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Sony Ericsson K750

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  • buddy_84

this might sound as a silly question but what does the macro function do in the camera?

  • choudhry

hi to all ...
well i got this marvellous piece of device for myself today ... it,s awesome ... but this little devil is a little bit slippery .. other than that ,,, it,s really amazaing ... cheers to all K750 lovers ...!

  • ET

Does anyone knows what's the difference b/w K750 and W800 except the design?
Thanks in advance,


DOES HISTORY Repeat.......

I have been planning to buy this phone for a long time,but now i have come close to the deal....But b4 i take my last step i would like to be sure of it....My Question to all the SONY Ericsson Users is--> Does the Joystick of the phone tend to malfunction after couple of months....Users using OLD SONY Hansets might be aware of this fack & also the never ending debate of the joystick provided by SONY ERICSSON.Pls advice and share u views.....
Thanking U....
And lastly which one will be more durable the SONY ERICSSON K750i or NOKIA 6630.


  • m4m

done a search through here and google, but could not find the answer so will ask,

on the manage calls facility, is it possible to restrict calls from certain numbers, or to retrict incoming international calls.

i have a number of a company that calls every couple of weeks, and despite numerous requests to stp, they dont, and my network dont have facility t stp just ne number.

can it be done.



  • @DoUL

As jack wrote, this camera has an auto focus feature, half press the button and wait for the camera to focus -you'll hear a beeb and the center square will turn green- then full press the button to capture the picture, however you can instant capture the picture by fully pressing the button instead of auto focusing half press.
It's not a firmware or a button issue rathar than a user issue !.

If you're following this forum you'de be familiar with that, SE along with Siemens -no other manufacturers do that as far as I know- provide an automated software upgrading service via their web sites. If you're familiar with your vga driver updating or your mother board bios updating I can tell you that firmware updating is perfectly the same, if you're not I recommend you to get over & forget about it, your mobile will do just fine for you as long as no bugs in it, but if you're from the curious kind of persons just read some pages in this forum to know what you'll gain from updating your firmware and how to do that.

Man, I told several people in here -don't remember if you're one of them or not- that USB cable charging feature DOES NOT HARM YOUR PHONE NOR YOUR BATTERY, I don't find any reason that makes them put a feature that will harm the device!. Get over it, it's only a psychological effect created from your doubt that the USB cable charging feature DO harm your battery.
As I wrote several times before, you can't change the shutter sound, you get used to it or simply mute it, to mute it set the phone into silent mode before opening the lens cover.

  • jack

doul how do u change the camera shutter button noise

  • jack

kathir youre not pressing the shutter button hard enough.

  • jack

hey doul i was putting mp3 tracks onto the phone via the usb cable and from that day the battery life seems not as good as when i first got it have i damaged it ?

  • Nadim

i recently bought this phone and its real hot.but i have a question,on the official site there is this update service for k750,w800 and other SE phones but what does this update do .can someone email me a

  • Kathir

Some body help me. My K750 shutter button is not working properly, some times it took picture properly and some times it not. i have updated the latest firmware already and still have the problem. can any body tell me its a problem in shutter button or in firmware.

  • @DoUL

I don't know what's wrong with that !! It's really impossible to please all the customers especially those who asks for unreasonable alternatives. If you left the phone till it enters the clock mode a SMS icon will be displayed with the clock instead of the "UNWANTED" sender name and the part of message content. If it displayed a "ONE NEW MESSAGE" message what will you do ?? You'll click show, what next ?? A list of the new received message(s) will be displayed, what will it contain ?? Each SMS sender name and maybe -or maybe not- a brief of the SMS content, so why the hell is the added step !!!!

There is a Chinese language support in the upgrading package and I have no reason to believe why a Chinese firmware won't support chinese language!, anyway I'm not a Chience person I'm an Egyptian one and the middle eastern-north african firmware do support Arabic language.
Regarding the firmware name question, both models firmwares have the same name but each firmware differs from the other in its codes for each model do differ from the other so as the two firmwares.
No, you can't use the bluetooth adapter when upgrading the firmware, only the USB cable will allow you to upgrade.
I think it improves the battary life over R1N035 by a decent margin but nothing too amazing, check this page to see each one is better for you:­2737&start=0

I'de suggest you to go for the W900. No such K800 in SE product line yet -neither announced nor as a rumor- and if you waited for it to come out -if they ever make such model- maybe your 8 months period would be ended by then. W900i is a good choice for me.
I can't understand why you -and other people- bother yourselves with such small unimportant details, that red light is just to inform you that the battry is dead and the phone needs to be charged to be switched on again, simple isn't it ??

No need to repeat your post!.

You already got it yourself ;)
Check this site before using google:­0

Cool to have your mind finally rested.

  • buddy_84

Thanks @DoUL for your answers. i've got a friend who got a SE w550i and the transfer rate by bluetooth to another phone is also the same as me so i guess that's normal.

  • dj

do u know any specific tools i could use @doul? or should i just try google?

  • jacky

Hi ALL..

I planning to buy SE K750I but i have one question abt Messanging. I found when msg coming and this phoen wont display "One Messange Received" but it show sender name and a bit bit messange content..

Is there any setting for message received? Is it possible change to show "one message received".... no privary....

Thanks and hope hear from you all soon

  • jack

doul when the battery goes dead and u press the on button a red light flashes next to it why does it do that

  • jack

hey doul in 8 months time im gonna get a new phone im thinking of getting w900 or if a k800 comes out ill probably get that wot should i get?

  • cheng

The new firmware R1AA008 is for K750i or W800i?

Can i use bluetooth adapter to do the updating firmware instead of USB data cable?

Will this new firmware improve the battery life compare with R1N035? which one better?


  • cheng

hi all brothers, its me again. anyone chinese K750i user here? need your help. After i install the new firmware R1AA008 into phone does it support chinese language? how many types of language is support by this new firmware?
If its support chinese language, can this new firmware support inserting chinese words? (SMS mostly).

please help to confirm my question, thanks.

  • jacky

Hi ALL..

I planning to buy SE K750I but i have one question abt Messanging. I found when msg coming and this phoen wont display "One Messange Received" but it show sender name and a bit bit messange content..

Is there any setting for message received? Is it possible change to show "one message received"....found no privary....

Thanks and hope hear from you all soon.