Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • kumag

does anyone knows if mp3 or any other supported files can be use as sms alert tone?

  • shabz is neeky

hiya bubzy's im shabz and im neeky because i feel u neekz out dare are mad my phone is da best and dis fone is neeky ,my phone is da 3210 da best ever fone yes i may be neeky an yes i do have curry in my eye and love my fone and r3i55 is da king he aint neeky an by da way man u r neeky an millwall are sik cuzi

  • reiss russel

hi this fone was on GMTV in the UK they were showin it off so that means that it must be in the shops now but there not allowed to release it so excellent news out there

  • Anonymous

UK Release Date will be May / June. Probably on networks by June - after they finish butchering the software

  • erdem

The "one and only" Complete mobile phone.

  • Anonymous

SE rocks

  • Mr Double B

Actually I read it somewhere on the net that the K750i will arrive in Europe in April, while the W800 is set for Q3/2005, being late summer or September.

As for the price i've heard 375 for the K750 and 425 for the W800 - which would be in line with the cheaper memory card included (64mb vs. 512mb)

OF COURSE NONE OF THIS IS OFFICIAL - it was in a post on a site where someone asked a local European distributor.

  • Anonymous

SE price drop fast??? pls do research b4 u post here..

  • Nash

Nice phone and sexy looks, but no support for GPS navigation software due to the fact that it is no smartphone as Nokia 3230 is. Too bad I really like the design.

  • urbantrain

actually, the maximum memory card used with SE 700i is only 128 MB, with memory stick duo. i'm looking forward for the k750. that phone, such a coolness. it's said to be lack of EDGE but who cares? i don't need that. the other features are just so perfect! i mean the autofocus 2 MP camera?? man.. that sounds big, really!! so will grab it soon as it appears in the market. when is that? anyone know?

  • Anonymous

im not stupid!! i juz hope SE phone wont fall very fast...i means if i buy SE fone,after few mths my fone is a
BUDGET(cheap) fone!! samsung, nokia, motorola price dun fall like SE...why??

  • MIKE

a friend of mine has the S700 and it works fine
however I would go with the K750 since you can use these 1 Gb cards. With the S700 max is 256mb card? (correct me if I am wrong) Also after viewing the small film showing the K750 with this asian guy it seams to run quicker then earlier SE phones. I mean switching back and forth on the display.
I am getting a K750. Would like the W800 but it won't be in Switzerland until fall.:(

  • arvinian

i wish i can have this phone coz really im loyal in the product of sony ericsson i like this so much i have k5ooi yes is good but i wish i can have a new model of sony ericsson i really like it acutally all the phones that i bought last is to sony ericsson t68i and t100 and t230 and t310 and now my phone is k500i but wish that i can have a sony ericsson s700 really i want this phone.who can give me this phone hope this is gift to me coz its my birthday this march 6,tnxxxx i wish i can have this phone try to call me +639203626152 tnxxx

  • nuzzary

i just wonder what is with mp3 tones for sms.. Nokia doing it but the speaker really bad.. i owned a nokia 6630 and i know what the speaker sound like.. far worst than my older SE K700 cause K700 plays Mp3 like it supposed to sound.

  • Anonymous

i like the style of the fone, i really love the k7 but it seems this fone is much better thean k700i when is this fone would be released?in the philippines?
i really want to have that fone]

  • alice

my comment about this sony ericsson K750 is that the design is too square and the cover color too dull...

  • dxreaper

Is that so? That's very odd. As not only is there a screenshot of the K750's menu showing user define, but there's also an interview with one of SE's k750i and future headset designers.­-interview-en.shtml

I'll quote the review:
...we really listen to the customers' desires. Many of them complained of the absence of a possibility to assign a personal melody for incoming SMS. We'll realize it in our new products.

  • jonny

so i am confused i love a few sony ericsson phones and im getting a new 1 but which.
s700, ths or z800. plz reply...

  • I want k750

When is this likely to be released in the uk????????

  • unknowns

reply to SONY FREAK: i think u should wait for this beaut! its is super cool. i prefer this phone to the w800-. what u all think?