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  • daniel


the k750i plays clips in 3gp format right?? so what would the video quality be after the firmware upgrade if it was played in mpeg4 format (i ask this coz i would like to compare it to other fones quaility like the nokia n90 which has Bit rate 557kbps in mpeg4 format...

  • gwapz

hey @DoUL i meant their Headquarters.. where are their good phones made? i mean you know like nokia their headquarters is in finland and their good phones are made from there.. what about Sony Ericsson? Yes your right Company Ericsson is in sweden. I mean i had a P910i ones it was made in France.. thanxz for the CONS.. can you compare it to the W800? and is it worth buying? i mean the price is $359 + NYS tax.. what do you think? or should i just go for the Nokia 6680?

  • Tom

To @DoUL,

so if i upgrade straight to the R1AA008 version using that program on the SE website will it still improve the video quality or will i still need to upgrade the previous ones... or does that program automatically install the latest version (R1AA008) with all the capabilities of previos ones and the improvment versions (latest ones)?

  • jack

thanks doul i have kazaa v3 thanks 4 advice it is free!

  • dark_slayer

however, i called and asked the service centre and they said tat this problem is due to software problem in the phone. I am going the get it fixed soon. this battery prob is killing me. and i dun like it. are u all sure tat the indicator will come in a month's time?

  • buddy_84

sorry i mean transferring photos or videos to another phone using bluetooth. when i'm sending,the speed is 20kb per sec.i found it rather slow because when i'm receiving a file the phone display 40kb per sec

  • @DoUL

Go to several online stores/bay sites and pick up the models which are in your price tag/limit from the 3 manufacturers/brands. After you know which models are in your price tag read reviews about each and every single model of them whether in here GSMArena or any other mobiles site. Compare them side by side then go for what attracts you the most with its design and features. If you're not certain about a feature, ask in that model forum about that feature. That's how it has to be if you want the best for your pocket/money.
That general "what do you suggest" question won't bring the best for you, SE fans will recommend a SE model, so as Nokia and Samsung fans, each of them will try to seduce you to buy one of his fav. brand model even if that model doesn't have all the features which you actually need/want to be in your mobile.

  • @DoUL

The logo has nothing to do at all with the device performance as long as you're sure it's an original SE K750i and not a fake/imitated device. But 20 KBPS using what ?? The USB cable or the bluetooth ?? And transfering from/to what ?? The MS or the shared memory ?? Transfering speed isn't that static, it has quite some factors that controls it. I don't measure my transfer speed to tell whether if 20 KBPS is a good rate comparing to other K750i's or not but I can tell it's not bad for a mobile. Remember, its hard drive isn't as your PC HDD nor its precessor as your AMD or Intel processor. All in all, it's not highly recommended to transfer files larger than 3 MB using the bluetooth, and use the MS in transfering instead of the internal memory -for the internal memory read/write speed is actually very slow-, but try to perform a full format to your MS 1st to get the best out of it when transfering to/from it.
But how can you transfer with the phone switched off ????!!!!

  • buddy_84

My k750i is rather slow when sending photos or videos(about 20kb per seconds)even when the phones are close . did you guys got the same problem. also my phone didn't have the quickshare logo found below. did the problem come from that?

  • @DoUL

Yes, sure thing you can use bluetooth with this device as long as the other bluetooth devices are compatible with bluetooth ver.2, for surfing the new (news I guess), yes, you can surf the news web sites using your K750i default browser or using mini opera -needs additional software install-. I didn't understand the last question whether if you were asking about the overall performance of the phone or the surfing speed, anyway the overall performance is one of best among latest mobiles, as for surfing speed, well, it's still GPRS so it's not that fast, but it'll be acceptable if surfing only text pages.

The only software difference between W800i and K750i is that you can access the media player with the phone switched off in W800i.

I stopped using Kazaa since a very long time now, so no further help can be given. There are some other P2P programs -as far as I can remember- such as Morphus and iMesh, check them out.

That was in the past, the new upgrading utility (SEUS II) prevent you from flashing your K750i into W800i firmware now.

It's not because of the latest R1AA008 firmware, the improving of the video quality happened in the previous R1N035 firmware by increasing the video capturing bit rate (recorded frames per second) from 9 to 15, and yes, it's confirmed that it really help to increase the overall quality of your recorded/captured clips, but the low resolution (176*144) still exists.
There's nothing wrong with the play back to be fixed in recent firmwares.

