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  • Eric

Does anyone else has a problem with writing an sms - sometimes the keys skip.Example - You want to get e or f,but instead You get dd or ddd.The same thing with other buttons....I dont beleive it is a pure physical problem,I suspect the software.If anyone has some ideas,please mail me!
Thanks ;)

  • brendan

please can you tell me how to turn my bluetooth on because i dont no. ive got a 1 gb memory stick and ive put music on it but when i go on the music player it does not come up.

  • @DoUL

I don't use any messenger in my K750i myself
so I can't help you with how to install it or where to find it, however, this page has lots of messengers available for SE K750i, each of them with its user rating and how to install walkthrough:­0/Applications/Messengers
All kinds of softwares/programs which are available for the K750i is also in there if you browse the entire site. If needed more just google it yourself for I don't use any additional software in my K750i. Hope you find what you seek in there.

As I said before several times don't copy th songs into the MP3 folder which you find once you open your Removable Disk, it has the data -check your memory status and you'll find them there- but the phone just can't identify them -why ?? honestly don't know !!-. You'll find another MP3 folder located in Sounds folder under the root of MSSEMC folder, copy into that folder instead and the phone will identify them all. If it did not, then you need to format your MS, but after formating just copy into the second folder not the first as I said.

I didn't use that Video DJ before but after your post I played with it a little, actually I don't know how you didn't recognize that yourself, it's very obvious, it only takes .AMR files as soundtracks not MP3's.
For your 2nd post QuickTime player plays .3GP files and RealPlayer plays them also after an automated download to a small patch.

  • jack

does anyone know how to play the video from the k750i on the computer? media player says it doesent play the file does anyone know how to get a program to play my phones videos?

  • jack

when you put an mp3 into the ringtones folder it will not be visible when you are putting in a soundtrack on the video dj. can anyone help?

  • A.Blom

I just bought one complete K 750 i with OEM carkit incl. HCE 26. I had a Nokia 6310 i which was loud and clear.Now with the K 750 i it is really terrible ,if i'm driving faster than 30 miles an hour, i hear the caller very unclaearly and i really have to shoult in the microphone so the caller can hear me. Does some know whether their exists an extra external amplifier or something like that to increase the loudness of the K 750 i and or the microphone? (by installing the HCE 26 i hoped to regulate the loudness through the radio, but that's not the case, only possible with the regulator at the phone itself. Who can help me ut this misery ?

  • GLon


I bought a 1 GB Pro Duo Memory stick and then using the usb cable I connected to my laptop where the pc suite is already installed. On connecting my recognized the memory in the phone as a addional drive and I could see all the folders specific to the phone and I copied 29 MP3 files on to the MP3 folder available already, the system took 9 minutes to copy but after copying I disconnected the phone and checked but there are only 9 songs. I repeated this several times but the same result. Can any one help me how to copy all my 120 songs. my main intention to switch from nokia 6230 was audio quality and to use a 1GB or a 2GB memory card.

  • formica

i've got two K750 they keep crashing ,had them 8 wks' been in for repair for 4 wks sony replaced them with new ones which crashed in the shop on delivery ,now have no phones while these are being repaired rang sony thay are not very helpful


Thanx for the help...but i have another question and DoUL pls answer can I install msn messenger in k750i..and where...ok bye thanx in advice

  • @DoUL

No, unfortunately this phone has no standard support for USB Mass Storage, so you have to install the PC Suite from the CD or download and install it from SE web site in order to make the PC identify the phone to be able to communicate and send/receive data to/from it.

You can't insert a soundtrack to a blank MMS, insert/add anything, a text or a pic hence you'll be able to insert/add soundtarcks/MP3's.

It's about one's taste not the price. Price become a major factor if we're talking about 200-250$ difference, less than that price become a minor factor in one's decision.

As Nokia 3200 specifications page says, it has an IrDA port -Infra Red port- so as the K750i, so why don't you just use it ?? Or if Nokia 3200 can be attached to the PC -either by the same IrDA port or by a special cable- just connect it then transfer the data to your PC then install K750i PC Suite and connect it to transfer the data into it.

  • lieven

I just bought my k750, and I was wondering how I can transfer the messages, pictures, contacts,... from my old nokia 3200 to the k750.
Any advice please?

  • sorin

yes, 100 usd - , but w800 have a 512Mb memory stick duo pro($50-60) and k750i only a 64 Mb(under $10).
result a 50 usd difference.
w800 is the best option in my opinion.
best luck!

  • jack

when you are using the video dj and you put an mp3 track into the ringtones or video dj folder when you want to add a soundtrack it isnt there, can anyone tell me why?, or how to solve it?

  • adog

Just bought the d750, same as the k750. I live in czech rep., the manuel is in czech, I do not understand it very well. I do not own a pc, I goto an internet cafe. My question is do I need to install the disk to a pc, or can I just plug in the usb cable and move pics and video to my yahoo address. All I want to do is send pics via yahoo to friends back in america. I am living in working here in Europe and this would be great, but I do not think the internet cafe wants me to download the SE cd.

  • @DoUL

You can't stop it, they tweaked the phone and the cable to do that thing, how the hell will it damage your battary !!! Don't worry, it's one of the best features of the cable, very useful for me.

Already answered that, check page two of this forum, a post addressed to amena.

No, you can't transfer them into the memory stick, you still can copy them into it but they won't be identified by the phone. The software of this phone is made to make sure that the applications and the games -the small sized things- has to be tranfered into the shared memory to be identified to leave the MS for the songs and clips.

