Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Alexandru Buzoianu

Why why? so late...if Vodafone get k750 on 9june then in other country like Romania(i'm from here-because Vodafone will be in Romania in September)-comes at the end of june...?!! i can't wait until then..:( i hard something about 25May. I hope that he will be a very good phone because a lot of people wait for him!Can you tell something about the price?Thank you.

  • Anonymous

How do yuou work out you'll get a months free line rental from O2. They have never stated a release date for the phone!

  • Si Dude

If this phone isn't out that ebay thing is wrong but I thought this phone was out! Oh well! Anyway when you slide the camera face open the camera will automatickly come up on your screen but there is a bug! It doesn;t work if he screensaver is on! There is a sound on K750 and cannot be turned off and the same with all their phones but you can just turn the sound off to silent you know! The price is 249.99 on pay as you go 02 and sim free 300 to 350 (POUNDS) Phone doesn support meg4, just doesn't record in that! Uses 3gp! I said it didn't support it but was wrong but have corrected it! If you saw my fight with moto freaks yes moto are rubbish and you will see why if you see the talk about where this guy tried to be an idiot on this! Check it out about 7 pages away from this! This phone doesn't have push to talk and is only for Nokia phones!

Emailell1976 - What did you mean by this:

Who lets face it . Give the guy a break.

Thanks for standing up forme but didn't get the: "seem to know very little other than what is reviewed on other sites." bit! Please explain!

This is the link to my website and the link works fine and does not refresh this page! It might be something wrong with your pc!

Heres the link:­icsson%20K750%20questions%20answered.htm

  • Labroy

Vodaphone get the phone on 9 June 2005 (if that's of any use to anyone). Have been waiting ages for it!

  • Chandler


get ready for a months free line rental as i have just had a phone call from o2 saying that they will have the k750i at the start of june now and now end of may as forst thought.

still months free line rental not bad :)

  • badassboy

I mailed some companies in Belgium and they announced that the phone won't be out till the end of JUNE !!!!
so keep waiting guys and girls ;) I'm waiting for it as well
we just need some more patient !!

  • morb

phone is out 16/5/2005 in uk for o2 if its late i get a free months line rental :)

  • MrDoubleB

Here is some "real info" on EU pricing - you can check it out yourselves.

You can pre-order the phone at Germany's E-Plus network. In their online shop they offer many packages from as low as 0.

The SIM free price is 420.­_0.asp

  • ell1976

Right! The phone is not available anyway on planet earth. SE have confirmed not released yet so all you jokers who say you have it have been robbed and perhaps need to attend school more often.

Also, why all the dissing of this Si Dude? He is only trying to assist you guys, who lets face it seem to know very little other than what is reviewed on other sites. Give the guy a break.

The phone will be so popular when it comes out no one will want it anyway!!!!

  • Stevo

Nope, Im afraid its a slide mechanism you slide to open yourself!

As for how much the baby is worth, prices are all over the place from 302euro to 600euro, so about 250+

  • slick

does the back of the k750 open automaticaly lyk a real digi cam when u turn the camera on deos any1 knw if so wouldnt that be so cool

  • remie

hey guys!! how much could this baby worth huh?? it is like the most perfect phone that i have ever seen (aside from the s700i) . i was thinking to buy it for the 4th Q of the year. pls help me pls....... ty and godbless.

  • Riki

It's a wonderful gadget. I would like to buy this one....

  • to sandra

well.... the sharp would be better in terms of data speed obvious... howevere, its camera is still inferior to wat of K750i... it all still depends on ur need... both support mp3 player but sharp 902 caNT have it as ringtones... so how?? you choose... here is my opinion la.... still depoend on ya... sharp is better

  • lolx

it means tt you will be able to enlarge the photo in terms of scale...

  • Cyclone1

K750 Multimedia Support :(copy from SE site)
Video: 3GPP (H.263), MP4
Sound: MIDI(72), AMR, MP3, AAC, XMF, WAV
Animation: SVG-T
Streaming: MPEG-4, H.263, AAC, AMR, MP4, 3GP

K750 does support MP4 video playback ~~
and btw...
whats SVG-T(Scalable Vector Graphic)

  • Stevo

back to the Push to Talk thing, Ive read a bit more on it now, and apparantly its a pay service. I was told it was free, in which case would have been it stands, its pointless!

  • Stevo

There was actually another dude on ebay selling them, and he had a ton of good feedback so ya never know. And lets not forget the rumours of them being sold in the Camden T-Mobile-Shop, amongst other places having them (I hear theres some guys at that have got some).

  • gary

this person is talkin bullocks on ebay­category=30389&item=6393901954&rd=1 it is a fake he has no feecback what so ever so i advise any1 not to bid on this fake

  • Chandler

to talk about the 3mp moto phone post, moto are the worst phone i will never buy another one again the user interface is pure crap and for gods sake as i ahve said b4 1mp is enough for me if i want more then i will use my 5mp camera, i never use my camera on my phone for special events partys etc.