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  • Abbas

I have a problems with my bluetooth and Infrared. I can send to other people but when other people send me, it says your memory is full. But on my memory status it says I have 40 MB free on Memory stick and 20 MB on phone memory. Does any body know how can I solve the problem.

  • Gokhan Yazici

I bought it yesterday. I figured I would load some avi files on the memory stick and watch it on the road to my friends house. No luck. I guess the built in software is really poor and only plays mp4 format. Is there an alternative media player I can buy for my k750? It is really disappointing to find your 500+ dollar media player can only play mp4s. I really hate all of the handheld video formats and hope they will be discontinued in the future. If I cant find a way to play my media on this machine I will sell it for a pda. Even 200 dollar pdas can play normal video files. Sorry if I am too harsh on Sony but I am really disappointed with this machine.

  • Anonymous

ennggg... just to rectify... ^_^ its warranty not guarantee ^_^.... sumimasen..
oh btw.. if i am about to buy a new things that i know that i will got problems with it what i do is:
1. buy it with understanding what problems that i will encounter and i will accept it and i will endure it as i will commit myself to get used to it.


2. go and find another things.. see if there is a better one poping up.

Its either one of them... if you know that the joystick will play up sometimes, then why you complain? no point... no one will come to you and fix it for you.. wake up buddy ^_^.

one more things.. i buy because i like.. if i hate.. never expect me to buy the device ^_^.. if you hate this phone in the first place and yet you still buy it, then you are "bakamono" ^_^

  • Anonymous

lolx... you make it sound like you are the one who hate the phone. Look.. have you make any attempt to fix the phone? why you don't bring it to the sony ericsson's centre? you still in guarantee.. go and claim before you change the phone!! just to let you know, if you change to D500.. you will know that you just done the worst mistake you have ever done in your whole life (whooppsss.. "zannen desu ne" japanese said---> the polite one, or "bakamono!!!"---> the rude one) translation: "what a pity" and "stupid!!".
At the very least, you should go to optus and ask them what to do or how to claim it to sony ericsson.. bla bla bla.. all of these things i need to teach to you? how old are you? if you got problems, will you just simply go to this forum and said that its troublesome and end of story? then.. you will get the trouble until dunno when.. hahaha.

Anyway, you know what to do aren't you? then go and do it after you read this!!

  • Abz

Hello guyz,
I recently bought this mobile around 3 and a half months ago :) its been faulty ever since.. its very slow my buttons ( 3,6,9 and hash keys dont work .. ) I really dont like it. Im in a 24 month contract with optus.. i would love to EXCHANGE not refund cuz i dont want a new handset of this phone cuz i know it will reck and the joystick screws up sumtimes...i would deeply love to exchange this to a different mobile perhaps the Samsung S500i would be very nice but im not sure optus would allow this.. please tell me what i can do i dont want anything to do with this k750i im sorry for flamming about this phone so people that like it ;) good on but mine is very recked..

Thank you all..

Regards Abz.. :)

  • Sourav

Many thanks le paul. I have done it now. I installed pc suit first then plugged the phone and now it detecting my phone!!!!
Thanks once more.
Now can you tell me about firmware update. It is also not detecting the phone? Have you done it? Please tell me the way.

  • @DoUL

Since there is no thumbnail in the pc either, then I think it's an error in the picture -something like minimal corruption which prevents the OS in both the mobile and the pc to create a thumbnail from that pic-, I think that it's the phone software problem, the camera once captures the photo it's job is finished, hence the OS takes that photo and stores it, I guess that the software did something wrong while saving the picture that prevents the creation of the thumbnail.

Install the PC Suite from the CD that is bundled with your phone then go to SE web site and download & install the USB Cable Driver Update, when you install these two things once you open your My Computer you will find a Removable Disk, open it, open MSSEMC folder, open Media files folder, open audio folder, then open MP3 folder, finally copy your MP3's in there.
To set a MP3 as a ring tone, select that MP3 -go to your phone Menu, open File manager, go to Sounds folder, search for the desired MP3 in there or in Ringtones folder or in any sub-folder that you did create- click More, select Use as then click Ringtone.

