Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • hussnian

hi to all i want to buy this sony ericson k750 i can someone can tell ma about it

  • Robert

Andj, have you tried the SE web site's Software updater?

  • Robert

Asif, jar files are the ones needed to install (although their are inctances that both are needed). To intall them, just put the .jar files in you memory card either by cable or card reader. Be sure to put it in the 'Other' or in the directories readable by the phone's file manager (Menu>file manager). There you should be able to click in to install.

  • ASIF

TO ZEETBEAR, hi how r u?dear, I've downloaded some software (both JAD and JAR files, as bcoz I dont know which one is required) for K750i to my computer. Now I wanna install those softwares to my phone.How I'll be able to do so? Please let me know the procedure to install these into my k750i.

  • onin

hi, zeetbear
i read your opinion about SE K750i, and i will buy it. If i have a problem with my K750i, i will write to you. Would you fix my problem, ok?

  • andyj

can any one help me
none of the flasher software is detecting my phone. i got R1DB001 firmware version already in my fon when i bought it
now its working slow in messaging
so i need to flash it
i got three softwares but none has the option of CDA102338/154(my version)
where can i get the software 4 this version
thanx in advance

  • dark sear

to gemma

use the lower size for your phone's camerra... in that way you can use the zoom in /out of your camera

  • dark sear

what are the other brand that i can use as a memory stick in thsi phone? are you sure wgb wont slow down my hone?

  • zeetbear

To Pathum (2007-07-03 09:44 w9K5)
Hi,,,Thanks for the highest compliments dear___ at first... i suggest you to write this set real name___( Nokia 3110 Classic )not 3110 old,,,ok,,, dear your comparison is quite fair, but not optimal, Nokia 3110 Classic screen size 128 x 160 pixels is questionable, small in my opinion, Card slot supports microSD card which is much slower than Memory Stick Duo Pro, 3110 Classic Camera only 1.3 MP, k750 got the BEST 2.0 MP pixel Camera, 3110 classic Talktime is terrible, on the other hand K750i is awesome, i think thats enough,,,K750i beats nokia 3110 Classic in all aspects,,, I agree nokia is the biggest company but now ***SONY RULES THE WORLD*** :-) takecare...

  • zeetbear

To ZISHAN______(2007-07-03 04:45 Uq4P)
Hi, zeetbear here___i can understand your problem,,, lets try these tips... Clean your usb contacts with sewing needle___ just scratch gold line 1 by 1,,, this will solve your usb problem___ Secondly you said phone restarts or off during long call,,, you should remove your memory card-> then try other new BST-37 battery 900amp-> if this not works then try another SIM,,,,if all the tips failed just go SE SERVICE CENTER and not trying anything more....may be its hardware issue...or replace some parts....takecare....

  • K750i_Lover

hi concerning the questions below I also really wanted to know more about its joystick please?? Specially when used; when texting and gaming or simply to navigate,, i mean what are its effects??

  • Robert

I have a 2GB Sony MS Duo Pro and it didn't even slowed the phone down. Previously, i used a Sandisk 64MB and it worked fine, so branding is not an issue here. Rumor has it that 4GBs can be also used. But that is beyond the prescribed size by the phone's manufacturer so play it safe. 2GB is anyway, more than enough even for an audiophile.

  • Pathum

Dear Zeetbear,
Iíve read most of the comments you have placed here. Thatís a great job man. You are doing nice and major role here. Thanks a lot for your advices. Iíve some questions to ask. Before it you should read this comparison between K750 and Nokia 3110.

*In price, K750 is little expensive than 3110. Itís about around 20 US Dollars.

*In display, K750 has 176 x 220 pixels. 3110 has 128 x 160 pixels.

*In tone, K750 has Polyphonic (40 channels). But 3110 has Polyphonic (64 channels)

*In facilities, K750 hasnít any HSCSD modem or Edge. 3110 have both of them

*In Camera, K750 has 2 MP, 1632x1224 pixels, auto focus and flash. But in 3110, It has 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video (QCIF )

*In here (Sri Lanka) both phones are comes with 512MB card for free. So in-build memory is doesnít important.

*In 3110 it has great battery life as I know. I donít know about the K 750.

My Questions areÖ

1. I heard the joystick of K750 will give more problems after few months. Is it true? 3110 has 5 way navigation key.
2. How about the battery life of K750. Is it good?
3. I know, always SE has batter quality of sound. What do you think about it? Iíve little confuse about 64 channels and 40 channels. What is the best in sound?
4. What is the difference between Radio with RDS and without?
5. At last, what is the best as you know? And what should I buy considering about the money and facilities? Please comment as soon as you possible. Thanks a lotÖ

(You should remember Nokia is the worldís best brand and best userís friendly model. And also SE is the worldís best tweeter in phones and always gives much more than we spend ever)

  • gemma

hi there.. i bought k750i a week ago... i scanned it already and i noticed that it doesn't zoom in and zoom out.. how come it doesn't work???

  • Adnan

my sony ericsson k750i has a very low voice as compared to other k750i can anyone tell me what is the problem


hi zee....plz solve my problem that i bought k750 1 and half year before and it gets off when i make long call or connect handsfree..plz solve my problem..

  • Anonymous

not at all.....i use a 2GB memory stick and the phone runs at normal speed

  • shanoo

hi zeetbear and everyone i wnt 2 ask abt this fone is this fone has gud joystick because i heard from many users tht this mob has poor joystick and keyboard plz solve my pro

  • bishow

It is the most rocking cell that has ever been made the sound is too cool and can even defend any nokia series even the n series in the sound factor and picutre resolution.
i feel i have made a worth investment for buying this cell phone k750i really rocks!!!

  • dark sear

someone told me that this phone hangs if you use a 1 gig memory and up.. is this true?