Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Si Dude

Well thats your oppinion and GSM Arena and other review websites say that this Sony Ericsson's camera is the best ever made and you say it isn't!! Plus Sony Ericsson have more features plus I like SE's software more. I think Sony Ericsson phones look good and yes so do Motorla phones, I think they are both good, I never said they looked rubbish, jsut heavy!

So get your facts right mate and I am not trying to help seel Sony Ericsson phones, I am just giving my oppinion like your suppose too not spamming this place with arguments!!!!!

  • Anonymous

I agree with the ericsson part but i think that Moto fones definately look better that SE, the moto have put more thought behind their design. SE keep churning out building material hoping people buy them, rele SE'S materials are low quality compared to the titanium motorolas

  • nic

Ericsson definately does concentrate on the camera feature on their phones, but I don't think they're the best, out of all the current phones widely available, Samsung has the best at the moment..

  • Anonymous

Whatís the use? Itís no use arguing with you.

  • AB

Stop trying to sell se fones, you are so pathetic, YOU have to face up to the facts that Moto fones look better than Se fones, Moto are spontanious with their designs, they dare to go beyond point where other manufacturers stop. It pays off, the Razr, Slvr, Pebl series are the most beautiful fones ever produced, the camera is certinately adequate after bucking up their ideas with the V3 camera, the 2 mega pixel V1150 is expected to be the best 2mega pixel camera ever made. Face it

Camera quality:

1. Nokia
2. Motorola
3. Samsung
4. Sony Ericsson

  • Anonymous

Huge Technology Inside a Small Phone, Ya.

  • Si Dude

Yes I just saw the last review which make Motorla rubbish is that they are just god damn too heavy!!!!!! Why don't you Moto mupets just drop it, Sony Ericss0n win and this is all becoming spam now as this is about SE not MOTO!!!!

I know an awful lot about Mobile phones as I have worked in 3 mobile phone companys which are listed in my last review but my point is I would't just side on a phone company which were awaful, I know Sony Ericsson make brilliant phones and Motorla don't! I know it for a fact so stop arguing and please I don't want to fight anymore so this page should just be about Sony Ericsson only!

Not Motorla, Samsung or any of the other moble phone company's, jsut SOny Ericcson!

  • Si Dude

Well sort of yes! But if you think about it, to get a decent camera pretty small are normally crap camera's where as these phones are built in and are pretty good cameras inside so it is compact and don't have to carry another camera around, also you don't have to have to carry another MP3 Player with you as this is built in and is actualy better plus it has great comunication and long last battery for good comunication for buisness, it has a stopwatch, folder for putting prrivate thign sin with a pin code reguest to access it, cool fun little games when you are board, a light phone with great looks, calculator, countodwn, alarm clock, internet for looking up specific sites for buinsess and other things and loads more! But you will probably say so why don't you jsut go for the other phones with the other featurews but not so brilliant camera and not an MP3 Player! Well you might as well get a decent camera instead of Motorla's crappy ones and get music on the go but as I said thats not to everybodys taste or want a phone with all those features but most of the people on this oppinions page do want a phone with those features and a good camera and mp3 palyer for the compactness.

If you have any more questions or comments please reply to this!

  • robot

I had a 3G Motorola phone, I have never ever in my life had such a bad phone. It was extremely slow and the camera looked like something a 3-year old would draw.
Many people I've spoken to think that Motorola's design are ugly and too big. My Motophone weighed about 140-150 grams. I regret I bought it, such a waste of money =(.

I guess it explains why they're not selling well. YOU GUYS! BUY ONLY phones made by SONYERICSSON, SAMSUNG OR NOKIA! The rest is crap.

MY OPINION! And thank JESUS I can express myself in any way that I wish!

  • Anonymous

Hi Guys,
All that cams are toys,that's a commercial war between enterprises where the only goal is to make more and more loved honey monney on your back;
are you all guys buying a phone just for taking picture and listen to the music ?

  • Anonymous

i am wondering how much will it cost when they sell them. 500$ is minimum i think so.

