Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • jappy

to arma sure have a very big HANDS!!! that's why you can't navigate it yourself.

  • hanis

i love my k750i phone. no wonder my colleagues envy me so much. and i knew one, two or rather THREE of them bought the same phone because they're so envy of me.

  • A7mad91

i had this phone for over a year now ,,,and about the joystick,,trust me u wont like it at all u wont even be able to navigate thru the phone ! well barely + u need sum experience on it,,and about hanging,,its true once u get a big memory,like 1 GB am using ,,,then start filling it up,it becomes real slow there,especially wen looking thru the pictures ! Flash is good,sound is good too,even thuo raisin equalizer bars make it lower quality still good ,nd wen a song is the ringtone its really loud. One of the most disadvantages of sony erricson is tht u can only save up to almost 200 msgs in ur mobile ! ( sent AND recieved included ) so every once in a while i am forced to erase mny of phone fell over 100 times,,but still its good as new :D other than sum scratches maybe loll,,camera is good but since the screen is small doesnt show the pic in high quality ,,but anyways if u r willin to withstand the joystick,,then i advice u to buy this phone !

  • shahrul

Hi there ZB..
Im using the much said K750i THE GREAT. I've heard and read a lot bout the firmware and whatsoever..but i rather stick to my R1C ( forgive me ) than to risk my set. It would be a great help from u if can send me some tips on how to take a good care of the joystick. By theway, ive checked my firmware and there's a word spelled CHINA in it. Is this mean im having the right firmware.

I'll appreciated all your help..thanks brother...

p/s My email is

  • calmland

Hi all...I wana ask u...
do u have patch (VKP file) for notificatin message with flash/vibra just like missed call?
if u have, plz send me via message at
thank u so much

  • K750i_Lover

Hey nayef, am also a bit like you. I really wanted 2 buy that phone since 1 year but was enabled to buy it at that time, but hoping to get this year instead. Well its really a wonderful phone indeed, but am a bit worried about the joystick,, which i've heard gets annoying after some time.. Could you please comment on that idea please???? And was also thinking about the W810i,(the d-pad joystick), but that design of K750i is unique indeed!

  • nayef

Hi everyone,
I bought a SE K750i about two weeks ago. On the whole, i love the phone, and I've wanted to buy it for the last two years. However, there is a bit of a problem. Sometimes the signal strength indicator (top left of screen) becomes surrounded by a white box that usually disappears if the phone is turned off and then on again. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a display error? Does the phone show any other display errors? And can it be fixed?

Please reply soon. I'm quite worried bcoz I really like this phone, and i hope there's nothing wrong with my one.

  • sath

Hi everybody,
Pls anyone can tell me how to go to system menu in K750i

  • Harry

Hey guys please tell me whether to buy K750 or W810? Whose camera is better ? because my frend bought K750 & pictures taken are shows much noise at original size where as pictures shown in the review of W810 are much clear. Moreover K750 loud speaker is very low on playing song on increasing by equalizer it's quality becomes worst but mp3 songs while ringing are quiet loud at good quality and it's battery won't lasts more than 3hrs. please help!!


wow, what a fone. i purchased that fone four days ago & having no problem right now.

  • zeetbear

To Justin ....(2007-07-09 17:19 Rx3J)
Hi Justin*** i am r u!!! thanks 4 the highest compliments dear___ yeah there are two K750i brands present in market... made in china & made by china___ just think about the two lines... very different, you should borrow someone friend K750i & takeit with you to the market... compare the available K750i in market, you mentioned you see china made K750i which are named in front of casing as MP4 on shorcut links button___ 1 thing i wanna mention here... to check Original Sony K750i or China made version___ i am giving you a clear hint___ just write this command, this will confirm K750i genuineness...china made doesnot give proper software information about phone
___ you simply Deactivate all shorcuts of joystick__then

> * < < * < *

Where < or > are directions on the joystick, and * is the bottom left hand button on the keypad........takecare

  • ash

i want to know if we ccan upgrade the mp3 player from current version to 2.0or 3.0

  • zeetbear

To JAS___(2007-07-09 10:28 SrmS)
Hi JAS___ How r u*** I am fine,,, dear you didn't mention what kind of things you tried already... i think you should clean sim socket then remove battery & memoryCard & use master reset on your phone*** OR try another someone battery,,, Are you already tried or not??? if not :-) try now/// i hope it works___ takecare...

  • Sugar

i Love The K750i

  • Justin

Zeelbear, you're so good in K750i! Can you also help me?! Coz I want to buy this phone, but here in Saudi Arabia, most of the units are made in China! Is there any problem with that?! Coz I've read last time that there is reduced in software-firmware,performance(sounnd,camera,quic­k-response),& cannot use bigger capacity of memory card with hangs. Is this true?! Please help me coz why I want to buy this phone and I want to use this as my roaming-cellphone for Phils. that can save many mssges @ inbox, and as fun-cellphone esp. as mp3 player that can support a 4GB MSPD without hangs. My concern is , is there any problem for those units made in China that cannot provide the performance/quality I wanted from this cellphone???!! Please help!And please make more precise on your explanation in details coz I will check all of those your advices in actual before I buy in the shop! Thank you very much in advance!!!

  • JAS

Dear Zeetbear,
How are you?.Dear yesterday I faced problem with my phone.When I changed another SIM and then re-change other SIM then my phone didnt power on and when push On button then white screen and then off.I tried everything but didnt work and same problem.After remove the battery and plug the charger then screen flashing and then after putting battery then its works.So please if you have any information about that problem then kindly share with me.Thanks

  • brian

does anybody know if the k750i uses microsd cards? and how many gb it can be upgraded to?

  • Khan

I want to install more media player other than built-in one showing graphical representation while music is on. Please advise me.

  • positive_K750i

Well i had a small question, because i wanted to buy the k750i but i wanted 2 knw abt your experiences about the joypad???
Indeed i like the design very much even much than the W800i and W810i, I mean in the same range of features. I like mostly the k750i's design but dnt know much about the joypad indeed.. i do believe that the sound quality is very good same as the Walkman ones!! The handset is just great, it is small and compact with so much features packed into it. Even beat N90 in image quality. Plz reply me about your experiences concerning the joypad?? Thanks

  • Anonymous

SE K750i is one of the greatest phone I ever used, it only has one defect and that is the joypad. After awhile the joypad starts to be very annoying to use, I brought my phone to SE service center and got it repaired three times. And K750 don't have a document viewer like other brand, but it's okay I don't need it anyway.
But don't be disappointed, it still a great camera, Megabass for listening ur fav music, flash(It's very useful when the lights out of the sudden), RMS radio, and many others useful features