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  • jammin

hey @doul can u pleez tell me all the good and bad features of this fone cause im planning on buying it and u look like the guy who knows about so let me know all the info on it k jammin

  • Sourav

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the pc-suit software. I installed the software from CD and then I have downloaded pc-suit from SE website and installed it but not working. Even Itried FMA software if it works but it is also not working. Only remoavle drive comes but pc-suit not working and firmware update software is also not detecting my phone.
Is there any other way to access my phone folders and update firmwares?

  • ash

how do u download songs from my computer onto the phone to store as ringtones???

  • jack

to @doul i have thought about it and have decided not to flash it with w800i firmware as it is just not the same phone it would be like a sheep in wolfs clothing------> w800i inside k750i case.

if i did flash it i would only want the walkman feature which to be honest is not that good.

anyway se might release a firmware with walkman mode for k750i(joking).

thanks @doul.

  • alan

Cheers, Phone does save the photo which you can view as normal but the thumbnail is just blacked out. Even on pc there is no thumbnail for these files. Have tried saving to phone, different cards etc, changed the thumbnail view, but get nowhere!

One day maybe I'll find a mobile with no annoying little faults, can't remember how long it's been since I had a fully faultless handset.

  • @DoUL

I'll give you to no's.
No, I don't know a place from which you can get W800i firmware into your K750i device.
And no, I don't think that you're doing the right thing, quite the opposite !.

HaSeeb Naseer
Well, back to ...... questions again, check your manual in page 46 !.

  • @DoUL

Regarding your first question, if you wanted to send a pic. before saving it, the phone actual QuakeShare feature will send it as a MMS via GPRS, you need to save the pictures first on the mobile internal memory/MS in order to be able to send them via Bluetooth or IrDA.
Regarding your second question, I think you need to uninstall & reinstall the PC Suite.

I've just answered your question in my previous post, addressed to Nour.

Thanks for your help, yaa, we can still hope they do so, along with full WAV support.

Tell me of a major manufacturer that doesn't have almost identical models in its production line !.

I don't have that bug, doesn't it save the pic. as well, something like acting as if it didn't capture that picture all together ?? For firmware updating fear, I had that fear too but now I believe that once the place in which you live -and have your phone running with its own/special firmware- can mute the camera sound in, they will continue to provide the same setting in future updates as well.

  • HaSeeb Naseer

HeY GuYz !!! this is my first post on this site .,.,., I hop i will get sum quick replies .,.,., I hav jus bought K750i .,.,., it 1 of finest mobile sony ericsson hav developed .,., 2 Mega Pixel camera, mind blowing .,.,. i jus wanted to knw which kind of movie formats r playable in it n Audio too .,.,., thnx if sum1 tells me .,.,.,., bye .,.,.,., Chao Chao !!!

  • jack

@doul do u know were i can get w800i firmware from?

i plan to flash myn with w800i firmware do u think im doing the right thing?

  • alan

Hi, Does anybody have trouble with thumbnails not displaying? I'd say about every 4th shot taken with the camera has it's thumbnail missing!? Any ideas? Thought about upgrading firmware via SE site but reluctant in case I gain the permanent camera sound (even when in silent profile).

  • jack

hey @doul i did some searching on google and the k750i dont play wma but there is still a possibility in a future firmware.

  • Anonymous

i love k750i but i want o know if it is a good idea to upgrade to w800i firmware?

plz answer

thanks @doul for your answers and help.

  • Sourav

Hi, I bought K750i. I am really excited. Camera is excellent and music is also excellent. But I have problem with QuickShare and with pc-suit software.
When I shoot a picture a send option is comming at bottom but when I select the option it shows "setup required for info, contact your operator or visit" but as I know There should be options like Bluetooth, IrDA and MMS.
Second problem is I am unable to access phone folders. When I connect the phone to my pc a removale drive is comming and I can acces folders but pc-suit does not dectecting the phone, even firmware update software is not also detecting the phone but the data in MMC folder is accable through removable drive. I am using WinXP

  • @DoUL

I forgot to mention one thing, you don't need to manually insert birthdays, simply insert the contact birthday in its card -select the contact, click More, click Edit contact, go to last tab and you'll find a place for that contact birthday, insert it there- and the phone will add it automatically to your calendar and alarm you for that birthday every year.

  • @DoUL

When your phone starts to update its firmware it downloads the new firmware first into your pc, if any crash happened during that step nothing happenes to your phone, once downloading is complete the phone starts to replace the old firmware with the new one, if any crash happened during that step then you MAY still be able to switch on your device or MAY NOT be able to do so, it's a matter of how much of the firmware has been replaced -especially its booting codes-, either cases you'll still be able to rerun the updating process -starting from step two directly-. The only bad thing which -if happened- will require you to visit SE customer care center is to have most of the firmware replaced but its booting codes, hence you won't be able to boot your phone nor be able to rerun the updating process for SEUS will identify that your phone is already up to date and has the latest firmware. In old SEUS even if running with the latest firmware you can still repeat the process again and again, but I'm not sure if that feature still present in SEUS II, I didn't have problems in updating so I didn't need to search for that feature.
With SEUS II you can't update into W800i firmware, It will identify your phone as K750i and will call for latest K750i firmware only, no more cheating.

