Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • sony freak

I LOVE THIS PHONE! its my perfect phone. but im due 4 an o2 upgrade and i also like the s700i. my only prob is its too big, this k750 has better features and is only 99g's so im so confused! i want a new mobley but i dunno if i should wait bout month 4 dis or get da s700i!!! please reply with personal opinions! cheers.

  • marvin

dxreaper...i read your statement regarding using mp3 as a sms alert tone. i emailed sony ericsson customer care and asked if it is possible to use mp3 or other supported formats as a message alert tone but they say that unfortunately, k750 can only use the preinstall bad..

  • Victorio Chan

Hope this one is not pricy. Hope that this now has the ability to use MP3 as message Alert Tones, Alarm, and assigned ringtone for phonebook entry as well as ringtones ofcourse. And hope this one now has a fast menu interface. Anyone has a feedback on this? Thanks and lets hope for the best of it.

  • se t630 user

do this phone use the normal earphone jack??

  • cjjong

Tommy... How u know the Price is around 350 Euro? Then it will be around RM1750. Very acceptable... ANYONE else know the Price for this cool phone?

  • dxreaper

As for battery, it comes with 900mAh batteries. It boasts 15 hours mp3 playing time which sounds very impressive for a mobile.

As for release, one can expect the same time as the K700i? Who knows, SE might give us a early present and release it earlier.

About price, this is my opinion, do not quote me on this.

Between the K700i and S700i?

  • Douglas

As notice by this new K750 I do hope that the battery can last long n it can store more messages in the inbox hope its not the same as the K700i which i am using now if anyone got more info abt this new phone pls email me as keen on buying if this is out m station in singapore...

  • dunno

how about the price when it is sold in singapore?

  • csky_21

i like this fone, as well as the SE w800 & also the nokia6230i.. so which one do you think is the best?!

  • dxreaper­.wmv

Check out this video guys. It shows the new animated menu. Also, watch how quick the phone respons to the guy's clicks and movements. Seems like their phones are getting faster and faster at the same time more animated :)

  • Sony Extreme

I had seen all the new se phones in Generation E at CNBC. K750 & W800 looks sooo cool & rocks. I can't wait to have those two. I'm probably will sell my S700i & K700i very soon and buy those two. To know the price & when they are coming out, you better ask to the nearest Sony Ericsson counter in your city. Usually they know about it 'cause they received a production catalog months before their new products being relleased.

  • coco

how about the cost, and when arrives in indonesia? thanks

  • Efendy Amal

Better but not the best, i hope sony ericsson will complete it with office application like words or excell, wider display and touch screen, i wait, please! I used k700i, and i want to change it but not move to other except sony ericsson. I need more friends for friendship specially who like sony ericsson, my email :, contact number +6281341555211

  • Tommy

Personally I think that it will cost no more than 250. Thats around 350 Euros. This is because anything above this would be far too expensive for such a phone even though it consists of the latest technology. Anything above 400 Euros is too much.

  • Memo

Which mobile has the ability to zoom 16x? Also, I think the K750i will cost about 299.99 GBP which makes it around 577.22 USD. But on the whole K750i was named after K700i and as the K700i was great mobile, I don't know why K750i shouldn't. And You were right, K750i cannot be compared to the 6680 because it is a video caller.

  • mhil

i think this cellphone will become the bestseller because it can satisfy the needs of the user.

  • butzu(ro)

What it means "coming soon"?It will be available in Europe before May and how much it will cost(more than S700)?I don't know what to do:should I buy the S700 or wait for the K750?Pls don't avoid my questions!

  • pecker

this phone is simply perfect,
at last sony made it,
it has small size,
top quality and features,
top display,
big battery and the only flaw sony had, the memory is now history

  • chunkybutt69

for all those ppl who r lookn at the n6630, wats rong wif u's. have u looked at the size of the dam thing!!!!!!!!!! its a brick.

im still in love wif dis machine.

l8rz all

  • Jas

I think this mobile is amazing better than its oppositions! Can somebody please tell me how much this beast is .....

Thanks Jas