Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790

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  • Anonymous

function is nice. but.. No wlan is a pity.. i wouldnt buy a no-wlan phone.. pity though.

  • Anonymous

the only thing holding this phone back from being better from the k800, is its lack of a secondary camera. other than that its wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gaurav

what about the speakers ?? are they stereo?? what about the headset???

  • Agus Tj

Great more comment....

  • hanii

I don't know what to say,maybe excellent maybe perfect I don't know,but I know one thing (keep going sonyericsson).

  • Rohan

Really great phone, looks great, but what the heck is a joystick doing here, why can't SE drop the idea of joystick??

  • theNext

Really cute design :D

  • Muhammad Afzaal Shah

Why it is not perfect also ?

  • saagar

i think its gr8 3.2 the 1st time sonyericsson .. make this ...

  • Anonymous

this phone really sucks. it is really ugly. What the heck should be the design around the navistick?

  • x20a

Finally se killer phone is here... :-)

  • Maziar

yes yes!!! finally here

exellent !!!

  • d3nk0

oh my god this is the perfect phone!