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  • buddy_84

Thanks @DoUL for your answers. i've got a friend who got a SE w550i and the transfer rate by bluetooth to another phone is also the same as me so i guess that's normal.

  • dj

do u know any specific tools i could use @doul? or should i just try google?

  • jacky

Hi ALL..

I planning to buy SE K750I but i have one question abt Messanging. I found when msg coming and this phoen wont display "One Messange Received" but it show sender name and a bit bit messange content..

Is there any setting for message received? Is it possible change to show "one message received".... no privary....

Thanks and hope hear from you all soon

  • jack

doul when the battery goes dead and u press the on button a red light flashes next to it why does it do that

  • jack

hey doul in 8 months time im gonna get a new phone im thinking of getting w900 or if a k800 comes out ill probably get that wot should i get?

  • cheng

The new firmware R1AA008 is for K750i or W800i?

Can i use bluetooth adapter to do the updating firmware instead of USB data cable?

Will this new firmware improve the battery life compare with R1N035? which one better?


  • cheng

hi all brothers, its me again. anyone chinese K750i user here? need your help. After i install the new firmware R1AA008 into phone does it support chinese language? how many types of language is support by this new firmware?
If its support chinese language, can this new firmware support inserting chinese words? (SMS mostly).

please help to confirm my question, thanks.

  • jacky

Hi ALL..

I planning to buy SE K750I but i have one question abt Messanging. I found when msg coming and this phoen wont display "One Messange Received" but it show sender name and a bit bit messange content..

Is there any setting for message received? Is it possible change to show "one message received"....found no privary....

Thanks and hope hear from you all soon.

  • @DoUL

I'm not really sure if that's good or bad, I'll notice the transfer rate of sending and receiving next time I send/receive data to/from anyone, what I can tell is that bluetooth connection and transfer speed rate is very very pleasent to me in my K750i.

Of course not saying it's a FACT that will sure happen, it's just what happened to me. The fact which I can confirm is that battary gets to its full functioning state after sometime of using, say after 3-4 times of draining & charging.

They don't pull down what they did/reached in previous firmwares and start over from the beginning in new firmwares, use your brain man. When you upgrade the fimrware the new one replaces the old one completely as one package, you don't install a piece from here with a piece from there, you just set back and let the application do the work for you, you need not to worry about anything, after the application finished its work all you have to do is remove the cable and use the phone as if nothing changed, still you'll be taking the advantages of the improvments made in the new firmware.

K750i vs. W800i is already old news now, check previous pages to get to it. As for comparing with other brands I wrote it several times, not into answering this kind of questions, it's your money, your needs, your choice. You know each model pros. and cons. so do the comparison yourself. It's your brain so USE IT!.

1st of all the firmware upgrade will increase the video recording/capturing quality, not the play back quality, for as I said before it has nothing wrong to be corrected. N90 has a bigger screen so it has to support higher things not to have lag/tearing in video play back. K750i plays back any clip very smoothly and comfortably to your eyes, don't worry about it.

The software says what it wants to say, can you tell the difference with your own eyes or not ??!!

Yes. Both have same version of media player and both have same quality, differs only in loud & headset speakers.

They have to be of resolution 176*144 to be played back on the phone screen. Convert them into that resolution with any tool you like.

It support almost all kinds of picture formats and resolutions.

Same procedure but backwords. When you need to take a file from the phone to your pc you open the phone memory, open the folder which contains the file then select the file and copy it into the pc, backward that procedure to copy file from pc to your phone, select the file then open phone memory then open the folder of the file type then paste.

You'll lose the walkman feature once you get back to K750i firmware for K750i doesn't have this feature. Check this page to tell for yourself whether it's better than your current one or not:­2737&start=0

It doesn't show the picture of the message sender, only displays the name.

It takes 4 hours to fully charge the battary when it's full empty which reduces to only 2 hours later on -after sometime of device using- so I think your case is normal though I recommend you not to charge the battary as long as it's not full empty yet. It doesn't harm your phone nor your battary if you charged using the USB cable only it will take longer than the charger.

gileo ignacio
Have only one line so I can't help you, sorry.

Radu Jr
FIND OUT !!!! lol, as if you're talking about a hidden feature !! Guess you're not familiar yet with the new Specification page order. Sure it has Bluetooth.

  • Radu Jr

This phone is excellent, the design is excellent and the price is very good for such quality, the mp3 s very good amd the 2mp camera has very high quality, does it have bluetooth? I guess so but don't know for sure please tell me if you find out!!!!

  • gileo ignacio

i can not change from line 1 to line 2. not there in the settings or calls as per manual

  • wk

how long does it normally take to have the battery fully charged? i checked the battery meter before i charged it, it was 27%, but it'd already been fully charged after 40 minutes, is this normal? and, is it okay if i charge it usin cable? there's a lightenin symbol by the battery icon as it blinks like chargin, does this harm the battery? anyone, please help me out!!

  • newbee

i m a new user of sony ericsson, so i m still quite unfamiliar with SE's functions. i just bought SE K750 and is still quite miserable with its photo calling function. this is my situation now, lets say i editted my brother's photo in the phone book, his picture will appeared whenever he rings me up or i ring him up. but what if sms? if i receive a text from him, will his picture appear? mine cant, any of urs can? please help me in this asap so that i can get the phone fixed before i leave overseas for further studies. thanks

  • virus

i`ve got the k750 with w800 firmware.
can i upgrade the firmware to R1AA008 without losing the walkman function or do you think the w800 firmware is better and needs no upgrade?!

  • *~*me*~*

i have this phone i know how to get files off my phone onto my p.c but could anyone tell me how to put things onto my phone from the computer????? plz help

  • jack

hey doul need serious help when i saved a pictures to my pictures on pc then sent them to my phone only some were visible and the ones that werent visible could not be seen on my pc can u tell me what pics the phone takes off google search images like wot type and size.... need help quick!!!!!!

  • dj

@doul, you said that k750i supports mp4 files. when i put mp4 files on to my fone via the usb cable, when i got to play them i can only hear the sound. could u tell me what the problem is? when played on the computer i can see the video but when on the phone i cannot. please help

  • vandalazor

is the mp3 quality the same in K750 as in W800?

  • buddy_84

I've recorded some clips on high quality with my K750i R1AA008 firmware version but when i watch it on my pc using mpegable player the framerate display an average of 9 frames.

  • mijjy

software problem!!! i had to debrand my phone to w800i i couldnt take it anymore