I can't tell where the problem is, I have to see the situation with my eyes to figure it out, the problem could be anywhere, even it could be a minor fault from you -like forgetting something or leaving the SIM card naming step-, are you sure that you've downloaded and installed the USB Cable Driver Update as well ??
I don't remember when I first installed the PC Suite whether the USB cable was plugged or not to say if "le paul" is right or wrong, SEUS II requires the USB cable to be plugged while being installed in order to update the USB cable driver, give it a try anyway and let us know the final result.
If it didn't work either and you're sure that nothing is missing, mail SE support center about it.
You can't access your phone memory from anywhere else, however, you can copy/move files first to your MS then paste them on your pc/phone memory.

1- Better camera than other 2 m.pixels camera models from other rivals (Nokia N90 and Samsung D600)-proven-.
2- Music quality, sharpness, deepness and clearness better than iPod mini and equal to iPod nano -proven-.
3- Basic mobile functions (stability, calls clearness, receiving strength, messaging easiness and wireless connecting stability & strength) are equal to/on bar with other high end models from other manufactureres.
1- Video capturing resolution is very low (176*144) compared to the superiority of the captured still pictures quality.
2- Short and none repetitive message alarm.
3- Storing only the last time & date of contact's last call.
(From my personal opinion).

Both are using identical hardware pieces/components and both are using identical software.
The only difference between them are:
1- Different colours.
2- Different keybad.
3- Different camera layout -only layout but the same lens and matrix are used in both models-.
4- W800 comes whith 512MB MS while K750 comes with 64MB MS.
5- Both models has its standard headset -with advantage to W800 headset RCA connector (not present in K750 headset) and advantage to K750 headset higher quality at higher volumes-
6- K750 has a dedicated shortcuts key -very useful- which is replaced with walkman/flight mode access key in W800.
7- The walkman/flight mode in W800 model -in which you can access the media player and use it while the phone is switched off- which isn't present in K750 model.

I do admire your grown mind, self-honesty & frankness and being fair -to yourself, to the phone and to SE-. In usual other people will curse the whole SE company and turn their ears to deaf when other K750 users tells them that they have no problems with their devices.
I can only wish you a better luck with your next model.

Already answered, check my posting to Max.

They -at SE- prefer using a high speed connection/broadband when updating the firmware. I had a corruption error when I used my slow 56K dial-up modem in updating to the previous R1N035 firmware, but I managed to update to the latest R1AA008 firmware using the same slow 56K dial-up modem without any problems. If you've successfully downloaded the 33.9MB SEUS II package using your own pc, then take the risk, if you just got it from a friend then I suggest you not to risk and search for a high speed connection-net cafe.

Matt Le
I suspect in a faulty bluetooth connector/receiver inside your device. Go to any SE customer care center and see what they will do about it.

There are two independant memories inside your phone, the internal/shared memory and the memory card. When you use the blueooth in receiving a file the phone automatically stores it in the internal memory, the free space in your memory card has nothing to do with it.
To copy/move files from phone memory to the MS and vice-versa, select the files you want to copy/move, click More, click Manage files then click Copy/Move to Ext.mem. or Copy/Move to phone.

At the same support page from which you downloaded the SEUS package, you'll find a link named Drivers&Softwares or something similar to that.

This question is useless now, so as its answer. With SEUS II you can't flash a K750 device into W800 firmware, so get over it.

Well, either you heard from a deaf people or the problem is in your own ears !.

  • Desh

Hi all,

Heard that the MP3 of this K750i is not that good & loud enough comparing to other brands/models??

