Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • arshi

well w800 is great .what about its opearating system .does is has symbian 60 platform or not.
do anyone has any detail about the zoom .how much it can zoom?
can i play any movie(for ex. hollywood movies) as played in nokia phones.
what is its cost in INDIA?

  • Anonymous

does Alcatel S853 can compete with k750 ?
in my opinion YES, only the k750 has better camera 2.0mpx vs 1.3 alcatel :) but S853 has dual stereo surround :))
and the alcatel should be 300$ not 400 euro like k750 :)

  • ash

the phones features seem to be v. impressive but the phone is bigger than k700 and also less attractive in my opinion

  • pio

I got a k500 and for me the price is more worth than the k700. This phone has got everything!! Trying to save for this. . . When will this come out in Asia?

  • zen

1st tought of buying K700i but now have to wait for this king of the ring ..

  • Anonymous

someone please tell me what is the actual difference between this phone and the w800?? seems a bit pointless to release two nearly identical phones.

  • Greg

I kow you can play the music while the phone is 'OFF" but can you use the other functions, eg, games/email writing etc with the phone function off. I.E FLIGHT MODE, to avoid interference with aircraft nav systems whilst flying.

  • Simon

Finally somebody has shyed away from placing all the importance on having a camera in a phone. Any company who can combine large data storage capacities, with a camera, and a phone and some basic PDA functions will solve what I (and I suspect many others),ultimately have been waiting for. That is, a single device that does it all. Good on you SE for your forethought in this regard. See if you can bump up the data capacity support to 4GB and you'll have a true IPOD challenger.

  • tonzy

as of the moment this phone has everything!!! cool!!!

  • fone dude

the best estimate on prices i've seen is $450 - $850 USD.

  • yee

the ringtones not better than k500...why?

  • ra

jsut set on silent, then there is no sond when you take a pic.

  • captain

YEAH.........this is the mobile phone of my has style, good design and above all,the best set of features Nokia fans can only imagine for a phone of this size and price....I will definitely buy its first piece when it hits the market

  • pounder

this is my next fone! but, do u guys know, how expensive is it? answer me!

  • Anonymous

im afraid that se fone camera got the LOUD shutter sound "chekeet"...cannot use in public!!

  • msns

when is the phone out in the market

  • adam526

There is also a w800 video, and a k600, k300 and j300, but i can't download the w800 video, i don't know why.
The adresss is :

  • Richard 1987

Hi, Im from latin america, and I just want to know if some one knows when will the k750 be introduced to mexico, i think its a very nice phone, and I was going to buy the S700 but now that the k750 exists Im not thinking about it anymore.

  • Sony Extremer

Thanks Adam526. The movie is cool, better than Howard Chui's one. Do you have w800 movie also?
Wow... the picture quality of k750 is good. Much better than s700 one. I have s700 at the present & planning to buy this phone for sure. I love w800 also but k750 design is much cooler.

  • dizlayzechick

Awesome phone packed w/ everything I need. As for it looks..blah, I like the k600 much better .