Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790

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puneet, 01 Aug 2008man k800 is 3G enabled but k 790 is notBut K790 is EDGE enabled, K800 is not.

Can't Sony Ericsson just release a phone with both EDGE and UMTS? Very inconvenient.

  • Krom

Different batteries still available for this model on the market - I'm currently using upgraded 1000mAh battery and got original brand-new 900mAh from eBay last year, just in case... this is an amazing support for this model comparing to modern smartphones! The only disadvantage of this phone is a clunky proprietary connector. proprietary stuff is evil =(

  • Simon

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2016I bought a K790a model of this phone in May of 2007 and upg... moreI have just recharged my K790 after about 4 years and this phone is a little miracle. Works a charm. Best phone I've eve had.

  • jahan

hi , i want to buy one pics . how can I get this ?

  • Anonymous

Was a great phone, very stylish. Joystick started failing after 2 years of use.

  • Anonymous

I bought a K790a model of this phone in May of 2007 and upgrade to a smart phone 3 years later to keep up with the times. The K790a is now my travel phone, and although it's nearly 10 years old it still works without a hitch. Though I did replace the original battery 3 years ago as it wasn't keeping a very good charge at the time, this phone proves that they sure knew how to build them well in the old days. :)

  • Anonymous

still i am using this mobile in 2016 smart phone era, i like to use it more than smart phone i have ..i love it
still working good from 8years

  • Myk Neihsiel

I got dis cell phone probably by 2009. The phone works cool. But then I wana change my battery and the cabinet. I'd like to buy it any any cost if its a genuine part. I need help. Any idea please on where i could buy or order the mentioned parts...

  • Krom

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2015This is my phone. It still works perfectly.Amazing!Yep, my k790 is 10 years old now - no issues, perfectly works in Russia, Europe and USA !!!

  • aly

i want to buy this phone ,

  • Anonymous

This is my phone. It still works perfectly.Amazing!

  • ronald

this phone is perfect, but my K790 camera error 'other apps running'. How to fix it?

  • Lalfakawma

AnonD-241067, 05 Mar 2014my battery was died how can i know the best battery of my p... moreK790 original batery is buy search>sony ericsson k790 batery.for cashon delivery

  • AnonD-241067

my battery was died how can i know the best battery of my phone

  • mera

i have k800 sony ericsson for 5 years but now my battery is not in use how i can fix it

  • gaurav

battery in use k790i for sony errision.

  • ravindra pratap

i have this set and i wnt to repair it how can i repair it

  • Anonymous

Have been using this phone for more than 5 and a half years now.still in great condition.i guess the xenon flash is the greatest asset of this handset.

  • satya

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2013check the batteryits for 6 years I am using , battery is superve....