  • dxreaper

To the person saying Nokia's megapixel cameras is better than Motorola.. so how does this wrok?

Motorola beats Sony Ericsson
Nokia beats Motorola
But Sony Ericsson beats Nokia????

  • Anonymous

All Sony Ericsson Phones Are Great.

  • Si Dude

Right first of all you said about the T610 v800 and all those phones, yes yur right they wwern't brilliant phones as they are old. Motorla has only just got better with their last 3 phone sjsut come out just like Sony Ericsson's! You said all the flip motorla's were brilliant, well look at the V500, what a complete destarster! If you want to try and win by saying the old SE phones were crap and comparing them to your newest motorla, what a load of bo****s

Because all Motorla's until the month have bene awful and guess what they have improved but they are still awful!! Where as Sony Ericsson have been pretty awful with their phones in the past which I admit but they newset phones now beat your crappy Moto's!! Even GSM Arena, this very site say this phone has a better camera that all the other phones made plus a great MP3 Player and the W800 has the best one if you want that so don't kid yourself!

Sony Ericsson rule and if you want to get all your Moto friends on me, go ahead because I used to work for Motorla, Sony Ericsson and a bit Alcatel! And out of all the manufactures I know Sony Ericsson made the best software brilliant help and so on so stuff Motorla, do I need to say andmore?

  • Merlin

Lol. I work in technical for a Mobile Phone Company. Obviously I can't state which one. The Motorola phones are inferior in almost every way to the new SE range of handsets. The amount of V3's that have been returned faulty are unbeleivable! Motorola are producing some better phones but theyve a long way to go to be the best.


i never had anything bad to say about se phones. have a t610 for the last 2 years.. however i woul dlike to know when the k750 will be availbe. i was about to get one of the k700, howevery a was the k750, which is bad kool...

  • AB

Stop telling your lies SE sales man, you know that moto is best, the beautiful slimline titanium moto phones speak for themselves, if the k75oi phone was any deeper, it would be able build a house with many of them. SE K750i a.k.a. The Brick. Moto phones are state of the art and their cameras are excellent especially in the flip motos. Everyone knows that SE cameras are c**p just look at the t610,t630 k700i v800. All rubbish. how do i know this? my family have all three of these. My moto v3 was compared to the SE S700i on a pc, fair enough, the pic is bigger, but the bigger the pic is, the less quality. The s700i in vga mode was awful compared to the V3. The V1150 will be a world exclusive, The only camera better than moto's are NOKIA megapixels, but the phones are down right ugly. Moto just manages to get the mix right, drop dead gorgeous looks, excellent cameras, need i say more?

  • Si Dude

Read the reviews mate of other sites, Sony Ericsson win and just because that Motorla has a 3 megapixel camera doesn't mean it should win! Sony Ericsson take time with their products, as I have said I have tried all Motorla's and if you read in my last review about it you will find out what happened!

This is what I said in my review:

Right first things first! Motorola made apsulutly c**p cameras! They may make 3 megapixel but the picture quality is totaly rubbish! Their software is utter rubbish! The slim design on the Motorola V1150 is a brick it self! Motorola manage to make the biggest, heaviest and rubbish battery life ever plus all their cameras are rubbish! The design isn't really any better really and what someone said about all the design is actualy rubbish! Sony Ericsson make a hard plastic coating which does last where as that other metal gets badly scratched dented and other things! How do I know all this? Because I have tried nearly all Motorola phones and they are all desarsters! If you want to talk about Motorola's rubbishy phones and talk to other people and lie how good it is go and talk about it in the Motorola reviews! Not here!

  • Si Dude

Can you use this phone to store other files like a word document file on the phone memory and get a cable and send it to your pc like an MP3 player with the USB hub thing?

So you can use it as a memory stick or something too!

  • adam526 - sek750i.uw

This phone will come out in end of April, May, but next time, before you ask, please read all opinions, beause i wrote it sometimes before.
And if you are interested in this phone you should check: , Here you will find lot's of infos