  • @DoUL

Having a dust isn't like having a bug or unstable operation, so the phone is not guilty, the side buttons isn't the reason of entering the dust cause we all here have the same model and the same side buttons -including me- yet we don't have dust inside of our phones. For the speaker, I agree it could have been in a a better part of the phone -side part maybe- but for me even if the phone is on a table or desk I can still hear it even if I were in another room, but cushion !! Are you trying to strangle it man ??!! :P, lol, when you sleep just put it on it's face (screen) so the speaker become on top just like I do. For encouraging, Taras is facing the same problem, maybe you two could get around it if you helped each other. You need no encouraging cause you already have the phone and own it with its glory so cheer up, maybe the dust will go with the time. Just don't exhaust air inside it from your mouth, try the opposite way, just don't get choked :P. Pay a visit to any SE customer care -if you know any- for maybe they can help.

You get the latest or any update from SE web site. Just go to, choose your region/location, then go to Support page, select your model then go to Software downloads then look for Sony Ericsson Update Service, after that just follow the instructions. Just note that there may be some additional software required to be installed before continue with the process, i,e: The USB Cable Driver Update. New firmware is avaialbe:­2737&start=0
@DoUL = ADoUL, ya3ney = 3adoul efhamha enta ba2a ;).

Exactly + no more shortcut key and the improvements just aren't that huge to take all that risk. But having a better MP3 player is just a psychologic effect for K750i and W800i use the same version of Media Player.

You can see which kinds of messaging this phone supports in its Specifications page. For instant messaging there are plenty of messengers that can be installed in the K750i for MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger and even AOL messenger, just google it.

Why you guys just don't read to the end of these pages ??!!. If they didn't mention that by doing that you'll void your warranty and lose the shortcut key then they misled you. Yes you can do that but at your own risk, HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED !.

Man I really really hate this comparing questions, if you can't make your decision alone then whatever we tell you to by at its 1st bug/dislike you face you'll hate the phone + hate us and you won't be able to live with that phone again cause it wasn't your choice from the beginning. This site gives us a Compare feature, just use it and compare the 2 phones, when you make your decision just go to user opinions of the phone you choosed and read couple of pages, if something is confusing you just ask about that something. That's how it has to work for choosing a phone. NO more comparing questions will be answered by me !.

1) It will take the same space whether in shared memory or in MS. I made a clip of 3:40 minutes with highest quality and it took about 2:12 MB of space. So you can do the calculation of the max. time yourself.
2) Up to you, you choose where do you want it to be saved.
3) It's clear but uses a very low resolution (176*144)
4) For believing and telling that before, that video recording is one of the weekest points of the amazing device, I rate it 4 out of 10. It's just a shame to have the best still camera in all phones till this very date and have this low resolution in video recording.

Jeremy Kong
Yes you can assign a MP3 as a message tone, only 15 seconds of it will be played and won't be repeated though. The 2nd weekest point of the mighty device.

1st of it, install the PC Suite which comes in the CD that is bundled with the phone, then go to SE web site and install the USB Cable Update Driver. You'll find a SonyEricsson File Manager in your Desktop, open it, double click on the phone name, then double click on the phone memory -twice-, you'll find a folder named Sounds just open it and paste your songs into here, this is the shared memory which has a limited space + low transfer speed, so NOT RECOMMENDED to copy/transfer into it. Instead, open your My Computer, you'll find a disk named Removable Disk, this is your MS which space is upgradable till 4 G'z -only 2 G'z nowadays for they didn't make 4 G'z sticks yet- and which has a much faster transfer speed, so this is what we're goning to use to transfer our songs -later on I'll tell you how to copy/move songs from the MS to the shared memory internaly if ever needed-, open that Removable Disk, open the folder named MSSEMC, open the folder named Media files, then open Audio folder, as with the shared memory just copy your audio files here, if needed to transfer MP3's put it in the folder named MP3 which is in front of you now, don't put your MP3's into the folder named MP3 which you see once you open the Removable Disk for the phone won't identify them !. Now, remove the cable, press the joystick once to go to phone menu, go to File manager, Sounds folder, there is a pre-made sub-folder named Ringtones open it -I made a couple of folders myself to split songs into categories, one for each media type-, you'll find your songs here, highlight/select it, click more, select Use as, a sub-menu will open just choose whatever you want from it. To copy/move songs from the MS to the shared memory or vice versa just choose Manage files instead of Use as then select Copy/Move to phone/ext.mem.
To say all of it, if anyone needed to create a folder just open the required folder i,e: Sounds folder or Videos folder, click More, then click New folder, to copy/move data into the new made folder, select the data -song or clip-, click More, click Manage files, then Move to folder, finally just choose that folder which you just created.

Also to tell all of the weekest points of the charming device -I already wrote 2-, the 3rd and the last week point for me is that when a contact calls me more than once only the time & date of his very last call is stored. That's all.

  • Anonymous

how can i choose memory stick for installing games and applications? coz, as i install any java application, it automatically go to the phone memory, i want it in the memory stick instead, is it possible? tnx...

  • addy

Can ayone tell me if i can shoot a vdo more than 10 seconds and how? i cannot record a vdo clip more than 10 seconds. have a 64MB card in. Cheers

  • Edrick

Still Nokia soon SE:
here a link where you can get K750 stuffs. they're cool:

  • Edrick


is there a way to stop the phone from charginf while connected to USB?

Ive noticed that whenever I connect the phone to the USB even if i just want to transfer files it always charge.

How do I stop it from charging? Will it damage my battery?