Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Kytz

the size of the memory stick is insignificant...the extra price of W800 makes up for it...and someone will find a way to flash W800's firmware into K750 eventually

  • dshakey

i heard that it will be releaseed in august, a few months after the may release of the k750i. i do agree with u about, more memory and th walkman feature, but the black k750i looks so good..

  • Eds

I liked the k750i but i prefer w800i, its a k750i plus walkman feature and bigger memory stick supplied so u don't have to spend extra money to upgrade it. Does anybody know when w800i will be release??

  • Anonymous

May 25th.......all over the world?????????????

  • noname

rm2000?but u need to think z800 will be realease this few days.if k750 is more than rm2000 then how much $$ for the z800?

  • sony fans

k750 not 3G phone but want more than RM 2000 its too expenses. if this phone add memory stick pro duo 2GB = RM 2500 that is good.
But its bad is Screen is 176 X 220 too small.

  • Kytz

ur forgetting 6230i's terrible camera...K750i definitely beats it there

  • Mohammed Al Nahyan

The only thing that the K750 has that is better than the Nokia 6230i is the screen. Of course the K750 will be sold at a price that is higher than the 6230i.

  • PusKiNas

it is the best phone i have ewer seen!!!

  • MC

yeah i hear it's coming May 25th... man i want it so bad right now... i just wish it was actually 'in stores now' and 'available' as this site says...

  • andrew

The only thing this phone doesn't have is Symbian. But I really don't care, because I never use Symbian. I've had a lot of cell phones the last two years, and all I can say is that Sony Ericsson beats all OS, including Nokia. It's simply great, and yes, you can have MP3 as ringtone and vibration at the same time. It's coming in 1 or 2 weeks, don't worry.

  • robot

Si Dude - what website? Tell us, please =)

  • Si Dude

Answers from last psots coming soon as it won't let me post them so I will put them on my website as soon as I can!

The memory card can be placed into a didgiatal camera if it accepts those sort of memory cards so you can transfer pictures and videos if your digital camera supports 3gp! The phone meory can't be used as a flkash drive but witht he memory card you can put anything on it as a normal one and with a USB cable or bluetooth you can transfer files between the phone directly onto the memory card!

More replys coming soon!



  • SGD$

i defintitely buy this phone...if only it has OS such as smartphone or symbian. Now im thinking if its worth the money buying it or not..

  • eddy

Nokia N-series i better than SEk750 and SEw800. Couse SEk750 too late i stores the Nokia N90 will "beat" SEk750 and SEw800 by functionality!!!

  • Ryan

Sony Eric is slow in delivery n may even have delay. Nokia is alrealy coming out phone to beat SE. But i'll still support SE cause Nokia is not listening to ppl idea but simply copying rival idea.

  • MC

WOW! it says "available." is it really?

  • Kris

Hi, I'm thinking of getting this phone for wopping USD624.99. Anyone know if this phone can vibrate at same time with customized mp3 ringtone? I wanted to get the Samsung D500 but it lacked this feature. Thanks...

  • Anonymous

full screen videos ??? how easy is it to get memory card reader for this or can i send mp3's and 3gp or mpeg 4 via usb ?

  • den

one other thing is the phone is not 3G soz.