Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Si Dude

Hi and check out the answes on my answers website at;

It is all there now, the ones which I didn't have time to answer on here are on there! The ntroduction will say what I do with phones so people like Dave knows who I am plus to Dave and others, as I used to work for Sony Ericsson which was about January when I left I knew an anwful lot about phones and others and know most answers to questions but of course about 3 questions I don't know but can normally find out and if I don't know will say to contact SE anyway so you will get an answer and I helped and gave good advice still! I amy not know everything but msot of it I do know and if I don't I will find out and will check my answer of what I got thoroughly so I am sure I give people the righr answers!

  • steve

does anybody no if you can use ringtones for sms alert

  • Teddiebear


which phone is better: K750 or N6230i?!

I have a 3230 now, but I want a better MP3 player! And the camera quality should be equal or better to mij N3230..

I wanted the next items in my phone:
MP3 player, good camera, fm-radio etc

Help me out please!

  • Dave

Den, I'm not having a go. I'm sure what he says will be helpfull to people. But with all due respect, if he worked for SE and doesn't now then he'll be less informed than some of the guys at mobile-review. Read his answers and some of them are very wooly. I'm just giving a polite warning to people that what he is saying is his opinion, and not gospel.

  • den

like si dude has explained in the past he has wrked 4 SE so he can still get info but thats all he will be able to say but if u look at the past b4 more info come out on the phone he alreadly help out on them answers which wrked out to be i dont think he is fibbing he wouldnt have to waste hes time on this but he does to help people to what he knows.

  • Alexandru Buzoianu

Hello!I'am from Romania, and i had four phones Sonyericsson, i was very excited about them!Now i have an Sonyericsson K700i-its a great phone!Last week i saw on the internet a great phone: K750, i want to have this phone, he is full of tehnology, a great camera whit 2megapixel, is a bussines mobile, i don't want to make himany kind of advertise but i can't wait until i buy him!!! His battery is a good one!400h in stand by! I have 18years old! Tankyou!

  • Dave

With all due respect to Si dude. He has no more definiate ideas about the phone than anyone else. He just used his brain and compiled a list of answers from what he has read and heard. Usefull, but not gospel.

  • Constantine Schizas

It is a great pity that this phone does not have Symbian OS included. If it did, it would have been one of the best phones in the market.

  • Chandler

sorry have not read many posts b4 hand but who is si dude and how can we know his answes are 100% ? and how does he know so much about a phone thats not out yet ? does he work at SE ?

  • Si Dude

Hi you guys! Yes it is me! I have made a special effort and have completed the answers to people's questions! It should cover all most major questions about the phone too and before asking a question to me try reading the websites questions and if you see the question you were going to ask read the answer and you should be fully satisfied and to be sure to make the right decision on choosing the right phone for you!

Any other questions please say on this opinions board as usual!

Here is the website with the answers:­icsson%20K750%20questions%20answered.htm

I would like to make a formal thank you to den as well as without him I would have a lot more questions to answer and has helped me just a bit to get through answering your questions and helping you all! So thanks den!

Remember to e-mail me as well if you have any other questions by clicking on the e-mail icons below!

  • Si Dude

Hmm yeah thats what I thought! Well thanks for holding the falt den while I am still answering answers! I got to go now as I ahve to be up at 4:30am GMT greenwich to get my friends new phone shop sorted with him lol! I will get answers done by tomorrow!

  • den

i no that the s700i had things wrong with the video recording on unlimited it was only going 4 about 2mins or under i had ben in the shop and try loads out when i first got it cause i knew the manager and he phoned sony e up to report the problem he had the k700 and that went till the mem was full hope they have sorted the problemn out with the k750i but by rights it should record to the mem is full.

  • kamatchipandian

Sony Ericsson K750 is my dream phone

  • Si Dude

The latest SE phones including the S700 should have video recording untill your memory is full and I am very sure this is the SE K750 does!

By the way here is the link for all the answers to people's question's so far:­icsson%20K750%20questions%20answered.htm

More answers will be added very quickly when I ahve finalised them all and that my answers are correct!


Si Dude

  • Chandler

yeh id like to know the video record lengh as the s700i was very poor hopefully it will record till your memory card is full ??? anyone cant find this anywhere?

  • kamatchipandian

Sony Ericsson K750 is my dream phone

  • Mike

WOW, this phone will begin to be shipped out by Communication Telecom Intl
( on may 24th for only $575!

  • Anonymous

how long can it video record 4

  • del

it the best phone as for my money can buy,its so silk and sexy when u touch it an even make a call with has all the means of been a good companion