  • frangipani

Got my fone about 3 months ago. Have had no issues at all. I heard a rumor that all K750i's will at some stage need a software upgrade, but let's face it, what fone doesn't? I work in the industry and know almost every fone on the market today and I also see repairs, Early Life Failures etc. on a daily basis. Ericsson and Samsung are the two most reliable fones on the market. Ericsson, tho, were the first in Aus with 2mp camera and, as such, are the undisputed champions of the market in my eyes. I love my phone. It took me 6 years to get rid of my last one-even then VERY reluctantly-but I wouldnt go back if u paid me.

Also, if you find that your K750 does need a software upgrade done (which is all a service centre will do if you have it repaired under warranty anyway), connect the fone to your computer with the included USB cable, get on to and follow the links to the software upgrade. Easy. Your fone never has to leave your sight.

I recommend this fone to EVERYONE.

  • jack

this phone is the best phone out :

nokia n70 has not as good camera and its menu is appaling.

samsung d600 has not has good camera and the battery life doesent last a day on heavy use.

the sony ericsson k750i camera is the best officially ,even better than nokia n90. the k750i is the best phone out and will be as popular as d500 when it was released i have k750i and love it i always take it with me as it is so entertaining.

do not worry w800i is still as good the only reason i chose k750i is in my opinion looks better and better coulors ,so get out there and buy 1.

the good thing is if u go to carphone warehouse they are selling it on vodafone for 170 pounds(in britain).

  • jack


if i did flash the phone with w800i firmware wot would change apart from the walkman mode?

  • choudhry

hey wussup everybody ... well i lost the cd which i got with the package of k750i .. i have downloaded the pcsuite from the sony ericsson web site .. now from where i can download the usb drivers ... ?

  • hasan

its a great fone..but i m having sum problems wid ma bluettooth i can send pics to othea people but wen othea ppl send me pics, it says ur memory is full and on ma memory status it say i hav 43 mb free....and does ani1 kno how to transfer things from memory card to fone memory...if u think u cud help me plz let me kno

  • Sourav

le paul ,
Thanks, I will try that. After long search I found a software MyPhoneExplorer 1.3 This is a very good software and works fine with my K750i.

  • Matt Le

I just have this phone and suffer.

Great problem with Bluetooth
I press Setting->Connectivity->Bluetooth-> 'Turn Off'

2 scenairo
1) Hang for long time , then phone auto-restart
2) Wait for a moment, message prompt of 'bluetooth turn off' but the 'turn off' option is shown instead of 'turn on'...

I have upgraded the software through the SE site in Hong Kong but no use at all


  • kiril

Does anyone knows for updating the phone is needed an internet connection. I had but it's not stable: suddenly get's low. Can this be a problem while updating. I had instaled SEUS2. Please answer

  • le paul

My friend i have the same problem with j300i..
Now with k750 all its working just fine!
Maybe u install the pc suite with the cable in the usb[???] i u do so...welcome in the crazy land!!!! Always install pc suite FIRST!!! AND THEN USE THE CABLE!!!
You must unistall the pc suite...
the usb drivers..olso..
and then try again!!!
[Dont ask me how..i was so angry with all the story..
and i make format the windows!!!!
it feel GREAT AFTER!!!!]

  • umair

IS W800 radio better than K750 or is it the same like the camera results of the two... i planned of buying w550i but its camera is horrific as i found out on readers opinion on gsm arena

  • DJblakel

i have always loved sony ericssons, but what a let down this mobile has been. in the past 5 months, my first model K750i was sent back to SE 3 times, then replaced a 4th. now with my 2nd model, i has been sent back again. called my service provider and they are now going to stop my contract and let me pick up a new phone with out paying my contract out.

i have spoken to alot of people about the k750 and they have all had no problems with it. in my opinion, it is a great phone. picture is awesome and its media player function is awesome too. but with my unfortunate luck with this phone.. i think its time to grab somthing different.

  • Max

Morning Mr@Doul,

I believe u can provide me the best answer since I c ur comments a lot at here. I am confusing of buying K750i or W800i.
are both of them performing the same quality for photo as I notice that they are having the same spec: 2M pixel.
pls elaborate.
thousand thanks,, Max