Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Raj

Hey guys.. I hv sm probs with my SE k750i. It turns on automatically moment the battery is inserted. Then it starts charging the battery without any charger connection. any help?

  • k750i lover

i bought this phone a week ago. it's a great phone and i'm very impressed with it. however i noticed that there's a creak sound at the phone part near the 'c' button. is this common in k750?

  • satwinder

please tell me whether se k750i has inter facilit,if yes whether we can download movies,songs etc from it.

  • roderiktus

hi, can i use memory M2 (Memory Stick Micro)if i using the converter (M2 to pro stick duo) for this phone ?


Yoo every one i just want to tell u that i had this phone first when it was released which means over 2 years and a half , iv been through a lot of NOKIA and iv had it , this is the best phone iv ever experienced and it fell down a lot , lots of crazey things happened to it , and im really surprized that its still working very very very well and theres a lot of features nowadays like more camera pixels of bigger size memory and more and more but this depends on ur needs weather u need more that this or not , i my self can afford to by the latest vergins but what im trying to say is that all my friends ar impressed from the k75o in all ways but the only thing which makes me upset is that i cant change its original face :(

  • Kerrie

Will a 4G memory stick PRO duo card work for this phone or will it only take the normal duo up to 2G?

  • Cris

2gb memory works fine with my k750i, just found what went wrong... actually theres nothing wrong with my cellphone nor my computer.although the memory cannot be cheched via phone status, it can still be uploaded via usb, it works and I can copy now my favorite mp3s just like any regular flashdrive. I thought theres something wrong with my cp, its my error.. he he.. sory But k750i is really great.the best!

  • Anonymous

Hey guys! pls help me. I have a newly bouth k750i, i'm using a 2gb memory and everytime I plug my cellphone to my computer via USB,the extention memory becomes useless, it cannot be detected by the cellphone nor the computer, and so the availlable memory is the phone memory only. please need some advice. thanks.

  • calmland

To A7mad91
I will try to solve your problem about the capacity of sms...
u can remove the limiter using this program.
1. Phone XS++
2. SEFP Plugins
3. Far Manager
4. CID 49 Pack (if your CID 36, so go for 36 --> u can check your CID via XS++)
5. USB flash driver
U can download this software at
For the tutorial, u can googling it... more thing, with those software, u can add some patches like blacklist, light, flight mode, etc.
ok? hope u can modification ur k750

  • Sugar

go for K750i
Believe me you will Never Regret it !

  • billynain

hi..anybody know how to reduce the file size in an mp3 song so dat i can store more songs in the m2 card? currently if i make direct transfer from my pc to the phone, an mp3 song will consume abt 3-4mb of memory..any way to reduce the size?pls help me

  • sastro katrox

hi guys! i've this phone very perect both in its design n function but there's 1 that makes me upset, the music player! it's louder than k608i so i tried to replace the firmware with the 1 of w800 and wow...the sound is surprising me! now i have k750i with w800 favour!!!!!

  • Dinesh kumar

hi...i hav purchased a new sony eric K750...its features r splendid..especially d audio and camera..Compared to nokia d sound quality s very good.. but there s no opt cover for these phones y y y yy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? pl reply me

  • Cris

Hey guys! pls help me. i'm using a 2gb memory and everytime I plug my cellphone to my computer via USB,the extention memory becomes useless, it cannot be detected by the cellphone nor the computer, and so the availlable memory is the phone memory only. please need some advice. thanks.

  • mjds

hello, the memory stick pro 2gb is compatible for this phone k750 ? or only 1 gb ?? anyone answer me plz... thx.. ;)

  • Robert

Hey guys to avoid overstressing the joystick use the numbers keypad as arrow keys for your applications & navigation. I heard of a java app that works this way. I have one for my windows mobile phone still looking for the java counterpart. There is one.

  • Syed Mehmood Hassan

I have just purchased SE K750i, it is very beautiful with amazing features. But i am astonished when i wished to buy and insert a 1 GB memory stick, the mobile shows memory stick but with 0 Bytes of memory stick. when i inserted a 512MB stick, then it was working. Tell me if it supports more than 512MB or not, if it supports, then tell me if there is any particular brand of memory stick that i should find out. Please reply me on my email address as well. Thanks in advance.

  • onin

Dear Zeetbear ... Hi ..

I read your wrote to Justin (2007-07-10 10:54 RXfj) and i follow what. And this appear in my screen :

RICA 021
prgCXC 125954_CHINA_C_L RICA021


Camera SW versions

ITP SW Versions
CXC 125932_49RIC

cxc 125953 RICA021

content version
Can you explain that ???

  • Manu08

I have heard ppl asking why there is no zoom at 2.0 MPx level. Well, the answer is here. Engineers working @ Sony always try to improve their product quality. The digital zoom which "pixelates" the picture quality is replaced with what is known as "smart zoom" which does not affect the quality of the pictures. The models released afetr mid-May have this updated firmware. So, nothing to worry guys. Nothin's wrong with the firmware.
Google a bit on "Smart zoom+sony" and you'll undersatnd it yourself

  • Manu08

Hey anyone else is facin the same prob?
When you call to a number in the phonebook with the first,second or third digit altered, it still shows the same person's name (whereas you actually are calling someone else with the digits changed).

My software info is:

EROM: R3A005

ITP SW Version
CXC 125 932_49 R1C

Content Version

Plz let me know if anyone out thr has a solution to this. One of my friend's K750i is also showin the same prob.