I'll tell you the cons. -from my personal opinion- for you should be familiar with its pros. by now.
1- Low video capturing resolution (176*144) only.
2- Message alarm rings for only 10 seconds and not repetitive. -The message icon stays on the screen till you see it though-.
3- Only the date & time of the very last call from a contact is displayed. -When the same contact calls/rings you more than once-.
Sony is a Japanese company and Ericsson is a Swedish one but if you mean the manufacturing place, you can get it made is Germany or -of course- China. Maybe other countries but I'm only sure about these two countries.

That's a battary overkilling act, come on man, the manual says only 4 hours !, plus you have to fully charge any battary before it's first use -it's a known fact-, unless it has been used before. Anyway I can recall not having the fully charged indicator untill a whole month of using the device, so it's normal not to have the fully charged indicator even after the 4 hours of charging recommended by the manual in the 1st weeks of usage. Listen, drain the battary till the last bit of eneregy inside it, in other words, use the phone till it has no energy to remain switched on, once it switches itself off due to no power inside the battary keep it switched off and put it in the charger for 4 hours then remove it and switch it on and use it normally till the last bit of energy and so on and so on. Keep it that way.

1- It's not an MMC but anyway I think you need to perform a full format to your MS.
2- Go to SE web site, choose your region and language, go to support page, choose the model (K750), you'll find a Sony Ericsson Update Service link, click it, download the SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) package, install it then restart your pc, once restarted click on the Update Service icon on your desktop, follow the procedures.
3- For lacking of supported media formats, MP3 is the best audio format and MPEG4 is the best -medium sized- video format. Guess that says it all !.

Yan Fan
Download that game again from the site you 1st get it from and store it on your pc, delete it form your phone, then copy it again -the new one which you just downloaded & stored on your pc- into your phone.

Read R1N035 firmware specs. and you'll find the bit rate improvement spec., that's why it's not mentioned in R1AA008 specs. cause it's already in there since the R1N firmware.

Check my Post to gmailer.

MPEG4 (MP4) is supported too.

  • dj

this is probably a silly question....what video formats are supported by k750i? i know 3gp is supported but is there any more? please reply

  • RolY15(romania)

I have a k750 and i want to update it to W800i firmware some 1 pls help me i try this for days and i can`t do nothing pls...

  • Tom

To @DoUL,

so ur sure that it improves the video quiality??? coz i looked on a website that gave u specs of the firmware upgrades and it didnt say anything about better video. where did u find out that it improved video??

  • Yan Fan

I love this phone. Although one of the games stalls on me. Other than that, I love this phone.

  • sek750se

dear @DoUL
hy there and happy new yaer
i have these questions for you and i'm waiting for your kind answers..?
1- sometimes my se k750i loses it's connection with the mmc a problem seems to incure currently.!why..?
2-i went to se as you pointed earlier but the firmware update or download was not clear.
3-kindly try to learn about updated the firmware.
4- this phone as exellent as it is has many lacks(and all se fans has to red this) regretfuly unlike nokia (especialy symbian ones) it does not support almost any media type exept for mp3,amr and 3gpp no solutions in the near sight..!what's you opinion @DoUL ?

  • dark_slayer

hi. i really need help here. i just bought my sonyericsson k750i last saturday. i was really thrilled with its functions and performance. however i have a major problem. i was told by the retailer to use up the battery and then charge it for 8 hours. i did what he said. however he next morning, i checked the phone and it was still charging. fearing that overcharging may damage the phone, i removed the charger. i checked the phone status n the battery was 97% after charging for 8 hours plus??? i wasn't happy and wanted to try again. therefore, i used up my battery yesterday and charged overnight again. however the same thing happened. Can you all tell me whether this problem is normal and ways to solve it? or shall i replace the phone with a new one? overall the phone is woking fine. only this thing is bugging me. thanks guys.

  • gwapz

hey guys.. Im not really fammilliar with Sony Ericsson.. Im interested of buying this phone.. can any of you guys tell me the PROS and CONS of this phone baesd on your experience.. and what country is it made from?

  • Anonymous

is it true that updating my k750i's firmware may somehow improve the video recording and playback? can anyone here already updated their phone's firmware to R1AA008? can anyone tell me the improvements happened to their phone... thanks...

  • Sonrics

I really like this cellphone it is perfect, I like it, Although it is not 3G you donīt need anything more than this

  • gmailer

i am new here and i saw that you were talking about an upgrade from k750 to w800 but i didn't got the idea. how is this possible? thanks in advance, i really need to know that