Go to any SE customer care center and have them replace it for you.

To convert WAV into MP3, go to, download & install iTunes for free, use it for conversion. When you install it insert your WAV's into it, go to Edit then select Preferneces, go to Importing tab, select MP3 Encoder, set Settings to Custom, choose your preferred bit rate, quality and sample rate -higher values will produce better sound quality but at bigger sizes-, when done selecting values click Ok, select all your WAV's and right click and choose Convert selection to MP3 -or select & convert them one by one-.
A small note, K750i records in AMR format not WAV format. iTunes don't support that format, so you'll still need to search for AMR to MP3 converter, not WAV to MP3.

I didn't use any SE before K750 but K700, and I didn't do much with its calender so I can't tell if it was better than K750 one or not -same with T600 & T610 for I didn't use them ever-. However all your requested needs can be still be done in K750i -less or more practical steps but still you can get what you want-.
For recurrent alarms you can go to Organizer then Alarms and select the time and select the days which you want your phone to alarm you at/in. For recurrent appointments/tasks notification alarm, go to Calendar, select the day in which you want to add the appointment(s) click more then click New appointment, choose the date and time in which you want to be alarmed for that appointment(s), select the alarming time duration, name that appointment(s), write down the location of that appointment(s), see if you want to link that appointment(s) alarm with other appointment(s) alarms as well, now you've created an appointment(s), for making it recurrented dialy, weekly, monthly or yearly, simply choose that appointment(s), click More, click Copy then change the date or the time of the appointment(s), just add 1, 7 or 30 days to have it recurrented after a day, a week or a month, only change the last number in 2006 and replace the 6 with 7 and the phone will remind you for the same appointment(s) the next year -the original appointment won't be deleted-, just keep copying that appointment(s) to fill all your dialy, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule. Same applies if you needed to recurrent a task alarming. When you add an appointment in a certain day, you'll see that day in bolder black, just select that day and a list of the special things that will happen in that day -other than tasks and calls to be made- will be listed on the screen. Tasks are in a separate menu for to-do list of some people contains "be able to work harder by spending more time relaxing" other than "call my mom next monday", however you're still able to assign certain days to your tasks to be reminded at these days -recurrentable-.
I've assigned up to 52 tasks, I don't think that you'll need more unless you're adding "have my lauch" as a to-do task !!, keep deleting the done marked tasks.

It's up to you, I used to charge it once it starts to alarm for low battery while leaving it switched on, since I got my old K700 and I started to wait till it switch itself off due to no battery left and charge it while it's still switched off. I don't know but I believe that it has to be fully drained till it switch off then fully charged before I switch it back on again.
It won't harm your battery nor your phone if you charged it while it's on, just don't put it in the charger before it alarms for low battery.

  • Nour

hey guys, when i am charging my phone does it have to stay off while charging or is it ok to turn it on?


  • Clemo

A very good phone. But upgrading from a T600, then T610,K700, then now to the K750, i must admit that i am very disappointed by Sony Ericsson's apparent deliberate effort to downgrade some small but very crucial features,specifically the organiser/calender. Though the more recent phones have attractive calender design, the T600/T200/T100 had a more practical and useful organiser. One could set recurrent reminders to prompt one on either daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly appointments,tasks, etc. This is now not possible. Recurrency is no longer supported. I wonder whether S.E saw this as unneccessary. It was also possible to view the days programme, by selecting a calender day view. Thus, i could view the days meetings,calls(to be made)appointments,tasks,birthday etc. In the current models you can only view the days appointments only. Then appointments is given so much memory entries in the current models that makes me wonder how a student, shopkeeper etc will ever utilise it. Its as if S.E manufacture phones for only very busy executive in mind.To me it would make sense if they also increased more memory entries for notes and tasks. Some of us have no meetings to attend to but have tons of tasks to perform. Nokia always retain useful features and one would trust them to retain them when upgrading a phone model. They cleverly upgrade rather than downgrade some of the useful features. Before it died, my T600 was my life's organiser and i had thot i would get a better deal with the newer phones. i used to set recurrent monthly meetings, weekly classes, and even daily affirmations ! On T200/T100 the recurrency rule was even more intelligent. If for instance it was a daily reminder, you could even specify the time for weekends. Im getting more frustrated that S.E doesnt seem to be doing anything to return this once useful organiser or even better it !

  • Beelzebub_NOR

HEY! How can i convert the WAV files into Mp3 files?
Cause i'v recoded with the phone, and it recod the files to Wav, small Wav files.

And i'v tryed some convert tools, but with no luck. Please help me!

  • kijoo

to dark_slayer

it appears on the next page...

from @doul:

Get out of clock/screen saver mode by pressing Back key, move the joystick to right -ignore the opened application and continue the combination-, press *, move the joystick to left twice, press *, move the joystick to left again, finally press *. Click Service info, then click Software info, the 1st line is your current firmware.

  • dark_slayer

i have a loose button on my phone. it is the left selection key. i find it annoying. does anyone know how to fix it. i find it quite difficult to press the button.