appointment (by weekly, monthly, or yearly).


  • emac4lyf

This is for DJblakel

Whoa! wait a minute.. Nobody told me that Im goin to loose some function on my K750, as a matter of fact, they even told me that I am goin to gain so more function. Due to that W800 has more function then the K750..

So can you explain me this.. PLS?

And yeah I downloaded Davinci Client.. I just got stuck for a while.. I am doing that CID/test cable thingy, I get a error msg.. So Im stuck.. I emailed davinci team already, Im waiting for their response.

Anyhow If you can help me.. Pls do so.

Thanks in advance!

  • DJblakel

yes you can. in the media player. you hold down the left or tight button on the joystick. to stop, just let it go.

to get one cheap? Ebay.

yes. i ahve heard of that pogram but have not used it. i use Xilisoft 3GP converter.
on that i can convert all movies including DVD to the phone and have so in the past. all you need to do is rip a DVD (not a copyrighted one) and save it to the HD. then drag the files into the program and convert it to MP4. using all the settings for the k750

also. MP3 is smaller than MP4.

about @Doul? not too sure! hope we see him soon as he was full of good (better than mine :P) info.

it will not play AVI or MPG files. it needs to be either MP3 MP4 or 3GP.
(is there more i forgot? please let us know if there is)

ok. this is not recomended as you loose some functions on the k750i also it voids waranty if you are still under a 12month contract. but yeah.

i know one way that i trust and seen it done befor.
just download the programs and follow the steps.
if somthing happens and dose not work this is nor my fault or DaVinci Teams fault. you do the flash at own risk ok dude? if you have any problems hit up DaVinci teams admins and they can help ya out ;)

glad you got it sorted. after you didnt email me for a while i figured you got it and went to bed.. :P

  • Val

Can you Fast Forward or Rewind a video on this phone???

  • jack

does anyone know were to get a 1gb or 2gb memory card for this phone for really cheap cos i need one?

  • jack

hey djblakel

im not sure if you have heard of mpegable x4 v2.2 but if u have can u convert dvd to mp4 ?

or can u copy the content from a dvd to computer as a file then convert it ?

which are smaller in audio mp3 or mp4 ?

also i havent seen @doul for a while wonder if hell ever come back on here.

  • jack


both the k750i and w800i joystics are the same but my k750i joystick is fine my advice to u is to use the side buttons instead of the joystick ......

if the problem continues try w900i or w810i as they have different joysticks.

  • wil

how to make k750i play avi or mpg files??

  • Nicole

I too am on my 3rd phone because of problems with the software and the joystick. Is the w800i joystick better than the k750i joystick?

  • emac4lyf

This is for DJblakel

Can you PLS help me with my question..

K750 to W800 F/W conversion..

  • Nicole

HURRAH!!!! I've done it. I used real player instead of windows media and it has worked. Thank you so much for your help:0))))))

  • Nicole

Hi i'm sorry but i'm still having difficulty setting this up. I don't know how to change the settings to convert to MP3 in windows media player - I can't see this option in the options setting. Also the program you gave me won't convert the songs - it keeps telling me that the conversion has failed. What am I doing wrong?

  • Phill

Was very happy with this handset however I am now on my 3rd as is my partner and still they keep failing. Bad Signal problems and the flipping joystick.
Come on who else has got the same problems?????